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Three writers, two friends, one show. Welcome to The Writer's Block, the Podcast about nothing.

Three writers, two friends, one show. Welcome to The Writer's Block, the Podcast about nothing.
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Three writers, two friends, one show. Welcome to The Writer's Block, the Podcast about nothing.




SCENE 9: Free Fire, April Fools & Important Announcement!

After the death of guest Maty… April fools!! Maty is sadly still alive and back with the boys Ben, John and Jamie. The four discuss their favourite fake news from April fools day then talk about the real news of the week including all the trailers and Stephen King! Following this, the new Ben Wheatley Movie Free Fire is reviewed and recommended. Plus john reveals things he hates and to finish off, we debate Tv shows that went on too long and jumped over a shark… To end, an important...


SCENE 8: Justice League, Don’t Breathe & Overrated Film and TV!

Along with our friends The Geologist Block and guest Maty, who thinks he’s a permanent member, the latest news such as the Justice League trailer, Twin Peaks pictures, Han Solo movie and more is reviewed. Following this we discuss the film Don’t Breathe along with the famous segment Get Ben a Date! The show is topped off with a controversial chat about Films and Television shows that we consider OVERRATED!


SCENE 7: Wallace & Gromit, Great British Bake off & Movie Soundtracks!

Wait a minute! We have a guest! Our good friend Maty Moody joins Ben, John and Jamie as the fantastic foursome discuss the now infamous ‘lost episode’, the announced Matrix reboot and all the other ESSENTIAL NEWS! In addition, Jamie talks for way too long about an anime movie which leads to a decent conversation about movie soundtracks! This in turn devolves into revealing ‘essential’ movies we have not seen!


SCENE 6: Prime Suspect, John Carpenter & Lesser Known Horror Movies!

And we’re back! This week we’re talking all the news like Alien Covenant, Tron, Mary Poppins and all the trailers for all the sequels! Plus John talks about the new show Prime Suspect 1973 and the three boys chat John Carpenter movies and lesser known horror movies!


SCENE 5: WTF Oscars 2017 & The Most Badass Keanu Reeves Character!

This week Ben and John finally face each other!!! The three finally chat about the latest movie news, Jamie talks about a movie no one cares about and it is finally decided which Keanu Reeves character is the most badass!


SCENE 1: Dreadful Exposition, Oscar Nominations & 2017 Movies

Ben and Jamie have a chat about important news, the Oscar nominations and most anticipated movies to be released in 2017 as well as getting Ben a date!