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"There and Back Again"—Tales from Two Tolkienites is a podcast series filled with discussions of all things Tokien-related, including the history and literature of Middle-Earth, Lord of the Rings Online, and Tolkien’s Arthurian works. We will also have mini lessons on medieval and Renaissance history, Arthurian legend, and for the die-hard Tolkienites, some lessons on how to speak Elvish. Find us at, or follow us at Share on Tumblr.




Episode 4 - Review of The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies

In this episode we review the new movie in The Hobbit Trilogy, The Battle of Five Armies with a special guest! Also included in this episode is the usual News, Sindarin lesson, and much more!

Episode 2 - Geography of the Realm of Middle Earth

This week's episode includes the latest news in the world of Tolkien, what happened this week in Middle Earth as well as in medieval history, awesome websites to check out, another song from Lord of The Rings the Musical, and for our Main Feature; we give an in depth explanation of the geography of the Realm of Middle Earth. If you have ever been confused as to where exactly everything in Middle Earth is located in relation to the stories, or you just want to learn more about the layout,...

Duration: 20:54:51

Episode 1 - Intros and Characters

Its our first Episode! This time our main features is an in depth discussion on some of Tolkien's most famous characters and what they have taught us in our daily lives. We also have several bits of news and a song from Lord of The Rings the Musical! Speak "Friend" and Enter!

Duration: 16:13:03