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18: A Conversation with Author Ken Liu (The Grace of Kings)

Ken Liu is the author of dozens of short stories and one doorstopper of an epic fantasy novel. In this episode he talks about the writing tools he uses to keep track of a huge project like that and why he does his actual writing in a plain text editor. Duration: 16:13:00 Present: K. Tempest […]

Duration: 00:16:12

17: Evernote for Writers #4 – Using Evernote for Research

It’s all been leading up to this! Collecting and organizing research is what most writers want to use Evernote for, and is also where the app can get overwhelming. But now that you know how to use it to capture handwritten or typed text, and now that you have strategies for organizing with notebooks and […]

Duration: 00:19:01

15: Evernote for Writers #2 – Writing in Evernote

Evernote is great for notes and research and making the writing life a bit more organized, but is it also a good place to get writing done? While the app can’t replace a full-fledged text editor, it does have some benefits as a place to get writing done while you’re away from your computer. Authors […]

Duration: 00:12:05

14: Evernote For Writers #1 – Page Camera

The first in our series on Evernote for Writers in which we dive deep into one feature at a time. Evernote is one of those apps that seems useful from the outside, but can sometimes feel overwhelming and overly complicated when you first try to use it. It’s easier to get past feeling overwhelmed if […]

Duration: 00:16:04

12: A Conversation with Author Kate Elliott

Kate Elliott is best known for her thick epic fantasy tomes. She needs some serious writing gear to get through all those words and to keep all those characters, plots, and settings straight, right? In this conversation she talks about her tools and process. Duration: 12:54:00 Present: K. Tempest Bradford, Kate Elliott. Subscribe to The […]

Duration: 00:12:50

11: Liliputing – Small And Light Laptops for Writers

Last episode I declared the ThinkPad T Series the best laptop for writers. However, many authors prefer to write on small, light, and inexpensive laptops they can carry everywhere. I turned to tiny laptop expert Brad Linder to find out which of the current crop of netbook-like computers are worth using and to geek out […]

Duration: 00:22:59

10: The Best Laptop for Writers

On this episode I’ll answer the tech question writers ask me the most: which laptop should I buy? My specific answer varies depending on the writer, but there’s one laptop series I end up recommending 80% of the time. And I bet you’re dying to know what it is. Duration: 16:05:33 Present: K. Tempest Bradford. […]

Duration: 00:16:05

3: “The Whole Body Is The Mind” – A conversation with Andrea Hairston

I interview Andrea Hairston, author, playwright, and academic. Hairston teaches playwriting, African, African American, and Caribbean theatre literature at Smith college and is the Artistic Director of Chrysalis Theatre. Andrea is not only a brilliantly talented writer and performer, she’s one of the most energetic people I’ve ever met. The way she talks about writing […]

Duration: 00:27:28

2: Windows Tablets – Do They Make Good Writing Gear? And The Best From CES 2016

Last week I talked about the most interesting laptops to come out of CES, the yearly Consumer Electronics Show. This week I’m taking a look at the tablets announced at CES and talking about whether Windows-based tablets are useful tools for writers. Duration: 14:07 Present: K. Tempest Bradford. Episode Links Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet Available […]

Duration: 00:14:07