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The Makar's Eye

When Theophilius Bagpiper told Rob and Seamus that he wanted them to interview former lead designer of Netrunner, Damon Stone, their minds filled with visions of transatlantic luxury flights and the glitz and glamour of California. Once our hosts were unpacked from their shipping crate they were at least relieved to see the handsome face of Damon there to greet them. Ostensibly sent to find out about Core 2.0 and reflect on Damon's time at the helm of Netrunner, things quickly turn...

Duration: 02:37:57

Wee Episode No. 1

Rob and Seamus build some decks using the new core set! This time around it's Making News and Chaos Theory. We even take the decks for a spin on, finally fulfilling the promise of video content that Rob made a year ago. Watch us play clumsy netrunner here -

Duration: 00:47:02

Scotched Earth

Rob and Seamus are joined by old Netrunner hand and new(ish) Edinburgher Alice to discuss the revised core set. That's right! The rumours were true and while some cards leave us forever a bunch more, previously scheduled for rotation, have been saved. Intro/Outro: "Flutey Funk" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Duration: 01:27:22

Friends in Highland Places

Iain and Ronan - the new regime - bring you a new, more focused and generally cleaner version of the podcast you barely had a chance to realise existed before it disappeared for months. Mr. Bagpiper is dealing with Rob and Seamus for their slovenliness.

Duration: 01:55:38

Net Polis

Cyber-criminals are in hiding and corps are cleaning up their acts. And they'd better, because the NAPD are cracking down on hacking and white-collar crime once again. There is (finally) a new update to the Most Wanted List! It hits many of the cards that have been making people sad for some time and was accompanied by a host of heartwarming typos. With Theophilius Bagpiper in hiding, Seamus and Rob have been celebrating with Netrunner and booze. We recommend you consume this podcast...

Duration: 00:53:48

Tatty Jones

Whizzard is dead; Andromeda is on the lam; Chaos Theory is too sad to net-run. Investors have done the maths on Stronger Together and shares are plummeting. Old Theophilius Bagpiper isn't worried though. And why? Because he's from Honour and Profit. This month (ish), Rob and Seamus are joined by UK Nats top-16 finisher and full-time son of a bitch, Jonny to talk about the big event on the horizon for everyone's favourite cyber-noir living cardgame. No, not Terminal Directive. No, not a new...

Duration: 01:28:15

Ark Lochdown

Theophilius Bagpiper has stolen the Edinburgh meta's decks! Corporations are defenseless and runner rigs are bare. What is to be done? It's time to draft. Rob and Seamus are joined by Andy to talk about this alternative form of Netrunner. Listen and find out why you should throw away that tier one deck, hope for some luck, and ask your neighbour what the stats of Aurora are. "Flutey Funk" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License...

Duration: 01:36:28