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#LUN17 is the #YJ3 Anniversary Celebration

John and Rachael scouted all of the hot locations to visit dahntahn for #LUN17 and didn't stop to eat, so Guinness and chocolate covered cashews fueled our interviewing efforts. From stage announcements to Fifth Avenue Place, back to the TSE tent with the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership, we certainly covered some ground. Plus, the final trek to the 63rd floor, and then a few more, to reach the roof of the US Steel Building for the view of a lifetime. YaJagoff! Podcast - Show Notes: Episode...

Duration: 00:39:28

“A Hijack or HiMike Kinda Podcast”

Every podcast needs a theme! The YaJagoff podcast will certainly not under deliver! So consider this week’s a double theme with hijacking other people’s podcasts… and their name has to be Mike! Well, and we couldn’t miss John Knight being aggravated about something. Lucky for us, he is not aggravated about comedian Mike Wysocki‘s standup shows, successful Epicast podcast, or Dr. Mike’s tips on how to make holidays accommodating for pets. Even if your name isn’t Mike and you don’t have a...

Duration: 00:46:52

“Arcade Escapade”

Where else do you laugh, cry (from laughter), jump in place, crawl through legs, sing and dance all before 9 a.m.? The grand opening of the new Arcade Theater, which is just a block from the old building that housed creative minds who simply grew out of their creative space. This troupe of improv specialists chat up their workshops, performances and cultural district love fest...ntaaaw! Question of the Day: If you were in an old-time peep-show film, what would be the title of the...

Duration: 00:55:52

“A Supernatural School Of Thought”

School is full of students eager to learn, and teachers scared to face the man in the trench coat who has been seen in the library, gym, and halls for decades. Leslie Gray and John Schalcosky lead two days of tours explaining history and hauntings, and Ya Jagoff! podcast has teacher testimonies, some band member reactions, the famous tour guides and an aggravated comedian…John Knight. YaJagoff! Podcast - Show Notes: Episode Music: Fubar Soundcloud:...

Duration: 00:53:51

“I’ll Have A Coke With That At The Mall, Please ”

The Mall at Robinson hosted the podcast with a seventies football theme among other fun football, music and Halloween-friendly topics. We prepared for some famous '70s Steelers, chatted food court faves with current black and gold favorites, talked philanthropy with Play It Forward’s Theodora Polamalu, also a Steeler affiliate, Rachel Carlson stopped by to prep us all for her Halloween hoopla, and a Pittsburgh drummer told stories from the road in the '70s. YaJagoff! Podcast - Show Notes:...

Duration: 00:53:20

“Free Beers and a Free-Range Podcast”

There was a podcast festival in downtown Butler, PA and we were part of it. Recorded at Reclamation Brewery on Main Street, our guests talked about the boon in breweries and why it’s not going to end any time soon. We talked about the importance of supporting farmers with Freedom Farms and, we’re pretty sure that you will be astounded with the attitude and drive of Aaron Watson. Thanks to Day Bracey of The Drinking Partners Podcast for inviting us to the party. YaJagoff! Podcast - Show...

Duration: 00:46:15

#YaJagoffPodcast / Episode 89 “Eatin’ Burgers at the Burger Bash”

We are eating, and looking for, some of the best hamburgers in Pittsburgh at the Pittsburgh Burger Bash thanks to Diana Rhua Media. We have Chef Brian Duffy (Bar Rescue), Briana White, (BreeLiciousBites Blog), Dan and Mel from 412 Food Rescue, Mikhela and Gab from Play It Forward Pgh (a new organ donor awareness program) Mark from Bobby D’s Burgers and BBQ and “Mr. What Aggravates Me,” John Knight. And, since we’re talkin’ burgers, we find out everyone’s “must have” hamburger...

Duration: 00:53:40

“We are FlyBy5K-ing and Discovering the Burgh!”

Would you rather have a 1-hour flight delay or run an entire 5k with a pebble in your shoe? That’s the BIG question that we have all of our guests answer as we record at the Pittsburgh International Airport’s 2nd annual Fly By 5k! We are hanging with Jeremy from Discover the Burgh, Anthony from the Pittsburgher Burger Bash, Troy from the P3R and Alyson Walls of the Pittsburgh Airport. YaJagoff! Podcast - Show Notes: Episode Music: The trio called Hear Tonight, who will be celebrating the...

Duration: 00:50:42

“From Kennywood Park at Pierogifest 2017!”

Deciding between traditional cheese and sauerkraut pierogis or throwing back a few new deliciously stuffed dough balls while chatting it up with other pierogi tasters. We chatted pierogis with Kennywood’s PR Director Nick Paradise, the one and only Rick Sebak, Alyssa Donis from Jim’s Smokin’ Que, and Doors Open Pittsburgh Founder Bonnie Baxter. We welcomed Rachel Carlson, from YELP, back and we talked with Victoria Bradley from TABLE Magazine and Southside Barbecue’s Pat Joyce. YaJagoff!...

Duration: 00:54:16

“From The Mall at Robinson with James Conner????”

Hanging out at the mall with cool peeps like Missy Sorg of Podcamp Pittsburgh 2017, Jeff Rose of Pittsburgh magazine, Local, (cool event coming up), Joe and Brian from the Steel City Underground Podcast... keep reading… Jason Flores, 19-year U.S. Army Veteran who is about to see his first Steelers game at Heinz Field aaaaaaaand….. James Conner! YaJagoff! Podcast - Show Notes: Episode Music: The Justin Wade Band new single, “Your Name.” 01:07 A busy show but we still have chance to talk...

Duration: 00:49:20

#YaJagoffPodcast / Episode 85 “From The Pittsburgh Irish Festival with an All-Female Cast (almost).

Thanks to the Pittsburgh Irish Festival, we recorded this episode with a ton of fun Pittsburghers and some peeps from Ireland to whom we tried to teach Pittsburghese! But wait! We finally got Beaver County Times Editor, Kristen Doerschner, to come on and talk about life as a crime reporter! YaJagoff! Podcast - Show Notes: Episode Music: A combination of Katie Grennan from Gaelic Storm and Joan, Angela, Grainne and Marie Theresa of the Screaming Orphans. 01:07 We have a new regular...

Duration: 00:49:48

Pittsburgh's Little Italy Days With an Italian Author and Italy's Olympic Gold Medal Boxer

This week’s podcast was recorded at the Little Italy Days in Bloomfield. To summarize, the topics are peppers, Italian romance and fantasy novels, self-improvement and Olympic gold medal boxing. Just as eclectic as the gnocchi, cannoli, storm windows, gutters, car insurance and pizza booths at the festival! Thanks to Sal Richetti and the Little Italy Days gang for having us! YaJagoff! Podcast - Show Notes: Episode Music: Louis Prima, “Buona Sera” 01:07 We are stuffing our faces at Little...

Duration: 00:47:25

“From the Waterfront Vibes Under the Bridge”

Who knew you could hang out under a bridge and have a great time? The Waterfront, in Homestead, invited us to be a part of their “Vibes Under the Bridge” party. And why WOULDN’T we have had a great time? Look at this guest list: Meg Evans from The Rock Bottom and some “Uppity Jagoff” talk, Leigh and David from Barrels to Beethoven, the guys from The Beauty Slap, John Knight and KDKA-TV’s Ron Smiley. Our question of the podcast? Are you comfortable using portable toilets? YaJagoff! Podcast...

Duration: 01:00:05

Porch Tour Stop #4

#YaJagoffPodcast / Episode 82 We finished the 2017 J&D Waterproofing Summer Porch Tour with a huuuuge party and Super Bowl 43 MVP, Santonio Holmes, comedian Ray Zawodni, “Bub” the zombie from The Scarehouse. Jay Weaver and Olga Watkins from the Olga Watkins Band, crushed the music. Thanks to Everyone Loves Fun Entertainment who brought the Quarterback Blitz, 5 Generations Bakers who supplied the Cinnamon Swirls, Ernie Ricci who gave us hot sausage for breakfast and The Foundry Table & Tap...

Duration: 00:58:57

Porch Tour Stop #3

#YaJagoffPodcast The 2017 Summer Porch Tour presented by J&D Waterproofing stops in Brighton Heights! We went to Ken’s porch... actually a great set-up in his front yard! Pittsburgh clothier/fashion designer, David Alan of David Alan Clothing, comedian Missy Moreno, Megan Rees (who teaches us how to say some Pittsburghese in Vietnamese), 14-year old Lyra and her Momager, April and “What Aggravates Me” guy John Knight! Thanks to Everyone Loves Fun Entertainment made popcorn for breakfast...

Duration: 01:05:33

Episode 80 “We Went to the EQT 3 Rivers Regatta Flugtag!”

For the first time ever, Red Bull brought it’s world-recognized “Flugtag” to the shores of Pittsburgh. Needless to say, we participated with the Flying Pittsburgh Parking Chair and a podcast from behind the scenes at the Flugtag hangar area. Guests were the Flying Parking Chair Team, Judge Lee Terbosic, Ed Wolfe from the Regatta Board of Directors, our sponsors Ryan from Primanti’s and Danielle Spinola from Tupelo Honey Teas and other teams! Crazzzzeeee day. LISTEN to the Podcast show...

Duration: 00:38:15

Episode 79 “Porch Tour Stop #2, With WTAE’s Ray Petelin and Tyler & Brandi Kennedy”

The 2017 Summer Porch Tour presented by J&D Waterproofing stops in Rural Ridge! Because of the rain, we hung out in Amy’s garage where, once again, we had tons of food made by her and the neighbors to go with the Ricci’s Sausage that we brought. WTAE-TV meteorologist Ray Petelin came with us and so did Brandi and Tyler Kennedy. So it rained a bit but, our buds from Everyone Loves Fun Entertainment STILL had something to entertain everyone! Mimosas from The Foundry Table & Tap were flowing...

Duration: 00:41:48

Episode 78 “The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix with Santonio Holmes”

The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix is one of only 2 road races of its kind in the world! Thanks to our friends a J & D Waterproofing, we got to hang out there DESPITE knowing nothing about cars! Our guest co-host was Gab Bonesso and we talked to Pittsburgh sports writer/author Jim O’Brien, from WDVE/KDKA radio host, Hershel (with details of how the PVGP got started) and Santonio Holmes who has started the III & Long Foundation to find a cure for sickle cell disease. LISTEN to the Podcast...

Duration: 00:49:13

Episode 77 “Porch Tour Stop #1, With WPXI’s Aaron Martin”

The 2017 Summer Porch Tour presented by J&D Waterproofing stops in White Oak! The home of Jackie Paige-Heidelberg where we BROUGHT food but she also MADE us a bunch of food! Aaron Martin, Investigative Reporter from WPXI-TV is with us and NOT to investigate us. Byron Nash and Evan Thorson from the PlanB band are on the porch and John Knight came along for the not sausage! Mimosas from The Foundry Table & Tap were flowing early! LISTEN to the Podcast show right here below: YaJagoff!...

Duration: 00:40:46

#YaJagoffPodcast / Extra – Interview with Jane Lynch (Who is coming to Pittsburgh)

Two-time Emmy Award winning actress, Jane Lynch of Glee, I Carly, Two and a Half Men and Hollywood Game Nights, is coming to Pittsburgh to perform with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra on July 7th. She was very kind to take some time to talk about her career, the PSO show, “Jane Lynch Sings the Great American Songbook * (*plus one Guatemalan love song)” AND what she was having for dinner that night! Get tickets here. Thanks to Joyce DeFrancesco of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra for...

Duration: 00:09:24

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