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TUSS Ep. 60 Nuts, Bolts & Everything Else

Professor Pringle visits an old fashioned hardware store and learns about nuts, bolts, tools, glue, gas chambers, electric chairs and gallows.

Duration: 00:37:28

TUSS Ep. 59 Conspiracy of Truth

Professor Pringle learns the secrets of the Illuminati, why certain aliens are seemingly preoccupied with the digestive system, and the many uses of aluminum foil to ward off unwelcome surveillance, when he speaks with a man who exposes the truth behind the many conspiracies that make up our world.

Duration: 00:37:07

TUSS Ep. 58 A Wandering Eye

In this week's interview a traveler who wanders the globe in search of memorable experiences regales Professor Pringle with stories of exotic locales, unknowing hosts and explosive diarrhea.

Duration: 00:37:50

TUSS Ep. 57 Cereal Podcast

Professor Pringle learns about the wonders of extruded rice millet and non-nutritive fiber, when he interviews the owner of a company that makes breakfast cereal.

Duration: 00:40:23

TUSS Ep. 56 Stage Fright

Professor Pringle narrowly escapes being splashed with blood, burned alive and getting shot during a home invasion, when he visits with the director of an experimental theater company.

Duration: 00:38:31

TUSS Ep. 55 Dangerous Waters

Professor Pringle encounters and extremely lazy river, a town flattening wave pool, and a nasty rash, when he interviews the owner of a homemade water park.

Duration: 00:38:30

TUSS Ep. 54 A Unique Brew

Professor Pringle discovers the unique flavors of craft brewed beers, as well as the appalling names for the brews when he interviews the maker of artisan brewed beers.

Duration: 00:18:14

TUSS Ep. 53 Puzzled

Slit wrists, ripped nails and emergency tracheostomies as Professor Pringle discovers the surprisingly violent world of professional jigsaw puzzling.

Duration: 00:38:44

TUSS Ep. 53 Ups And Downs

An elevator repairman assures Professor Pringle that it is almost impossible to suffocate in a stalled elevator, that they almost never plunge uncontrollably to the basement of a building, and explains that pretty much all safety features are useless.

Duration: 00:41:00

TUSS Ep. 52 Cave Lettuce And Beef Massage

A gourmet grocer explains to Professor Pringle why the best lettuce is grown in caves and harvested by blind people, as well as the benefits of strapping down hogs and massaging cows.

Duration: 00:37:00

TUSS Ep. 51 Going Back

Professor Pringle learns why almost everyone who believes in reincarnation thinks they were someone famous in a prior life, when he interviews a hypnotist who puts people under to show them their past lives.

Duration: 00:39:34

TUSS Ep. 50 Candy Man

Professor Pringle discovers the delights and dangers of coating almost anything with chocolate, when he interviews the owner of a candy factory.

Duration: 00:35:47

TUSS Ep. 49 Kaboom

A fireworks manufacturer shows Professor Pringle how to celebrate an old fashioned 4th of July with streaming rockets, exploding cats, flaming trees and surprisingly brisk sales of "Death To America" set displays.

Duration: 00:36:12

TUSS Ep. 48 Crystal Clear

Professor Pringle journeys to Colorado to speak with a man in a constant orgasmic state as he unlocks the force of crystals at a Power Spot that is the apex of gravitational energy and conveniently freeway close.

Duration: 00:40:29

TUSS Ep. 47 Small Game

Professor Pringle discovers that rodent skins make fine coasters, any home can be a hunting ground, and scrotal protection is essential, when he stalks mice with a hunter specializing in small game.

Duration: 00:38:50

TUSS Ep. 46 Wood Pulp And Old Skin

To his dismay, Professor Pringle learns that the flesh of freshly flayed lambs makes the best writing surface, and that a note on human skin is a mark of distinction, when he interviews a maker of custom stationery.

Duration: 00:40:34

TUSS Ep. 45 Prey For You

Professor Pringle learns what it is like to be hunted as the most dangerous game, when he interviews a man who lets people hunt him for sport.

Duration: 00:38:45

TUSS Ep. 44 Bugged Out

An exterminator unsettles Professor Pringle when he explains the joys of wiping out insects and other vermin, as well as the interesting things people keep in their nightstand drawers.

Duration: 00:37:02

TUSS Ep. 43 Whittle Me This

In this week's interview a professional whittler shows Professor Pringle the many interesting things, including various body parts, that can be made simply by scraping away at a bit of wood -- or bone -- or tooth --or almost anything.

Duration: 00:37:38

TUSS Ep. 42 The Choosing One

Professor Pringle learns that mental illness can be a springboard for success, and that unnatural excitement about appliances may be the key to a fortune, when he interviews a man who selects contestants for game shows and reality programs.

Duration: 00:40:47

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