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This is a new podcast from D.Williams. Who's D Williams? He's just starting out in the stand up comedy world and also does a podcast documenting and reviewing all of his open mics for your listening entertainment! What's a podcast? Oh boy.








65: Cheya Cary & Clare Dickerson

Hey guys! Thanks for tuning in to this week's episode with very special guests, Cheya Cary and Clare Dickerson. They're a huge comedic power couple who run in and around the LA scene. On this hilarious ep. we talk all about how they met, their first time on stage, what podcasts they do (Hey Whoopie Cat!, Trent Talk, Real Eyes Realize Real Lies, Besties, High Crimes, and I Don't Even Know). We play some improv games, I compliment them on their impression skills, and so much more! Follow them...

Duration: 01:52:36

64: Chuck Herman

Hey guys! Thanks for tuning in to this week's episode with fellow open mic comedian, bass, player, and all around good guy, Chuck Herman. On this ep. we talk about comedy of course, how he used to be fat, his many experiences with psychedelics, how the Eagles took it to the limit one more time, his band The Midnight Screening, and if Cosby really did IT. This is a jammed packed episode so check it out! Follow Chuck Herman on social media. Check out his band too, The Midnight...

Duration: 01:30:20

63: Kelly McConville

Hey guys! Thanks for tuning in to this week's episode with special guest, Kelly McConville! On this awesome episode we talk about her hometown of Bethesda Maryland, how we both broke up with our recent ex's, our first comedy bits, we make up some new words, I try and find a new stage name for Kelly, we play a round of Questions 4 D, and we get a little weird after getting in the right "head space". SUBSCRIBE AND RATE WHERE EVER YOU GET PODCASTS! FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA @ThisComicsLife ...

Duration: 01:13:35

62: Tony Bartolone

Hey guys! Thanks for tuning in to this week's episode with special guest, Tony Bartolone On thus jammed packed episode we talk about the struggles of stand up, his multiple appearances on Roast Battle, his father passing away, what movies he loves, and wee make up another great professional wrestler named Incognito Burrito! Thanks again for downloading the podcast. SUBSCRIBE and RATE on your podcast app and follow me @ThisComicsLife on Facebook and instagram @TheDstories on...

Duration: 02:03:28

61: April Lotshaw Returns

Hey guys! Sorry for the delay with this week's episode but it was so jammed packed with hilarity that I didn't want to leave anything on the cutting room floor. Especially since I'd have to clean it up. Anyway this episode has returning guest April Lotshaw! We of course talk about how comedy is going, we make up a few sketches involving my family, I bust out another stellar celebrity interview from Taylor Swift or as I like to call her, Miss Taylor Swift. I don't know her personally. Well...

Duration: 01:49:15

60: Nick Merritt Returns

Hey guys! Thanks for tuning in to this week's episode of This Comic's Life w/ me, Daryl Williams. This week I talk to fellow open mic comedian, and returning guest, Nick Merritt! We talk about his next live show he's hosting Vol. 666 @ The OC STEEL HOUSE 8pm July 16th. With special guest Hybrid Bromance! We also talk about comedy, we make up a movie starring Amy Schumer, and so much more! Please subscribe on the podcast machines and RATE if you found this show mildly amusing. Follow me...

Duration: 01:32:32

59: Renee Moseley

Hey guys! Thank you for tuning in to this week's episode. On this very special episode, I sit down with my womb-mate and twin sister, Renee Moseley! We talk about our early years living together, family, how my nephew poops his pants on purpose, Bill Cosby, The Million Man March, the women's movement, what makes her laugh, and so much more! Please RATE & SUBSCRIBE if you found this episode even mildly amusing. Check me out LIVE July 16th 8pm @ THE OC STEEL HOUSE w/ special guest Hybrid...

Duration: 01:18:00

58: Jason Rodriguez

Hey guys! Thanks for tuning in to this week's episode. On this hilarious episode, I talk to fellow open mic comedian, Jason Rodriguez We talk about topics that include, his favorite racial slur, his first joke he told on stage, being the "funny" guy at work, and his favorite/worst childhood memories. We also bust out another great installment of Celebrity Interviews involving a famous Latin Lover. Thank you for downloading/listening/sharing/SUBSCRIBING! Follow the show on social media...

Duration: 01:39:40

56: Kenny Weber

Hey guys! Thanks for tuning in to this week's episode, number 56! On this ep. I have up and coming open mic comedian, Kenny Weber! We talk about all sort of things like, how to be unique with celebrity impressions, if we would want a catchphrase, the unspoken rules of rape jokes, what types of racial impressions are cool and not cool, if we should change our stage names, what race says the N-word more, and we make up a not so subtle religious movie starring Ariana Grande! This ep is...

Duration: 01:42:58

55: Crystal Ibarra

Hey guys! Thanks for tuning in to this week's episode with fellow open mic comedian, Crystal Ibarra. I head over to her house for a casual sit down and chat about a bunch of hilarious topics including, her Mexican heritage, her first joke coming out of the womb, Trump building a wall, her father doing every drug in the world, and so much more you'll just have to listen to the whole thing. PLEASE RATE & SUBSCRIBE WHERE EVER YOU GET PODCASTS! FOLLOW ME @THISCOMICSLIFE &...

Duration: 00:47:52

54: Robert Zoref

Hello guys and gals! Thanks for tuning in to this week's episode with fellow Long Beach comedian, Robert Zoref (@RobertZoref) We talk about the highs and lows of open mic comedy, the day he met Todd Barry and Joe Rogan, playing bass in a Misfits cover band, a movie starring Shia Labouf and Joseph Gorden Levitt, performing in front of 500 people, and I rip off another celebrity interview from a Sept 2016 interview with Gene Simmons. PLEASE RATE AND SUBSCRIBE WHERE EVER YOU GET...

Duration: 01:28:35

53: First Anniversary LIVE SHOW!

Hey guys! Big thanks goes out to everyone who made this episode possible! This 1 year anniversary LIVE SHOW SPECTACULAR BANANZA would've never happened without some very cool and generous people! This show is packed full of laughs from some of my favorite people in the OC comedy scene. Featuring: Randall "Rude Morales (@rudeawakeningmoments) Seth Woodward (@woodward.seth) Anthony Mojica (@tonercharmer) Marty Wurst (@thewurstpictures) Tony Alfano (@adolf_shitler) April Lotshaw...

Duration: 02:00:52

52: Nate Hedrick

Hey guys! Thanks for checking out this week's episode with fellow open mic comedian, friend, and lover? NO! It's Nate Hedrick! On this episode we talk about our first time we took psychedelics, the time Nick got in a fight, Nick's stint in the Boy Scouts, and of course the open mic comedy scene! If you enjoyed any part of this show please RATE AND SUBSCRIBE! Check out Nate Hedrick on social media @HendrickthePodcast Follow the show @ThisComicsLife and @TheDstories Email the show...

Duration: 01:21:07

51: April Lotshaw

Hey guys! Sorry for the delay in content last week but it's been super busy over here at TCL-HQ. But don't worry, this week's episode is worth the wait. This week I interview stand up comedian, April Lotshaw! We discuss (of course) stand up comedy, her love life, how awesome her brother Dr. Phil (Lotshaw) is, her most recent Roast Battle, and so much more! RATE AND SUBSCRIBE PLEASE! Follow April on social media, but don't be surprised if she doesn't post anything. Follow the show on...

Duration: 01:39:12

50: Strip Clubs & Open Mics

Hey guys! Thanks for tuning in to this week's episode! It's another solo episode this week where I review another "great" open mic set. Not only that, I talk about some movies out right now and I also talk about my recent trip to a strip club. This week's premises are about weird human instincts, gay vs. super gay, and the absurdity of military time. Thanks again for listening folks, and don't forget to tell a million people that you love the show. Follow the show @ThisComicsLife on...

Duration: 00:37:09

49: Johnnie Flowers

Hey guys! Thanks for downloading this week's episode. On ep. 49 I bring you a comic that has been in the game longer than I've been alive (almost). Comedian, Johnnie Flowers! We talk about how he got into comedy, how we first met, what it's like to start your own LIVE comedy show, and so much more. This week's episode also was recorded at a Starbucks so I apologize if you hear some douche order a Carmel Machiatto Soy Latte w/ Angelina Jolie's breast milk on the side. Follow Johnnie...

Duration: 01:12:06

48: Amber Scalzo

Hey guys! Thank you for tuning in to this week's episode! On ep. 48 I talk to barber and stand up comedian, Amber Scalzo! We talk about her origin story with comedy, romantic comedies she hasn't seen, her dating life, and her love for John Waters! Check out Amber on social media and LIVE April 9th at the OC Steel House in Anaheim, CA. Please RATE AND SUBSCRIBE where ever you get podcasts! Follow the show on Facebook & Instagram @ThisComicsLife Tweet me @TheDstories Email the show-...

Duration: 01:13:38

47: Ryan Schooley

Hey guys! This is D. Williams with This Comic's Life, and on this exciting episode, episode 47! I'm going to be chatting with stand up comedian, Ryan Schooley! We talk about the struggles and triumphs with the open mic comedy, his love for hip hop, what stand up specials he's loved this year, and we play a new "game" called Questions about D! Follow Ryan Schooley on social media and don't forget to RATE AND SUBSCRIBE where ever you get podcasts! Follow me on Instagram and Facebook...

Duration: 01:25:43

46: Brandon "Doon" Sandors

Hey guys! Thanks for tuning in to this week's episode. On episode 46 I interview fellow open mic comedian, Brandon "Doon" Sandors. We talk about how he started comedy, what's the deal with gender roles, are we allowed to have opinions being straight white males, we make up a WWE character named Mystyy Streamz and so much more! Follow Doon on social media and check him out on The Good Word w/ Seth Woodward podcast! See him at The Anchor Bar in Costa Mesa, CA every Monday! Follow me on...

Duration: 01:34:21

45: Emily Champlin

Hey guys thanks for tuning in to this week's episode! This week I have the amazing open mic comic, Emily Champlin LIVE in studio! Live being live at the time and in studio being her apartment. We talk about obviously her first time on stage, her time in the Police Academy, he love for Bing Crosby and so much more! Check her out around OC and LA and follow her on social media! Follow on Facebook and Instagram @ThisComicsLife Tweet me @TheDstories Email the show @...

Duration: 01:36:20

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