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The You Create Podcast is centered around using your imagination and a CNC/3D machine to create just about anything you can dream of. Highlights from the podcast will revolve around CNC machining, milling, carving, and routing on a wide variety of materials from Aluminum to plastics, wood and foam. Using a universal CNC system, you can quickly convert to 3D printing, engraving, craft cutting, and much more. The podcast will cover all aspects of CNC and 3D Printing, including software, techniques, ideas, and more. We will answer your questions, give you ideas, and help you find creative solutions. Additionally, we will talk about how you can use a 3D/CNC system to start a part or full time business from the comfort of your own home. Making money from something you love... What can be more exciting? The You Create Podcast is brought to you by Stepcraft, a world leader in universal desktop CNC solutions. While we will discuss a lot of applications that can be done using a Stepcraft system, we will keep the topics general enough so that they can apply to any personal CNC routing, milling or 3D printing solution. This podcast is for anyone who wants to turn that next big idea into a reality.




You Create Podcast Episode #016 | Interview With Zak Johns from – Successful Custom Drone Business | Cutting Carbon Fiber

This week we have a very special interview for you. I talk with Zak Johns from UnrealWorx (, a custom specialty drone company that does work for government projects, NASA and corporate accounts. He started as a professional UAV pilot working for the government at the age of 13 and today has a very impressive company that services a wide variety of drone applications. The full interview with Zak can be heard at (, as the first part of...

You Create Podcast Episode #015 | Highlights From The WRAM Show In NJ | Using Tabs In Your Project

We just got back from the WRAM show at the Meadowlands Convention Center in New Jersey. This is the largest model airplane show in the Northeast and is home to between 65-75 exhibitors with around 8000 people that come through over the weekend. This is our second year at the show with Stepcraft and our booth is always a popular attraction. In preparation for the show, I had to design and cut some projects that were model airplane related. In this process, I learned a few new things about...

You Create Podcast Episode #014 | Highlights From Railroad Hobby Show | New STEPCRAFT Automatic Tool Changer

We just got back from the Railroad Hobby Show in West Springfield, Mass this past weekend and WOW... 25,000 people, 4 buildings, and hundreds of exhibitors. I have never been to a hobby show that was this large. We talked non-stop for two days to over 5,000 people who visited our booth. The show was amazing and the people were so excited about the STEPCRAFT product line. For more information on the show, please visit Below is the model railroad bridge that I made...

You Create Podcast Episode #013 | Highlights From Cabin Fever Expo

We just got back from the Cabin Fever Expo in Lebanon, PA this weekend ( This was an awesome show with so many talented individuals. The STEPCRAFT booth was jam-packed all day Saturday with tons of people showing lots of excitement about our product and its capabilities. For more information on the show, please visit

You Create Podcast Episode #012 | A Tour Of The STEPCRAFT Website – How To Get The Information You Want

In this episode, I am giving a tour of the STEPCRAFT website in response to the many emails that I get on a regular basis asking for pricing and more info. The puzzling thing about this is that people are on the website and fill out the contact us box at the bottom of the homepage when they ask for more info and pricing. We packed the website with all the information we can as well as post pricing for every single product, so I am hoping this podcast will help walk people through a little...

You Create Podcast Episode #011 | New Product – Heated Bed | Properly Aligning Your Gantry | Files Types Compatible With Vectric

NEW PRODUCT Stepcraft just released a new heated bed for the 3D Printer attachment that will allow the use of ABS filament without the typical curling and other bed adhesion problems. You can read more about it HERE TECH TIPS Aligning the Gantry UPCOMING SHOW STEPCRAFT will be exhibiting at the Cabin Fever Expo LISTENER QUESTION "Im new to CNC world and I started to do my homework by looking what is out there. I'm a industrial designer who mostly use Solidwork and illustrator....

You Create Podcast Episode #010 | Happy New Year | Model Railroading Show | How To Zero Your Job

Happy New Year!!! In this episode I talk about the Railroad Hobby Show (, the largest model railroad show in the country. We are planning to attend this show on January 30 and 31, 2016. Hope to see you there! Zeroing the machine is one of the most common things that people ask us about. I talk in depth about how to zero your machine, how to choose the best zero datum position when setting up a job, how to touch off the X and Y to the side of the material and how...

You Create Podcast Episode #009 | Launch Of New Book – Start Your Own Business With A Stepcraft All-In-One Creation System | My Interview On the CNC Router Tips Podcast | Discussion of Lithophanes

In this episode I discuss my new found fascination with creating lithophanes. Lithophanes are 3D photographs that when viewed in normal light look a little odd and very lifeless but when you apply a light to the back, they transform into beautiful 3D images with depth and detail that you can not get from a 2D photograph. Lithophanes can be created with Vectric PhotoVCarve or Aspire and they require ball nose endmills (1/8" or 1/16" for finer detail). They can be made from 1/4" Corian or...

You Create Podcast Episode #008 | Machining Aluminum With A CNC Router | How Do You Describe Your CNC System | Stepcraft’s New Affiliate Program – Make Extra Money!


You Create Podcast Episode #007 | The Drag Knife And How To Use It

In this episode we talk about the Drag Knife for the Stepcraft CNC System as well as the Donek DragKnife. The drag knife is an attachment that you can add to the Stepcraft CNC (other CNC systems can use a Donek Drag Knife). The Stepcraft Drag Knife can be adjusted for various thickness materials and ...

You Create Podcast Episode #006 | An In-Depth Look At Vectric Cut 2D – Why It Is The Best Choice For Beginners And Professionals

We get a lot of phone calls asking about CNC software. People want to know what to use for design, CAM and more. We find that in many of these instances, the person is a beginner to the world of CNC and looking for information to ensure that they are not getting in over their ...

You Create Podcast Episode #005 | Finding New CNC Prospects At A Local Fair | Using a CNC System For Business | Taking An Already Made Product And Customizing For Profit

This past weekend we had a booth at a local fair to showcase the Stepcraft product line. Our main objective was to show the product and technology to a general audience of people and see what they thought. Since there is so much versatility in the functionality of what the machines can do, I wanted ...

You Create Podcast Episode #004 | A Little About Myself, My Hobbies and My Experience | Stepcraft and Other Kickstarter Projects | Using the Dremel as a Spindle

This week I wanted to take a few minutes and talk a little about who I am. I received a few emails with people asking about my experience with different things both in the CNC world and in the RC hobby world. I’ve been involved in radio control models for over 25 years and was ...

You Create Podcast Episode #003 | Ideas From A Fair | Why Buy It When You Can Make It? | Best Free Programs To Create Your Own Things To Make – Inkscape and Sketchup

In this third episode of the You Create Podcast, I talk about my recent trip to a large fair in New England called The Big E ( As I walked around the fair I saw idea after idea of things that can be created with a CNC machine and/or 3D printer. One particular item that ...

You Create Podcast Episode #002 | Why Do You Want A CNC? | Life Before CNC | Advantages of CNC | Things to Consider When Buying | Materials | What Can you CNC?

In the second episode of the You Create Podcast, we discuss why you would want a CNC machine and what things were like before CNC. I spend some time talking about the advantages as well as things to consider when looking to purchase a system. This episode was also geared towards a general audience, specifically ...

You Create Podcast Episode #001 | What is CNC? | Parts Of A CNC Machine | 3 Basic Steps To A CNC Project | Cost To Get Started

Welcome to the first episode of The You Create Podcast. This podcast will take you through the world of CNC milling, carving, machining, engraving, woodworking, crafts, hobbies and more. We will also discuss 3D Printing, software and even business ideas and solutions. The You Create Podcast is sponsored by STEPCRAFT; a world leader in universal ...