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EP 49: Farewell OG Bill

OG Bill gets removed from the show for the most ridiculous troll attempt since OG Toph in Episode 21. We discuss the Cam Newton saga, NBA All-Star changes, answered a few #AskAnOG listener questions, and as usual discussed entertainment media.

Duration: 01:17:05

EP 48: Mushroom Bobs and Slut Walks

In Episode 48 we discuss Russ signing for big money, Wade and Bron back together again, NBA and how they would deal with a protest, the Puerto Rico response, Lonzo Ball's BBB shoe debacle, bots you probably encounter daily, feds arresting college basketball coaches, 21 Savage being a hoe at the slut walk, plus as usual entertainment media and much more.

Duration: 01:24:28

EP 47: #TakeAKnee NFL

Trolls on our FB page, NFL protests, Melo to the Thunder, Aaron Hernandez's CTE and the future of the NFL, plus so much more.

Duration: 01:10:43

EP 46: Red Pill/Blue Pill

The continuing saga of Jemele Hill and ESPN, #CaneloGGG, the murder of Anthony Lamar Smith, black wealth declining, and more.

Duration: 01:45:10

EP 45: Money, Money, Money!

Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Money Mayweather, NYPD and the 42nd Precinct paying out money over false arrests, the Secret Service running out of money, and Joe Arpaio. As usual we talk music and visual media, plus OGs Keez and Toph are FUMING over something.

Duration: 01:21:05

EP 44: Tear 'Em DOWN!

Confederate statues being removed in silence and in violence, using tech to combat free speech, the legacy of the great Dick Gregory, is Dave East the Big K.R.I.T. of NYC?, plus as usual we talk books, media, and what's burning us up.

Duration: 01:06:50

EP 43: Authentic Dad Hats in the Strip Club

Recorded 08/13/17: Charlottesville, Hip-Hop turns 44!, our Top 5 "Legacy Acts" of Hip-Hop, books, movies, television, we debut a new segment, and we also talk what's burning us up!

Duration: 01:19:17

EP 42: #BoycottTheNFL

After a week long hiatus the OGs get back together to discuss what a Grand Jury means for Trump and his cronies, if it's time to boycott the NFL, why MJ keeps saying Kobe>LeBron, if Michelle Carter's sentencing was too lenient, plus we discuss media: books, TV, music and talk about a couple things that are burning us up!

Duration: 01:24:40

EP 41: Conspiracists and a Lyricist featuring @IAmBlis

Russia conspiracies, Kyrie conspiracies, mainstream media conspiracies, and rapper/songwriter Blis comes thru and chops it up about being a rapper from St. Louis, the Midwest style and leaves us with his new single. You can follow him at

Duration: 00:44:23

EP 39: The Episode About Nothing

Zach Randolph and his charity and how it created a stampede, NBA jerseys changing, Checkers/Rally's Big Bufords, brunches being gay, answer some listener questions and OG Mike and Derrick are burning up about a couple of things!

Duration: 01:03:19

EP 38: $7.70, #000000, and #444

St. Louis minimum wage going from $10 back to $7.70, Kodak Black and colorism in the black community, NBA free agency, Jay Z's 4:44 album thoughts and opinions, Top 5 Jay Z songs, what we're reading watching and listening to PLUS OG Kat is burning up over something!

Duration: 01:07:15

EP 37: Overdose on Books

Drug overdoses and heroin now that it's a deadly white problem, literacy, Meek vs Safaree, The Big 3 Basketball League, plus we talk books, television, movies, music and what's burning us up!

Duration: 01:09:34

EP 36: Keep it Thoro

We discuss the Flint Five, Steve Harvey being an idiot but are comedians being censored?, XXL Freshman List & Creator, Mayweather/McGregor, talk about music, movies, television and books. We also play our Onion/Not the Onion game and talk about what's burning us up.

Duration: 01:08:06

EP 35: #True32 Top One Hit Wonders Tournament

32 of our favorite one hit wonders. To listen to these songs on Google Play Music and Spotify, search: 'Young OG Radio' and listen to all of our playlists

Duration: 01:02:19

EP 34: "Niggas and Paris"

Back off hiatus we discuss Bill Maher using "nigga", The Paris Agreement being canceled, Kathy Griffin beheading photos, Top 5 Diss songs, answer some listener questions, NBA Finals talk, and a whole lot more.

Duration: 01:19:54

EP 33: The Damsel in Distress starring Kristine Leahy

A new OG emerges and we discuss Kristine Leahy, if LeBron can be better than MJ, Confederate statues being removed, rompers, and as usual talk music, movies, TV and what's burning us up!

Duration: 00:52:27

EP 32: "Get Out"(Prequel)

The Mona Scott Young dilemma, Zaza being Zaza, #AskAnOG, and a "What's Burning You Up" that turned into a couple of nightmare stories (literally) about MLM companies.

Duration: 01:18:08

EP 31: Big Baller Brand BUST

The Big Baller Brand approach, Trumpcare 2.0, Miley Cyrus, Police Killings (again), Top 5 NBA Fight Team, music, movies, television, and we bring back one of our first games "Onion or Not The Onion"

Duration: 01:27:45

EP 30: #True32 Top TV Theme Songs

Tournament time. Self explanatory. Also be sure to check out Young OG Radio on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play Music by simply searching "Young OG Radio" Follow us on Twitter, FB, IG = @TheYoungOGs Golden Girls theme song produced by AtticStein

Duration: 00:57:49

EP 29: I Got Dirt On You Doggie!

Bill O'Reilly fired, Tupac and Biggie hop in your car, Aaron Hernandez legal ramifications after dying, #TheBootyLook, answer listener questions in #AskAnOG and we also talk music, TV, movies and more

Duration: 00:55:01

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