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Ep. 49: 2008 Games Tournament

Recent news of Burnout Paradise Remastered inspired Jeff, Kyle, and JD to rank then put their favorites in 2008 Video Games against each other, tournament style! OK, so we recorded before all that, but we still talk about some truly amazing titles from 10 years ago. What were your favorites then and now? Drop us a line! Twitter: @jeffwiddy Facebook: Letterboxd:


Review Ep. 1: Black Panther

There's this recent hit indie movie sweeping the nation called "Black Panther." Not sure if you've heard of it. Jeff, Kyle, and JD have. And they pretty much loved it. Come listen to 3 white dudes review Marvel's latest! Did it live up to the hype for you like it did for us? Twitter: @jeffwiddy Facebook: Letterboxd:


Ep. 48: Love Movies Tournament

For the faux-holiday that celebrates lovey-dovey crap via Hallmark cards, Jeff, Kyle, and JD decided to put together a tournament all about the best Movies About Love (TARS, it's Love!), and debate their kinda-drunk little romantic hearts out until one movie survives and is crowned the Champion of Love Movies! What are some of your favorites? Don't be afraid to get sappy. Twitter: @jeffwiddy Facebook: Letterboxd:


Ep. 47: 2008 Movies Tournament

Our tournament format has returned and is now enhanced for all to digest in higher quantity. Instead of making a topic spread across 2 episodes, we're doing 1 tournament per episode, listing our top 10s at the top of the episode and then pitting our choices against each other in a 16-seeded tourney bracket! This is great news...for those that like us! Anyway, the topic this week is 2008 Movies - the absolute best year for R-rated comedies in our opinion. Jeff, Kyle, and JD reveal their top...


Ep. 46: Top 10 1998 Songs

As some kind of mild middle-finger to the 2018 Grammys, Jeff, Kyle, and JD break down their individual Top 10 Songs from 1998, a year of better tunes! What was "happenin'" in 1998? Were you as big a fan of all the one-hit wonders from that year as we were? Twitter: @jeffwiddy Facebook: Letterboxd:


Ep. 45: Top 10 2017 Movies

Whoa! What a freaking year of great movies! Jeff, Kyle, and JD conclude their 2017 Year in Review series with their respective Top 10 Movies from last year in this episode. Things are done a little differently this time, even if it's kind of forced upon us. We also touch briefly on this year's Oscar nominees that were very recently announced. What are your favorite films from 2017? Any snubs from our list, or this year's Oscars? Twitter: @jeffwiddy Facebook:...


Ep. 44: Top 10 2017 Games

The Entertournament of Podcast trilogy of 2017 Top 10 episodes continues with part 2, which is ALL about the best games of last year! Jeff and Kyle have some choices that will be obvious and some that are sure to trigger audiences. What were some of your favorites in 2017 gaming?


Ep. 43: Top 10 2017 TV

Looking back, 2017 was an insane year for all mediums of entertainment. We start our retrospective with Jeff, Kyle, and JD revealing their individual Top 10 lists for 2017 TV Shows. What were some standouts to you last year?


Ep. 42: 2017 Box Office Tournament

In a unique take on our tournament format, Jeff, Kyle, and JD take the Top 16 Movies at the 2017 Domestic Box Office and put them in a tournament! This was recorded the week before New Year's weekend, so Last Jedi was not yet #1 overall but it was close! This creates some very unique, occasionally laughable match-ups. Check it out! Twitter: @jeffwiddy Facebook: Letterboxd:


Ep. 41: Top 10 Most Anticipated 2018 Movies

The look forward to 2018 commences with Jeff, Kyle, and JD each revealing their Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies coming next year! There are some serious heavy-hitting juggernauts coming. Unfortunately one of them is a Han Solo spin-off, but of course we'll still see it. What are you most stoked to see in theaters? Twitter: @jeffwiddy Facebook: Letterboxd:


Ep. 40: Top 10 Most Anticipated 2018 Games

The year-end discussions continue, with Jeff, Kyle, and JD each revealing their top 10 picks for Most Anticipated Games of 2018! There are a ton of titles to choose from, much like 2017. It's basically 2017 II: Attack of the Games. What are you most excited for? Twitter: @jeffwiddy Facebook: Letterboxd:


Ep. 39: Top 10 Most Anticipated 2018 TV

It's time for our inaugural year-end miniseries roundup, starting with the topic of Most Anticipated TV Series coming in 2018. Jeff, Kyle, and JD take turns sharing their top 10 selections in this area, with a focus on completely new or revived series...but we do throw some bones to returning series as well. After recording, we noticed we had some grave omissions, but it is what it is. What are some shows you absolutely cannot wait for next year? Twitter: @jeffwiddy Facebook:...


Ep. 38: Holiday Movies (Tournament Round)

After breaking off and doing the required homework to knowledgeably debate, Jeff, Kyle, and JD are back to decide what title deserves to be crowned the Champion of Holiday Movies! We're doing it tournament style, which could result in your favorite being eliminated early. Who knows what will happen? Except for sure, we bring up Justice League again. That's a guarantee. Twitter: @jeffwiddy Facebook: Letterboxd:


Ep. 37: Holiday Movies (Qualifying Round)

Jeff, Kyle, and JD are back talking movies again, this time with a Holiday theme! What are our personal favorite Christmas/Thanksgiving flicks? Each of us reveals our top 10 and yes, take a breath, Die Hard is discussed. Also, Jeff gives some thoughts on Justice League after seeing it in theaters, and boy oh boy, you couldn't hide a mustache with his feelings. Whatever that means. Anyway, enjoy! Comment your favorite holiday movies! Next week, we declare a Champion in Holiday Movies via...


Ep. 36: 2007 Video Games (Tournament Round)

The conversation about video games from 10 years ago continues, as Jeff, Kyle, and JD have now put their 16 favorites in a tournament bracket and verbally fight it out until only one 2007 video game survives! Will it be one of those reliable shooter franchise titles? A stealth-based alt-history game? A rhythm game that started a brief worldwide phenomenon? Only one way to find out. Next week, we start discussing Holiday Movies! Comment your thoughts on this episode and some of your...


Ep. 35: 2007 Video Games (Qualifying Round)

One of our rare gaming chats has returned! In this episode, ya boiz Jeff, Kyle, and JD reveal their separate top 10 video games from the year 2007 (sorry about ya boiz, BTW). So many now-famed franchises had their first entries. A couple already-famed franchises had their best entries. This will make for an interesting debate episode next week so stay tuned! In the meantime, what are some of your favorite games from 10 years ago? Twitter: @jeffwiddy Facebook:...


Ep. 34: Comic Book Superhero Movies (Tournament Round)

Our Comic Book Superhero Movie talk continues this week, as Jeff, Kyle, and JD debate their 16 favorite films of the genre until one comes out on top! The winner may...or may not be as obvious as you think! Only one way to find out. Grab yourself a listen and drop a comment of some of your favorite Comic Book Superhero movies! Twitter: @jeffwiddy Facebook: Letterboxd:


Ep. 33: Comic Book Superhero Movies (Qualifying Round)

Thor: Ragnarok and Justice League in the same month. We only had one choice as a topic: Comic Book Superhero Movies! Super original, right? That's our superpowers - overflowing with originality. Anyway, here, Jeff, Kyle, and JD divulge their top 10 favorites of the genre and will debate them tournament-style next week! What are some of your favorites? Any oversights on our end that are just plain unforgivable? Are you wearing hockey pads? Because Batman isn't. Twitter: @jeffwiddy Facebook:...


Ep. 32: Most Disturbing Movies (Tournament Round)

Our odd celebration of Halloween continues as we debate our 16 favorite Most Disturbing movies in tournament form until one comes out on top! Oh and we went long because we drank. Like, a lot. So enjoy this special drunkcast from Jeff, Kyle, and JD! Twitter: @jeffwiddy Facebook: Letterboxd:


Ep. 31: Most Disturbing Movies (Qualifying Round)

We celebrate the scariest season of the year a little differently than everyone else. Here at EoC Podcast, we prefer movies that unsettle us and stick with us than the predictable jump-scares, so in honor of Halloween, here's Jeff, Kyle, and JD presenting their individual top 10 most disturbing movies ever made! There will absolutely be omissions, because this is not a topic we often explore in our free time. Regardless, what are some of your...favorites, for lack of a better term? Return...


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