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Episode 9 - New Year’s FriendsAloutions!

In episode 9, Nikki and Kristen introduce a new word for a new year — FriendsAloutions! They share their own New Year’s rituals and talk about ways to place emphasis on your friendships in 2018! In Friend Facts, Nikki unpacks the very real impact meaningful friendships can have on your overall health and wellbeing and in Friend Q&A, Nikki and Kristen discuss ways to navigate friendships as individuals move through various life milestones.

Duration: 00:43:26

Episode 8 - You’re family….but are you my friend?

In Episode 8, Kristen and Nikki tackle the thorny topic of being friends….with your family members! They share their own efforts to be more friendly with family, and suggest a few tips for setting intentions for how you want to relate to family BEFORE family gatherings! In Friend Facts, Nikki shares a study that validates that resolving ambivalent feelings towards our parents is good for our health and in Friend Q&A, Kristen and Nikki respond to a listener question about how to stay...

Duration: 01:12:43

Episode 7 - Our Friendship is a Gift!

In Episode 7, Kristen and Nikki unwrap the etiquette of giving and receiving gifts! They propose a helpful framework for how to respond when a friend gives you a gift you don’t like. In Friend Facts, they review a fascinating study about giving “thoughtful” gifts. In Friend Q&A, Nikki and Kristen respond to the question that inspired this episode where the listener doesn’t know what to do with an expensive gift from a friend that isn’t her style!

Duration: 00:46:15

Episode 6 - Friendsgiving!

In Episode 6, Kristen and Nikki explore the pros of celebrating Friendsgiving as both a holiday and a season to share your gratitude for your friends! In Friend Facts, they explore the concept and importance of chosen family, and salute two friends who are part of their chosen families! In Friend Q&A, Nikki and Kristen weigh in on a friend situation where the the meaning of the friendship to both parties in unclear and they explore ways to cultivate the courage to define the friendship!

Duration: 00:49:43

Episode 5 - Grieving with Friends

In episode 5, Kristen opens up about the recent loss of her father and the challenges of reaching out for support. Nikki shares what it’s been like for her on the other side - not knowing how best to offer support. In Friend Facts, Nikki shares research on empathy and the 4 elements to practice, and Kristen and Nikki weigh in on a similar situation to their own in Friend Q&A!

Duration: 00:47:46

Episode 4 - Trips with Friends!

In this special IN PERSON episode of Ther-a-friends, Kristen and Nikki explore the pros and cons of taking trips with friends while on a trip with each other to the hot air balloon fiesta in Albuquerque, New Mexico! They identify things they have learned on this current trip about traveling well with friends as well as discuss what they’ve learned from past successful and not-so-successful trips! In Friend Facts, Nikki shares a research study about the impact of sharing experiences,...

Duration: 00:54:03

Episode 3 - Combating Sexism & Its Impact on Female Friendships!

In their 3rd episode, Kristen and Nikki take on the hard topic of sexism and the historical and current impact it has on female friendships as well as looking at the role of our own internalized sexism and how to combat this now! In Friend Facts, Nikki looks to sociology and anthropology to unpack the primal survival instinct that can lie beneath women betraying women. Kristen and Nikki salute female friendships that inspire us as role models for undoing negative stereotypes of...

Duration: 01:07:31

Episode 2 - We’re Making New Friends

In their second episode, Kristen and Nikki talk about the good, the awkward, and the bravery of making new friends! In Friend Facts, Kristen challenges the myth of self-reliance for figuring out our feelings, Kristen and Nikki salute some admirable new friends, and weigh in on an important question about maintaining a lifelong friendship in Friend Q&A!

Duration: 00:53:09

Episode 1 - Welcome to Ther-a-friends!

On their first episode, Kristen and Nikki reflect on becoming friends, our transition from local to long-distance friendship, and how the podcast came to be! In Friend Facts, Nikki gives us a brief history of the role of politics in female friendships in the wake of the recent Women’s March; Kristen and Nikki salute…….each other; and we weigh in on a different type of friend transition in Friend Q&A!

Duration: 00:56:53