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The First 90 Days Day 80 - Pirate Metrics

Pirate metrics is essentially a way of categorizing different metrics and KPIs, and is made up of the metric stages which can be referred to as AARRR - Acquisition, Activation, Revenue, Retention and Referral. Many companies track metrics by the funnel, and then try to improve conversion rates from one of these stages to another. The AARRR metrics model was developed by Dave Mcclure and represents all of the behaviours of customers.


The First 90 Days Day 68 - Power Of Referrals

Today is Day 68 of The First 90 Days – titled Power of Referrals. In this episode we’re talking about how to encourage customers to actively promote your business out to their networks – otherwise known as word of mouth marketing – and build yourself a viral product.


The First 90 Days Day 66 - Feedback on what your customers really want

Today is Day 66 of The First 90 Days – titled feedback on what your customers really want. It’s generally not the idea, or the person, or the technology that leads a start-up to achieve great success, but rather listening and acting on customer feedback, quickly. It is crucial to classify feedback into improvements and game changers!


The First 90 Days Day 61: Strategic Partnerships

The First 90 Days Day 61: Strategic Partnerships by TheFirst90Days


Day 59 of The First 90 Days - Facebook Always Wins

There are so many options available to you to acquire customers - but the trick when you're starting is not to spread yourself too thin. Pick one or two key channels and test how effective they are at acquiring customers. In this podcast, we talk about the free and paid acquisition channels we're going to try first for Upski - and specifically discuss how best to leverage the huge power of Facebook advertising.


The First 90 Days Day 47: Nurturing your first customers

Your customers don’t just become loyal customers overnight, you need to nurture your relationships through targeted and value-based interactions, to build loyalty.


Day 45: Avoid the leaky bucket

The First 90 Days Day 45 explains how you can turn leads into loyal, paying customers who will be true advocates for your business, and some of the tools available that can help you do this in an automated way as well as defining the best strategy for Upski to convert leads to paying customers.


The First 90 Days Day 41: Leads are the lifeblood of your business

As always think big, start small and act fast. Lead generation is the initiation of customer interest so getting more leads is beneficial to any business. Here are a few of our simple hacks to get more leads.


TheFirst90Days Day 35: How to maximise your content

When you put time and effort into creating content, you want people to read it, right? With all the noise out there and so much content being created each day, it can be hard to both make sure people are discovering your content, and that it is setting you apart as a unique and valuable brand! In Day 33 we talk about how to maximise your content, to make sure you are reaching the most number of relevant people, and share some of our favourite tools to help you do this!


TheFirst90Days Day 33: Create content your customers actually want

Create content your customers actually want – it sounds simple and obvious, but then why does most content get completely ignored, or if it’s not getting ignored, why does it very often not convert visitors to real customer? We explore this in Day 33 of The First 90 Days podcast, and talk about a simple three step process that ensure the content you’re creating is exactly what your customers (the ones that are actually going to pay you) will love!


TheFirst90Days Day 31: To blog or not to blog

Content is king they say… but it can also be a huge waste of time and effort, if you’re not creating the right content, that is going to pull in real customers. Today is Day 31 of The First 90 Days and we’re talking ‘to blog or not to blog’ – whether you should be investing in content for your business, what role it could play for you, and how to stand out in the sea of average content out there!


TheFirst90Days Day 27: Making your website work for you

The saying ‘if you build it, they will come’ does not hold true for business – it’s not enough to just create a website and hope – you need to make it work for you! Today is Day 27 of The First 90 Days and we discuss three things: 1) How to optimise your website so your customers can easily find you, and so that you are turning website visitors into leads 2) The best way to track how customers are behaving on your website and use this insight to improve 3) How and when to make website updates


TheFirst90Days Day 25: How should I build my website?

Should you hire a team of developers, or find an ‘out-of-the-box’ solution for building your website? This is what we talk about in Day 25 of The First 90 Days podcast, and weigh in on both options from the standpoint of: 1) Resources – both financial resources and human resources required for either 2) The customer experience – offering the best, most on-brand experience for your customers when they visit and interact with your website 3) Ongoing management – ease of tracking, updates and...


TheFirst90Days Day 23: Do I need a website?

Today is Day 23, and in this episode is called ‘Do I need a website’ and we’ll be talking about the importance of having a website for your business, and some of the questions you need to answer to make sure you have the correct web strategy in place.


TheFirst90Days Day 20: Style guide

Your style guide is a set of standards and guidelines that ensure consistency of your brand, in writing and visuals – making it easy for your customers to quickly recognise you, and to work effectively with freelancers or when growing your team. Today is Day 20 and we discuss the three core visual elements for your brand style – the colours, fonts and logo you choose!


TheFirst90Days Day 18: Value statements

Brand value lives in the mind of your customers, so being able to succinctly describe the value that your business offers to customers is critical. Today is Day 18 of The First 90 days – titled ‘Value statements’ where we talk about crafting value statements that describe exactly what you offer your customers, and how to use these across your marketing efforts.


TheFirst90Days Day 17: Your verb, your noun and your voice

Defining your brand is the first step you should take in your marketing plan – if you don’t define your brand, it will define itself – and it can be impossible to change later on. Today is Day 17 and we discuss a simple framework to help you decide how you will position your brand for your customers, and ensure you are consistent in talking about your business. This framework walks you through defining your ‘verb’, your ‘noun’ and your ‘voice’.


TheFirst90Days Day 13: Wireframes

Today is Day 13 and we are talking about wireframes, and how to develop and use these to communicate the vision for your website or product.


TheFirst90Days Day 10: Why are you different?

How do you set yourself apart from your competitors, and make sure your customers know that you’re different? In Day 10 of The First 90 Days podcast we discuss this, and talk about a simple matrix that helps you evaluate your various competitors, and find the niche area where you can play (and win!).


TheFirst90Days Day 8: Your big, hairy audacious goal

What is your BIG, HAIRY, AUDACIOUS GOAL (‘BHAG’)? What is the single, long-term, measurable vision for your business that keeps you and your team motivated, and working in the same direction? In Day 8 of The First 90 Days podcast we talk about BHAGs – what exactly is a BHAG, some examples we LOVE (including Upski’s!), and share ideas on how to brainstorm and make sure you’re setting the right BHAG for you!


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