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You are about to enter The Altered Angle....Strong opinions and intriguing talk ahead....You've been warned.




Listen to our NFL preview and predictions, with just a dash of WWE!

Check out our annual #NFL preview show. We predict every division, and for a bonus, give our “way too early for Super Bowl predictions.” Of course, we do talk some wrestling. Cena-Reigns promo and what is up with Sasha Banks? Thanks for checking us out!

Duration: 01:10:37

Happy Birthday Pepper!!! Plus, WWE #SummerSlam reaction! It really is worth listening!

Join us for Pepper’s Birthday extravaganza!!! Listen as folks from all across the globe call in to wish Pepper a very happy birthday! It’s not all just fun and games though, oh no, we recap #SummerSlam and react to all of the action that happened this ppast weekend. Listen and tell a friend. Please? Enjoy!!!

Duration: 01:13:21

#WWE SummerSlam and NXT Takeover preview & predictions! Listen Now!!!

Don’t you dare watch this Sunday’s WWE SummerSlam ppv untiul you first listen to our preview and prediction show! You will be glad, or sorry, you did…….guaranteed!

Duration: 01:19:23

*New* Ep 148-Rumors and nonsense galore!

If you can make it through the first 10 minutes, we promise there will be wrestling content. There is only a week until #Summerslam, so we hit the rumor mill and see what the #dirtsheets are talking about heading in to next week’s big ppv!

Duration: 01:10:14

Wrestling is full of missed opportunites. Listen as we discuss some of the biggest screw ups in WWE history,

Ever play the ‘what if’ game? Maybe wonder about an old flame? Well, your not alone, we do too. Listen as we remember some of the biggest missed opportunites in WWE history.

Duration: 01:09:32

#RIP Chester Bennington…Listen to our #WWEBattleground preview and predictions..

Join us as we remember the life of Chester Bennington from Linkin Park, plus, our WWE Battlegound preview and predictions are a must. Thanks for checking out our podcast. Go listen to some Linkin Park this weekend and crank it up as loud as possible!

Duration: 01:06:04

A very incoherant recap of Great Balls of Fire. plus we talk Del Rio/Paige

Listen to our very incoherant and unprofessionial recap of WWE Great Balls of Fire ppv! Plus, we discuss the Del Rio/Paige situation. Thanks for listening to The Altered Angle!!!

Duration: 00:55:40

NJPW G1 recap plus WWE Great Balls of Fire preview!

This week, we actually stay on topic and sound a little more professionial than usual. We talk the epic rap battle from #SDLive, NJPW’s amazing US show and a preview of this Sunday’s #WWE Great Balls of Fire ppv! Listen on iTunes and Stitcher!!! Enjoy!!!

Duration: 01:10:41

Listen as we talk WWE Women Main Eventing everything and so much more!

When you need to take a break from real life drama, you can listen to the most unprofessional podcast on the internet! We talk Women main eventing everything, the horible Miz Tv segment from Raw, some NBA free agency talk, plus, more “Love Advice” from Professer Pepper! Thanks for listening!

Duration: 01:18:09

NEW Episode! MITB recap, Carmella, Enzo & Cass split and much more, plus, love advice form Dr. Pepper

Check out our recap and reaction to Money In The Bank. We talk Carmella winning the women’s MITB match, then getting stripped, Enzo & Cass breaking up, Jinder as champ, Corbin and much more! Plus. love advice from the good doctor, Dr. Pepper! Enjoy!!!

Duration: 01:12:36

The most entertaining Money In The Bank ppv preview show on the ‘net!

Listen to as we preview this Sunday’s WWE Money In The Bank ppv! Who walks out with the briefcase? Will Randy Orton win his 14th WWE title in his hometown? Which woman will make history and be crowned the first ever women’s MITB winner? We break it all down plus we talk Mayweather vs McGregor! Thanks for listening!!!

Duration: 00:55:33

Backlash and NXT Takeover reactions, plus we talk finishers.

Jinder Mahal is the new WWE Champion. No, that is not fake news. We discuss this plus react to Backlash and NXT Takeover. What’s up finishing moves in wrestling? Listen as we talk this and so much more on EP 139 of The Altered Angle! Thanks for listening!!!

Duration: 00:54:17

WWE Backlash and NXT Takeover Chicago preview show! Plus, we remember Chris Cornell.

Listen as we make fun of each other and previesw this Sunday’s, Smackdown exclusive, WWE Backlash ppv, as well as NXT Takeover Chicago! Plus, we remember the life, and career, of Chris Cornell. Thanks for listening

Duration: 00:49:02

Our new episode that is basicallly about nothing.

Pepper starts this train wreck off with a 15 minute rant about how much he hates taped Raw and SDLive shows. We do, however, pull it together to talk about Stroman’s injury and Reigns’ next fued. Lastly, we talk a litte NBA playoffs!!! Be sure to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes and Stitcher! Thanks for listening!!!

Duration: 00:45:49

Bye Bye & Thank You Chris Jericho, plus a recap of WWE Payback!

Did you miss WWE Payback? No worries, we got the only recap you need to listen to right here. Plus, we say “good bye” to Chris Jericho…for now. Thanks for listening!!!

Duration: 01:04:25

Our long awaited return episode is finally here! Listen to our #WWEPayback preview!

After several weeks off, your favorite morons are back and we have plenty to say. Listen as we talk Jindar’s push, the aftermath of the superstar shakeup and we preview this Sunday’s Payback ppv! Thanks for listening!!!

Duration: 01:00:34

*NEW* Our #Wrestlemania 33 preview and prediction show!!!

You will listen to a lot of #Wrestlemania 33 preview shows this week, but non will be as entertaining as this! We preview and predict the biggest #WWE ppv of the year, along with #NXT Takeover-Orlando and the RAW after WM! Listen at your own risk….You have been warned. Enjoy!!!

Duration: 01:15:16

Is Chris Jericho the #GOAT?

Pepper proclaims several reasons why Chris Jericho has to be conidered one of the “Greatest of all Time’. Then, he pretty much hijacks the rest of the show and proves, once again, why he is the “Apex Asshole”. Hope you enjoy this train wreck and thanks for listening!!!!

Duration: 01:10:06

The greatest podcast nobody listens to is back baybay! *New Episode*

The greatest podcast nobody listens to is back baybay! Some brand new listening material, guaranteed to entertain and make you feel better about yourself! We talk Rick Rude to #WWE HOF, AJ vs Shane, Lesnar beating Owens at MSG, Taker vs Reigns at WM33 and much more!

Duration: 01:17:39

*NEW* Listen as we talk TNA, Del Rio, Hardy’s #SDLive and our #WWEFastlane preview!

Listen to the most unprofessional podcast on the internet, as we discuss all the hot topics of the week. Del Rio to Impact and the Hardy’s are gone, who saw that coming? Orton finally breaking away from Bray in a big way, Cena and Miz go at it on the mic and our #WWEFastlane preview! Be like the cool kids and listen to our little podcast. Enjoy!

Duration: 01:03:58

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