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Writing with Harmony

Author and author's helper and champion, Harmony Kent, share her experience on living a life she loves making a living as a writer in the 21st century. Find out more here

Duration: 00:31:25

Future Memories

Author and world leading expert on Near-Death Experiences, PMH Atwater, returns to The Zone Show to talk about Future Memories.

Duration: 00:55:29

Activating Soul Courage

A soul-enriching conversation with Tara-jenelle Walsch, the author of Soul Courage and the founder and spirit behind Soulebrate and Soulcialize. For more information, visit

Duration: 00:28:50

Do You Quantum Think?

Thought leader and BIG thinker, Dianne Collins in conversation about her book, Do You Quantum Think, and the elevation of consciousness and mastery over thought. Visit for more

Duration: 00:46:45

This is 2016

Author Tom Evans in conversation with Doug New about how what we do in one year nicely sets up what will unfold in the next. For more on Tom's books, meditations and courses, visit

Duration: 00:22:45

That was 2015

Reflections on the year that's just passed and the one that is around the next corner with author and wisdom keeper and sharer, Gary Plunkett

Duration: 00:59:34

Flavours of Magic

Annabelle Drumm takes over as Zone Show host and turns the tables on me to discuss the differences between female and male magic - and their synthesis.

Duration: 00:30:45

Elizabeth Joyce on New Visions for Reality

Author and psychic Elizabeth Joyce explains how we as humans are on the cusp of the next phase or evolution and awakening. This podcast concludes with a guided meditation so please don’t listen to the last 12 minutes if you are driving, operating machinery or flying a jumbo jet.

Duration: 01:00:43

Ending the Tyranny of Time

Steve Palfreyman turns the tables on me in this conversation about my new book, Managing Time Mindfully.

Duration: 00:35:35

Small Business Big Magic

Small Business Oracle and podcaster, Judith Morgan, shares her wisdom and experience on how to build a business which changes your life. For a magical year with Judith visit

Duration: 00:32:31

From Limited to Limitless

Author, publisher, creative marketeer and coach, Liz Harwood, explains how to take off the chains that bind us and to become limitless in our thinking, doing and being. For more see

Duration: 00:29:10

Mindful Career Transitions

Liesel TevershamLiesel Teversham explains how career transition doesn’t necessarily mean changing jobs. Quite often what has to change is us!

Duration: 00:23:45

A Shot of Jinn

A delightful conversation with author Dedra L Stevenson about her trilogy of books, A Hakima's Tale. The books, which are primarily for young adults, explore Arabic mythology and have been described as Harry Potter from the Middle East. Dedra's books do more than tell an enthralling story, they also act as a bridge fostering mutual understanding between cultures at a crucial time. Find out more about Dedra and her books here

Duration: 00:32:50

Passing the Gatekeeper

Raymond Wiley is a consummate veteran of both podcasts and terrestrial radio. He is a historian, a seeker and an opener of doors. In this philosophical exploration, he explains why it's always a good idea to give every door knob a rattle. Check out his latest podcast here

Duration: 00:44:16

Discover Your Purpose

Rhys Thomas is a visionary author, speaker, trainer, and coach in the personal growth and energy medicine field. He is the founder of the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine and the creator of the Rhys Method which is a powerful system self discovery, transformation, and healing. In this enlightening podcast, Rhys talks about his new book, Discover Your Purpose and the five life purpose profile.

Duration: 00:46:37

Musings from the Potting Shed

The inspirational author and podcaster Luke Strickland talking about time sponges, growing seeds that help people blossom and seeing where the balloons land. For more about Luke, visit

Duration: 00:21:10

Discover Your Bounce

Author, healer and business mentor, Nicky Marshall, explains what happens when we lose our bounce and how we can get it back again. Find out more here

Duration: 00:30:16

Reclaim the Magic

Lee Milteer is an internationally known and celebrated entrepreneur, shaman, best selling author, award winning professional speaker, TV personality, and Intuitive Business Mentor. In this enlightening podcast, Lee talks her about her new book, Reclaim the Magic. Find out more about Lee Milteer, her books, courses and teachings at:

Duration: 00:58:30

The Rider on the Elephant

Author, actor, motivational speaker and stage hypnotist, James Mapes, shares his wisdom on who and what is really ‘driving the bus’ in our lives. Find out more about James here : This podcast includes a 10 minute meditation at the end which should not be listened to if you are driving or operating machinery or flying a jumbo jet

Duration: 00:44:55

The Serendipity Zone

Author and hypnotherapist Randy Rogers talks about his book, The Key of Life; A Metaphysical Investigation and the serendipities he's experienced in this life (and beyond). Be prepared for some way-out themes and topics in this podcast. Find out more about Randy and get his book here:

Duration: 00:54:48

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