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NBA Star

Tonight show we have no one then Mareo Thompson NBA Free Agent and ABA Allstar. He will take us threw his journey and what it takes to become a great player in your city. Its going down at 6:30 pm EST/ 11:30 am PST. We also have what is trending as well so do not touch that dial we have a great show line up for you tonight and a great show that will blow you away. He is a NBA Free Agent that making his dreams come true and we will have that going right here n on the hottest show on...

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100th show/Whats trending

Man i am so excited! I never thought after doing my first show that i would be doing my 100th episode. It feels great to have this honor and i want every body to call in today and we going to party lets turn up. Its going down tonight where it will be so epic that for sure i know you are going to have fun and we are still doing what trending as well tonight so at 6:30 pm EST/ 11:30 am PST it is going down with the best music and we have tickets to give away to see Queen Esther as well so...

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The New Mrs. USA on the rise

Man I am so excited about this week if you have not listen to yesterday show you still have time because its on demand on the Tune in App and Sticher Radio but tonight on the Twright show I have Quiana Anderson Reed Mrs. South Carolina I am so honored and we are going to talk to her and My other topic for tonight Mrs. Trump is in the fire did she copy or did she not know call in(213) 943-3449 tonight at 6:30 pm EST and lets talk about it. #ciamedianetwork #thatboygood?

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Comedian style of Kyle

Tonight show will be epic tonight i have the comedian Kyle Nolan. Kyle is a up and coming comedian with a genuine style to match. He is taking time out of his busy schedule to talk to me . He is a funny guy who has been doing his thing for a minute and he will be letting us in his world so Tune in tonight at 6:30 pm EST / 11:30 am PST and lets get it tonight. #ciamedia #thatboygood

Duration: 01:13:12

Life change motivation

Today show i have a great guy on the show on the show tonight Mr. Blake and he has a new life journey he will be explaining on to you tonight. I can not wait to have him on the show tonight because. So either click the link to listen or call in tonight at 213-943-3449 because he will be giving a message to you that you do not want to miss trust me. Plus you know i have the hottest worshiping music known to man as well so tune in at 6:30 pm EST and 11:30 am PST.

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Old School Mondays

?Good evening ladies and gentlemen i hope you have had a great weekend so far and we have the hottest old school mix with some praise and worship today. Its your boy twright and we are doing what most people do not do which is party a little and to be afraid to worship. God is in control and what we do we have to keep him first so lets do that and have fun. Tune in at 6:30 pm EST/ 11:30 am PST and lets party and worship because we are going to going in tonight and on your lunch break....

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Old School Mondays

Lets get the week started and start a party Old School Mondays will get your day started. I really want to start with the hottest time just partying right here on the hottest show on blogtalkradio and lets catch up on from the weekend and most important we are going to Jam to some of the hottest oldie in the game and share some great news at 6:30 pm EST/ 11:30 am PST #ciamedia #thatboygood

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Fathers Day

?Today we are honoring and helping all fathers nationwide and i can not wait to let you know how to help all our fathers. Lets tune in tonight to show all the fathers that we love them and tune in 6:30pm EST/ 11:30 am PST. The twright show is honoring all fathers right here and showing so much love so lets have some fun while i inform you and get it right for all our men.

Duration: 00:34:40

Miss South Carolina

Man i am so excited I have Miss South Carolina owns Bonnie Walls tomorrow night and I am so excited to talk to her So tune in to the hottest show on blogtalkradio/ CIA Media Network Inc. #thatboygood So tune in thursday night at 6:30 pm EST/ 11:30 am PST and world wide all the way #thatboygood. #ciamedia network Call in to listen to her!

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The greatest of all time

?Man i am so excitied i have been working on this show now we are going to be live and we also are tributing to the the Greatest Athlete of all time and and some great music to go along and what is trending in today society. So tune in tonight at 6:30 pm EST and 11:30 am PST to get your lunch praise going on so you can have a great week. #ciamedia #thatboyisgood

Duration: 00:28:21

A true prayer warrior

Man i can not wait for this show this thursday we are going to have the best man that God has annoited on the hottest show on blogtalkradio network. We are going to have some of best praise worship known on this side of Jordan you do not want to miss this. So tune in to the hottest show on blogtalkradio and ciamedia network this thusday at 6:30 pm EST/ 11:30 am PST and most important world wide. #ciamedia #thatboygood

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Woman of Vision

Man we are still holding it down and today we have a guest that needs no introductions she is a author and a great woman all around. Tune in to the hottest show on blogtalkradio and ciamedianetwork. We are going to have a great time and we want you to tune in and have a great time too. So i truly say tune at 6:30 pm EST/ 11:30 am PST to get some worship and find out what a great Woman of Vision has going on

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A True gentlemen

Man I am so excited for this show and to finish this week with a guest that I am so proud of . This guest is truly showing what it means to be a true Man of God and I want to give him some love and let him to talk to us on the hottest show on blogtalkradio and CIA Media tune in This Thursday @ 6:30 pm EST and 11:30 am PST to see who this young man is and how you can help his movement. So how ever you have to listen by clicking the link or calling in i want you to listen and lets support...

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helping the community

?Man i can not wait tomorrow show will be the best show on the planet the twright show has a very special guest. So tomorrow at 6:30 pm EST/ 11:30 am PST it is going down tomorrow. The guest i have on the guest is doing some powerful guest tomorrow and it will build up the best company and week ever. God's opening doors and it is going down. I can not wait it's going down.

Duration: 00:35:29

what's trending

On today show we are talking what's trending this weekend and we are talking about what you can do this weekend. We also going to have the best music today and also talk to you about what's trending. We are going to be talking and catching up on life. Tune in tonight at 6:30 pm EST and 11:30 am PST so we can talk about what to do what this weekend and do more. #ciamedia #thatboygood

Duration: 00:37:43

single fathers/ summertime

This tuesday i am going to show some shine to their fathers that has been holding his family down so a major shout out to my fellas out their holding it down. If you know a man who holds his family down or a man take care of his kids shout him out. Also summer time is coming and i want to give you some advice on what to do this summer. CALL IN 6:30 pm EST 11:30 am PST to listen and shout them out!

Duration: 00:44:09

praise and worship

Good is awesome and this show is going to prove it. We can get everything handed to us in life but the worshiping of God should be the biggest privilage that we can do. The holy spirit is where we can survive and most important do everything we can. We will also hit you with some things that are trending so tune in tonight at 6:30 pm EST/ 11:30 am PST and hear your favorite Blogtalk Radio DJ and call in as well and let me know what you got going on.

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What's trending

Man its tuesday and it's going down today. We are talking about everybody Mother's Day and what's going on in life with everything to politics and everything else that is going on. So at 6:30 pm EST/ 11:30 am PST we are starting this week out right and informing you so we can get it going.

Duration: 00:20:20

interacial advertisers

In today society we are seeing so many different ways to market a new product. Well this week Old Navy has taken fire for putting a white male, black woman, and black child in their new ad and twitter is going crazy. What do you think? Is old navy trying to say something or are they just saying what going on in America and we are to childish to understand the time. I want to hear for you hit me up tonight and let me know how you feel are people still racists or just not open minded.

What's trending

Today is April 28,2016 and the on the twright show we are going to discuss what is going on in the world. We are going be bring up a lot of the things today at 6:30 pm EST / 11:30 am PST. We have the NFL Draft among other things. so do not tune out just tune in and tonight and listen to some hot music and catch up on all the latest on the twright show.

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