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Podcast features various authors, writers, artists, activists and others of various faith traditions who see faith as valid and hope reasonable as they seek to promote social justice, compassion and extend grace.

Podcast features various authors, writers, artists, activists and others of various faith traditions who see faith as valid and hope reasonable as they seek to promote social justice, compassion and extend grace.
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Podcast features various authors, writers, artists, activists and others of various faith traditions who see faith as valid and hope reasonable as they seek to promote social justice, compassion and extend grace.






Andrew Morgan is a Filmmaker with a Purpose

Andrew Morgan makes films that matter. Morgan’s “The True Cost” tells the story of why the fashion industry is problematic for almost everyone involved. His latest, “The Hertric,” follows Rob Bell in his quest to tell the world: Love Wins.


Diana Butler Bass is grateful, and her new book explains why - Encore Presentation

Diana Butler Bass is the author of 10 books, includint “Grateful,” due out April 3. She is a highly sought-after speaker, and one of Ameria’s top scholars on religion and culture. She is also articulate and engaging concerning her own spiritual and political journey, and a very good guest. It’s worth your time to find out more about her and her books, and the best plact to do that is here: We talked a llittle about her upcoming book “Grateful” during the podcact...


Jay Bakker Knows Evangelicalism is Nonsense, but Still Finds Hope in Faith (Encore)

Jay Bakker has had a front row seat to the excesses of evagelicalism for four decades, and has taken an exit to a new kind of faith. His books and weekly sermons are imporant and deserve a broader audience. Jay is also a great guy with a big heart and tender sould. He also celebrated his first Christmas with his six-month-old daughter Amelia Faye Bakker last week.


Steve Brown is an old guy, who believes there is no hook in grace. I love this guy. (Encore)

Dr. Steve Brown really does not care what you think. He is not your mother, your guru or the Holy Spirit. But if you are wise, you will pay attention to this man and what he says. Seriously, if for no other reason than he is the Johnny Appleseed of grace. The founder of the Keylife Network (, says he’s no guru, but he has been something of a guru to me. Steve is the Johnny Appleseed of grace, since he was writing, taking and preaching about grace, real grace, the kind without...


Pamela Hawkins Believes in Advent. And prayer. And social justice in the church.

Pamela Hawkins has written more acclaimed books on the Advent season, which starts next week, than anyone in recent history. She is also a retired pastor who works with immigrants and believes there’s hope in the world adn that prayer is important. Prepare for Advent but listening to her and checking out her book.


Encore: Brian McLaren is Pioneering a New Kind of Christianity

Brian McLaren joins the Thinking God podcast this week to discuss, among other things, his new book “The Great Spiritual Migration: How the World’s Largest Religion is Seeking a Better Way to Be Christian.” McClaren brings a scholarly pastor’s heart to the conversation. Brian is one of the pioneers of progressive Christianity. His book, “A Generous Orthodoxy,” is one of the most influential works of the past several decades. He was a voice in the wilderness for a faith that included a...


Encore: A Champion for “the Bible for Normal People” (anniversary edition)

Pete Enns was the first guest on the Thinking God Podcast in the fall of last year and this episode in an encore presentation of our discussion. Author, scholar, professor and all-around nice guy Peter Enns joins me for the first episode of Thinking God. Pete has his own podcast now as well, and I highly recommend it. Find out more and buy his books at


A Wild Goose Chase with Vanna Fox, Who Is No Stranger to the Unexpected Nature of Faith and Reconciliation

Vanna Fox was on her way to the mission field (as a music missionary, no less!), when her path shifted and landed her for the next 17 years on drive time radio in North Carolina. But when she heard the call of the Wild Goose, she left the airwaves to surf the spirit waves of the nation’s largest progressive Christian Festival. She likes to laugh, and has a great story. Stay tuned to the end of the bumper music on this podcast for a very special Wild Goose message.


Radical, Journalist and Jew Living in Evangelicalworld, Finds God in the Funniest Places, and in a Few Not So Funny

Mark Pinsky is a newspaperman, author, lecturer and insightful man. Did I mention he was a newspaperman? I mean it in the old-school, highest-compliment sense of the word. Pinsky has a drive an desire to find good stories, but to make sure they are written and researched in a manner rare these days, and present them in compelling ways. His books include: “The Gosple According to the Simpsons,” “A Jew Among the Evangelicals,” “The Gosple According to Disney,” ”Unfinished Business: The...


Alan Bean a real friend to those battered by the “justice” system

Alan Bean is not the astronaut, and it’s a good thing because his calling is much higher tha flying in a spaceship. Bean is executive director of Friends for Justice, an organization that ”creates a powerful synergy between grassroots organizing, civil rights advocacy, the legal community, the mass media and ultimately the political establishment.” As minorities and other disadvantaged Americans find it more and more difficult to get a fair shake in the courts, Bean and his group come...


Greg Boyd want you to renew your mind by rethinking everything you thought you knew.

He’s a pastor, speaker, scholar and an author whose path to seeking God has been a winding one. He has been called a Christian anarchist, and over the years worked his way through almost every Christian tradition. He is also a drummer who is redefining trancendence and who has a lot to say that people need to hear. Or maybe it’s just me that need to hear his message, though I doubt it. Check out his website at or his podcast. You’ll be glad you did.


Jennifer Knapp On The Record About Hope and Faith

Jennifer Knapp is a singer/songwriter, author and seminary student who takes her faith very seriously. She is also a great interview. Read more about her and her work at


Dan Allender believes understanding your story is at the core of understanding faith.

Dr. Dan Allender is one of the keenest voices of the past 25 years on finding healing from sexual abuse. He also believes that to engage the life of God, you have to be engaged with the people around you, your own life, and the live of Jesus (and the scriptures) to find the meaning in the story of our lives.


Shane Claiborne continues to choose Jesus because he’s good. lovely and the embodiment of God.

Shane Claiborne is a Red Letter Christian and a founding partner of The Simple Way community, a radical faith community that lives among and serves the homeless in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia. He is the co-author of Jesus for President. His new book, is Executing Grace: Why It is Time to Put the Death Penalty [...]


Thinking God: Tony Campolo is not a modern evangelical (or heretic)

Tony Campolo, who has spent years reminding people the Kingdom of God is a Party and that Jesus invited us to join Him in his work, says he’s not evangelical by modern standards, even though he is totally down with the Apostle’s Creed. He also is the only living American to face a trial for heresy.