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Yes another pop culture show. I talk about all the things that are involved in the world of Nerd or Geek. News,comics,movies,TV,comedy,books,games. Come join me your host John "Stoney" Burke and lets have some fun.




TPCCafe Ep 118 Not Without A Roster You Won't

Boys and Girls and animals of all ages. Scott and I return with fresh news from the world of Pop Culture. Also this is the first anniversary of Scott joining the show. Thank god he did cause it was going down the pooper.

Duration: 02:05:35

TPCCafe Ep 117 Billy Puts HIs Eye Out

Yes folks another show and another one from the past. Well we recorded it in the past. But it is the present for you. Soon Scott and I will be back to entertain you with current geek and nerdy stories.

Duration: 01:13:34

TPCCafe Ep 116 Brain Fart

Hey pimple this is a show Scott and I recorded a while back and had sitting in the can. The sound is before I figured out how to do it properly so it sucks. But hopefully you will be informed and entertained.

Duration: 01:52:51

TPCCafe Ep 115 Comics Comics Comics

This show Paul joins Scott and I and we talk comics. I mean nothing but comics. Well Paul and I do discuss The Defenders on Netflix while Scott plugs his ears. But comics is the theme of this show. Sacred Creatures Generation Gone Lady Mechanika: The Clock Work Assassin The Shadow Savage Things Welcome to Palm Cove Occupy Avengers X-Men Gold

Duration: 02:35:45

TPCCafe Ep 114 The Defender Rick Flair

Hey gang bring you all kinds of news. Scott asks me some questions about the upcoming Marvel The Defenders. So if you don't want to hear any spoilers before you want it. Then you better skip ahead. We have some many more news from the world of pop culture.

Duration: 01:43:59

TPCCafe Ep 113 Leaking Tiger Awesome Dragon

This show Scott and I give all kinds of news from all over the world. Okay mostly North American pop culture news but hey didn't it sound good? Dave Letterman and Netflix Knight Rider Reboot Karl Urban in Talks for Judge Dredd Frank Miller in Legal Trouble GOT and leak scripts Millarworld and Netflix Disney leaving Netflix The Death of Godzilla Guillermo De Toro Brie Larson Captain Marvel Plus comic reviews. Movie review and so much more.

Duration: 02:07:10

TPPCafe Ep 112 No One Puts Glory By The Hole

Hey everyone Scott and I return with news about GOT getting hacked. HBO's Confederta and Dave Bautista. John Cena in Bumblebee movie. Mads Mikkelsen. Nicholas Meyers and Star Trek. The new Krypton tv series. Avengers 1,000,000 and some much more.

Duration: 02:05:45

TPCCafe Bonus Show Trailers And More Trailers

This is a bonus show were Scott and I talk about 15 trailers from this years SDCC 2017 Justice League Strange Things S2 Thor: Ragnarok The Walking Dead Ready Player One Star Trek Discovery Bright Inhumans Pacific Rim: Uprising Defenders The Gifted My Friend Dahmer The Orville The Lego Ninijago Movies Riverdale

Duration: 01:38:23

TPCCafe Ep 111 The Hand Has A Job To Do

Hey gang Paul, Scott and I are back and in this episode we spend time talking about comics. Comics, comics and more comics. Also we spend a small amount of time talking about Spider-man Home Coming.

Duration: 02:26:33

TPCCafe Ep 110 Another Orifice For The Internet

Once again Scott and I return to give you news and info from the world of pop culture. This show we try and entertain you with news from: Mark Hamill, A Marvel Villain? A Gotham Movie? Once Upon A Time The New Doctor Who Game of Thrones Infinity War Images Anniversary Box RoboCop Plus a review of 'War For The Planet Of The Apes"

Duration: 02:16:55

TPCCafe Ep 109 I Did Not Watch That One Either

Guess what Paul, Scott and I are back to rabble in you ear holes.

Duration: 02:07:06

TPCCafe Ep 108 Helps If You Read Stuff

In Ep 108 Scott and I get back to recording after I have taken a week off. So we sit down at Comic Fever Comic Shop hit the record to give our thoughts on some pop culture events that are coming out. Also a few comic reviews Comics Bankshot #1 W.M.D. #1 Crosswind #1 Scrimshaw #1 Pop Culture News Next years CW crossover event James Gun and Red Hulk/Green Hulk? Star Trek: Discovery. Someone is going to die Spider-Man Homecoming/MCU Fox Mystery Marvel Movies release dates Marvels...

Duration: 01:46:57

TPCCafe Ep 107 Cluster Duck

Well this one that you don't let the kids hear. I let fly a few choice words before the show gets going. Once that was done Scott and I get back on track and give you news from that crazy world of pop culture. This show we talk about: The top sell comics of May Infinity War Kevin Fiege R-rated movies Venom movie Should superheros be draw more realistic Transformer: The Last Knight A She-Hulk movie? Joss Whedon and DCU Star Wars - Han Solo movie We review books: Jimmy's Bastard...

Duration: 01:47:14

TPCCafe Ep 106 Long Live Batman

Well this show starts out with the sad news of Adam West passing. To many of us Adam was our first Batman. Scott and I talk about the man that many also knew as Mayor West. Also we talk about - Black Panther The Mummy E3 Vemon Chris Evans/Captain America Battlestar Galactica Inhumans Trailer New Frozen Featurette Jessica Chastain/X-men Fear of the Walking Dead Comic Reviews - The Divided States of Hysteria Aquaman Darth Vader #! Amazing Age #1 Adulting Crash and Burn

Duration: 02:12:06

TPCCafe Ep 105 My Heart Beats for Wonder Woman

Hey gang welcome Ep 105 and this show Scott and I talk about Punisher and Secret Empire. Dan Arkroyd, The Mummy and Scott asks me about my thoughts on Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman may give The Mummy a hard time in its opening weekend because of Wonder Woman success. Freeform will be doing a direct adaptation of the E4's, Misfits. Teen Titans well start production soon in Atlanta. Supernatural will be doing a animated show with the gang from Scooby-Doo. Also we talk about...

Duration: 01:41:25

TPCCafe Ep 104 Lock The Door

Welcome once again to The Pop Culture Cafe and this episode it is once again Paul, Scott and myself getting together to geek out. This show Paul and Scott try and convince me to finish watching the CW shows. Flash, Arrow, Supergirl and The Legends Of Tomorrow. Also how our reading habits have crossed over to our viewing habits. We also talk comics Deadpool vs Punisher, Batman - The Button, Anno Dracula, Frost Bite, Weapon X, Sercert Warrior and Eclipses. Plus as usual we go off topic and...

Duration: 02:36:41

TPCCafe Ep 103 Calgary Expo Interviews

Hey gang this show is interviews with comicbook creators that had attended the 2017 Calgary Expo. One of my favorite things I love about the Calgary Expo and Edmonton Expo is the chance to talk to the men and woman that create comicbooks. Todd McFarlane Amy Chu Carlo Barberi Dan Barnfield Larry Higgins Tom Lyle Giovanni Smith and more

Duration: 01:50:09

TPCCafe Ep 102 Calgary and More

This show Scott and I just basically sit down and chat about all the stuff we did not get to in the last month. After coming back from Calgary I came back with my usually after Expo sickness. So we just let the conversation go where it goes. Hope you enjoy. We talk about: Books: A Little of the Top Nyobi Days of Dark Fire Pestilence Wonder Woman Secret Empire The Dark Tower Josh McDermitt leaving social media and so much more.

Duration: 02:14:56

TPCCafe Ep 101 Two Hoser And A Bloke

Paul is back and Scott and Paul do most to the talking this show. I was under the weather but you will hear that guys still give tons of info. We talked about books Scarlet Spider #1 Redneck #1 Plastic #1 Free Comic Book Day

Duration: 02:00:56

TPCCafe Ep 100 How She Got Off

So this is Ep 100 and fitting to may style I forgot plug in the mixer to the Laptop but thanks to the Laptop mic there is style a show. The sound in not that great but I hope you enjoy. This show Scott ask me 5 various questions about...... Also we talk about - Redneck #1 Ebay selling digital comic codes Captain America/Hydra Thor Ragnarok Marvel not getting into R-rated movies Captain Phasma comic Joss Whedon/Kevin Feige talk Batgirl Star Trek Discovery What You Talking...

Duration: 02:02:30

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