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Yes another pop culture show. I talk about all the things that are involved in the world of Nerd or Geek. News,comics,movies,TV,comedy,books,games. Come join me your host John "Stoney" Burke and lets have some fun.

Yes another pop culture show. I talk about all the things that are involved in the world of Nerd or Geek. News,comics,movies,TV,comedy,books,games. Come join me your host John "Stoney" Burke and lets have some fun.
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Yes another pop culture show. I talk about all the things that are involved in the world of Nerd or Geek. News,comics,movies,TV,comedy,books,games. Come join me your host John "Stoney" Burke and lets have some fun.




TPCCafe S3 Ep 140 Marvel A Fresh Fart

Once again Scott and I are report from the comfort of Comic Fever. We have stories aboot; Invincible The New Mutants X-Men The Black Panther Sony and the Marvel movies that got away Firefly Novels Marvel's Fresh Start.............again?? Venom Fraggle Rock The Walking Dead Comic Book Reviews Kick Ass #1 Death of Love #1 Daredevil #598 Silencer #1 plus more


TPCCafe S3 Ep 139 The Black Panther Paradox

Back to your regular schedule program. Scott and I return with more news and thoughts on pop culture. Comic Reviews on VS from Image comics and Motherlands from Vertigo comics. Also: Black Panther The Punisher Disney Streaming service Star Trek:Discovery Diamond Sales Stats for January 2018 Lobo Movie DC Co-Publisher Dan Didio Titans TV Series and The Doom Patrol plus more


TPCCafe Season 3 Ep 138 Trailers Trailers and More

So gang I did it right this time and hit save. Scott and I recorded once again the our comic home, Comic Fever. Once again we try and give you news that will keep you entertained and informed. This show: Trailers - Mission Impossible Jurassic Park - Fallen Kingdom Solo - A Star Wars Story Skyscaper The Cloverfield Paradox Red Sparrow Deadpool 2 Jessica Jones Season 2 James Mangold William Shatner Netflix Comics Skybound Entertainment Hollywood Pilot Season and more


TPCCafe S3 Ep 137 International Hillbillies

Well this is not your usually TPCCafe show. This show is a international gathering of nerds/geeks. Scott and I are joined by Paul, Oz and Jenn. We just bounce around from topic to topic. Hope you can follow along and enjoy show.


TPCCafe Season 3 Ep 136 The Death Of Tinky Winky

Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah Scott and I. Blah, Blah Pop Culture News. and now the news. Boob Wars Raw Is War Logan and Ocsar Action Comics 1000 The Hunt For Wolverine Robocop Movie Anti Sexual Harassment In Hollywood Rom and M.A.S.K. Walking Dead Getting Sued The Return of Raven Jason Momoa Plus so much more


TPCCafe Season 3 Ep 135 How She Get That Job

Well once again Scott and I back to give you some news once again from the world of pop culture. Recorded live at Comic Fever. Superman: Red Son The Gifted Monsters Sanctuary From Tim King Dave Chapelle Agents of Shield Once Upon a Time Masters of the Universe Reboot Conan Watchmen Spider-man Black Lightning Old Man Hawkeye X-Men: Gold Annual #1 Daredevil #597


TPCCafe Season 3 Ep 134 My Right Nut Update

So what you doing? Ummm well if you have nothing better to do check out the latest TPCCafe. This show we discuss: Gambit being bisexual Savage Dragon X-Men Gold and Blue Ending? Deadpool Relaunching Dewanda Wise in Captain Marvel The Gifted Gail Simone doing Domino Jumanji Death of the Mighty Thor Seth MacFalane Plus so much more and and more more.


TPCCafe Season 3 Ep 133 Milking Aliens

Well the new year is here and Scott and I start the year by braking the podcast into season but keeping the same numbering. So welcome back and the gang here hope to keep you informed and entertained. Black Mirror Rian Johnson Apple maybe buying Netflix? Marvel canceled books Disney making billions Bright Review: King Arthur Plus so much more


TPCCafe Ep 132 Lesbian Grandmas

Once again Scott and I are joined by Oz. President and leader of That's Bullshit party. This show we talk about: New Mutants Tom Cruize Batman Ninja Batman Gotham by Gas Light Wonder Woman Harley Quinn Star Trek/Star Wars Lesbian Grandmas and some much more.


TPCCafe Ep 131 Kung Fu For Old People

This show Scott, Oz and I talk about: Jude Law/Captain Marvel Marvel Movies Justice League Mulituple man Punisher Doctor Who Doctor Doom


TPCCafe Ep 130 Dropping Astroids

You maybe asking yourself what the what???? What symbiotic relationship. How hell did that happen? Well get yourself ready for the wavy lines as a flash back now begins. ON the show Scott and I are join by Jenn. Comic nerd also. We talk about comics old and new. South Park Black Friday and dropping asteroids.


TPCCafe Ep 129 Infinity Boner

Running I do that a lot now. I use to hate it. I would be out of breath after only a few yards. Running was not on my list of things to do. But now i can could run 5 marathons before I broke a sweat. It helps when you become one with another creature, an alien. A symbiosis where I in all honesty got the better of the deal. Also there is news on - Agents of Shield A DS9 Doc James Franco Matt Smith More Punisher Guardians of the Galaxy spin offs? Watchmen TV Plus more and sometimes...


TPCCafe Ep 128 Jokers Last Laugh

After some projecting vomiting and a day delay Scott and I return to give you some news from the wild wild of Pop Culture. Justice League may loss money James Gunn releases GOTG Vol 2 script Luke Cage Harley Quinn Jake Gyllenhaal Marvel Comic Post Credit Scene Batman and Catwoman first date DC vs Marvel CW crossover Plus more news.


TPCCafe Ep 127 My Right Nut

Well once the two old white guys are back to give you more news from around the pop culture world. We are also joined by Trisden Rodill fellow comic collector and member of the band Exit 303. We talked about the band and he also brought along the single, All In This Together. Plus more comic reviews.


TPCCafe Ep 126 The Mouse That Roard

So after a long afternoon of drinking Scott and I stagger into the Comic Fever to record another fine Episode of the award winning podcast. No really we won an award. A bottle of warm urine but hey we won. This show: Disney buying Fox Marvel/Disney will not play with others Disney telling theater owners how to run Stars Wars: TLJ Black Adam and the Suicide Squad Black Widow USA Today on comics from 1989 Wentworth Millar and so much more


TPCCafe Ep 125 Love You Long Time

Welcome Earth type people to another exciting podcast of pop culture news. Please get as high as possible when you lay back and listen. News on this podcast: X-23 movie A Kingpin limited series A Quantum Leap Movie? A Female Thor Problems with Thor: Ragnarok Review of Comics Lady Mechanika Gasolina Lazaretto Graveland RoughRiders Series 2 Plus so much more


TPCCafe Ep124 Superheros and Stuff

Well boys and girls the gang are back together. Scott, Paul and I are here to talk about the CW shows and more. The Flash Supergirl Arrow Legends of Tomorrow The Orville Star Trek Discovery Z Nation Marvel Legacy Deadpool Vs Wolverine Plus so much more



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TPCCafe Ep122b Fever After Dark

Well this was our second attempt at recording this episode. So even though the sound quality is a mess. I hope you can still enjoy this mess of a show. Scott and I talk about: The Gifted Gambit Movie Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner Exciting Harley Quinn The Punisher Transformer -The Last Knight Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man Tell No Tales Plus a mess of more stuff.


TPCCafe Ep 121 Metal Health

This show Scott and I are join by Brian who helps answer the question who and how did the Red Death come about. Brian gives us a history lesson on the first few issue of DC's Metal series. Also Scott and I talk about: Angel Fear of the Walking Dead The new Terminator movie Old Man Hawkeye Affleck on B v S Is Justice League still Zack Snyder's film A Vince McMahon Movie? Plus more.


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