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Sex, Drugs & Travel Stories

If you’ve never listened to Things We’re Too Lazy To Blog About before, don’t start here-- or maybe start here. This episode was recorded at Ali’s birthday BBQ, which was completely crazy and not at all like our other podcasts. Ali and Amanda, as well as a few friends, spill all in this sex, drugs and travel themed episode. Ali was kicked off a military base and Amanda was basically held hostage on a Hampton Jitney. We also talk about nearly dying on spring break (from both illness and...


Investing In Your Wardrobe & Yourself

This episode is all about fashion and how to build a wardrobe that makes you look & feel your best. Ali and Amanda open the show answering a question from a Blogette about lipstick vs lipgloss. Then we get serious about fashion and what the building blocks of a good wardrobe are. Ali gives her perspective as a stylist and Amanda shares her opinion as a fashion blogger. If you’ve ever asked yourself “Should I buy this?”— we will teach you to stop second guessing yourself. We also talk...


Semi-Secret Bonus Mini Episode

IT’S A BONUS MINI-EPISODE! We love you Blogettes so much, we wanted to give you a quick update about our lives and the show. Here are the links we talked about- Get styled by Ali See how Amanda attempted to organize her sad closet Consider this your invitation to join our closed Facebook Group Want to collab? Write us love letters? Please email Like us on Facebook because we really want to be liked. Don’t forget, you can EARN EXTRA KARMA POINTS...