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Fortaleza, Brazil


Similar to NPR’s "This American Life", the This Brazilian Life team and our fellow UFC classmates will be sharing personal narratives related to a variety of topics about Brazilian life.




Episode 5: Dating and Relationships

After Dia dos Namorados on June 12th, we decided to have an episode on dating and relationships! This week, we’ll hear from four students about dating and relationships, everything from the ceremony of “pedir em namoro” to what it’s like to be in a relationship. Questions or comments? Feel free to comment here and don’t … Continue reading Episode 5: Dating and Relationships

Episode 4: Social Disparities at Universities in Brazil

This week, we’ll be hearing from Pedro Ítalo (Engineering, UFC), Rubia (Architecture, UNIFOR/Technical Construction, IFCE), Mauro (Law, UFC/Portuguese and English, UFC), and Douglas (History, UFC). These four students offer a unique look at social class disparities at universities through comparisons of different majors and comparisons of public and private institutions. One thing you’ll notice about … Continue reading Episode 4: Social Disparities at Universities in Brazil

Episode 3: Free Time and Nightlife

Students here at UFC often have pretty busy schedules. Along with being full-time university students, many also work one or more jobs! But, they still have time to enjoy all of the great things the city of Fortaleza has to offer. Whether it’s sports, going out on weekends, hanging out with friends and family, or … Continue reading Episode 3: Free Time and Nightlife

Episode 2: University Life

This week, we hear reflections from four students about university life in Brazil. The students speaking today study at UFC, UECE (the State University of Ceará), IFCE (the Federal Institute of Ceará), and UNIFOR (the University of Fortaleza). Take a listen and let us know what you think! We’d love to hear feedback from you, so … Continue reading Episode 2: University Life

Episode 1: What Being Brazilian Means to Me

“For someone on the outside, it may look easy. You know, samba, beaches, fit people dancing samba on beaches… that kind of stuff. But Brazil is way more multifaceted than that.” -Italo André (Letras Português/Alemão, UFC) “I come up with two conclusions. The first one is that we have real problems to solve. The second … Continue reading Episode 1: What Being Brazilian Means to Me