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EPISODE 18 - I'm Not A Clown

Danny introduces 'Story Time With The Young Squire' and relives a tale from early on in his career, involving Power Ranger costumes, clown makeup and borderline racism...naturally. Our outro track 'The City' is provided courtesy of Bazanji, you can find more of his work at:

Duration: 00:24:54

EPISODE 17 - Jaz Deol

Actor Jaz Deol tell us about his start in the industry, when things go wrong on stage, his favourite directors to work with and his experiences being a lead actor on a feature film. Our outro track 'The City' is provided courtesy of Bazanji, you can find more of his work at:

Duration: 02:01:02

EPISODE 16 - The Truth About The Oscars

Danny shares his thoughts and opinions on the 89th Academy Awards and what he thought of the controversy at the end of the ceremony!

Duration: 00:19:17

EPISODE 15 - All By Myself

Danny is flying solo once again and decides to share some stories about the acting industry as well as offering some more Life Advice!

Duration: 00:23:34

EPISODE 14 - Sagar Radia Returns

Sagar Radia chats with Danny about filming his latest TV show 'The Good Karma Hospital', his experiences whilst being in Sri Lanka for filming and working with Jesse Eisenberg in 'The Spoils'. Go follow Sagar on Twitter @SagarRadia And check out Episode 6 of TYS to hear our first interview with Sagar from July 2016!

Duration: 01:07:15

EPISODE 13 - Karen Pittman

Danny has a long overdue chat with Karen Pittman (Luke Cage, The Americans, Horace & Pete) about her start as an actor, the move from Nashville to New York, and some of the great work she's been doing lately! Also, Danny shares some thoughts on Trump, whitewashing in Hollywood and what to do when old strangers try to make a return to your life... Follow us on Twitter: @TheYoungSquire and follow Karen Pittman: @PittmanKaren

Duration: 01:12:00

EPISODE 11 - Nigel Whitmey

Danny chats to Nigel Whitmey about his experiences in the acting industry; his early influences growing up in Canada, working with Nick Nolte and Michael Douglas, and being in The Red Barn at The National Theatre. Go follow Nigel on Twitter: @WhitmeyNigel And go follow us: @TheYoungSquire/@DannyAshok

Duration: 00:50:29

EPISODE 10 - Was Richard Attenborough Fat?

Danny preps early for Christmas but finds time to impart wisdom in another edition of Life Advice. In addition to that Producer K discusses what constitutes a musical instrument, the wonders of technology and what the future holds and the all important question; Was Richard Attenborough fat?

Duration: 00:56:06

EPISODE 9 - Anjli Mohindra

Danny chats to Anjli Mohindra about her start in the acting industry, Anjli's new show Dark Heart and some of her favourite TV shows to watch..

Duration: 00:58:22

EPISODE 8 - Flyin' Solo!

Danny offers his views on Hillary Clinton's coughing fits, his love of WWE and answers relationship and life questions using his inner wisdom...

Duration: 00:29:11

EPISODE 7 - Producer K Returns

Producer K makes a return to the show to discuss Danny's Olympic dreams, the chances of Donald Trump becoming the next U.S. President and the wonders of touch lamps.

Duration: 00:45:01

EPISODE 6 - Sagar Radia

Sagar Radia chats to The Young Squire about his start in the acting industry, early retirement, jobs that go wrong and acting with Jesse Eisenberg in 'The Spoils'.

Duration: 01:28:53

EPISODE 5 - Producer K

Producer K makes a call and chats with TYS about reboots, politics, bad fictional accents and Adele...

Duration: 00:25:01

EPISODE 4.5 - The Mini Edition

It's a bitesize version of TYS today, with a couple of unheard anecdotes about the acting industry from previous episodes!

Duration: 00:19:00

EPISODE 4 - Nathan Clarke Part II

QUINOA! Nathan Clarke sits down to chat about his time in the West End, his encounters with the Bulgarian Mafia and being at the National Theatre.

Duration: 00:55:37

EPISODE 2 - Hari Dhillon Part II

The Young Squire is back with Part II of the conversation with actor Hari Dhillon. We talk about Pulitzer Prize winning play 'Disgraced', dinner with Shirley MacLaine, and the wonders of Prince!

Duration: 00:53:42

EPISODE 1 - Hari Dhillon Part I

On today's TYS Podcast, we sit down for a chat with actor Hari Dhillon to shoot the breeze, talk about his beginnings in San Francisco, pilot season in LA and his work on Holby City.

Duration: 00:58:01