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This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper

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Episode 31: Tracy Nguyen (2017/05/25)

Despite the outdoor speaker not working, this week comedian Tracy Nguyen comes into the studio. Tracy talks about being born in Vietnam and living in an refugee camp. Tracy says she won't let her boyfriend go to Burning Man. David's girlfriend calls and says she hates David's haircut and talks about Real Housewives with Tracy. Chilla, a confusing man from West Africa asks about how to get booked on the radio show. David and Tracy call someone they both know to discover the most stunning...

Duration: 01:43:27

Episode 30: Jonathan Ortiz (2017/05/18)

A blast from David's standup past, comedian Jonathan Ortiz comes by this week. Several of Jonathan's family members call in. David forces Jonathan and his religious cousin to look at their belief in god. Jonathan takes his shirt off. Guns come up in a threatening way. That went well, I think. We wish Mr. Ortiz a great move to New York City.

Duration: 01:56:32

Episode 29: Michael Brandon (2017/05/11)

This week comedian Michael Brandon joins us. He and David get into a heated debate over whether polyamory and open relationships work. That went well, I think. Michael asks a caller with a dog, "Who rescued who?"

Duration: 01:54:04

Episode 28: Florentina Tanase (2017/05/04)

Romanian comedian Florentina Tanase comes by the studio this week. She discusses her husband, a "wayward" Slovakian man, and doing standup while married. David’s brother asks whether the show has been cancelled yet. A valid question. That went well, I think. David’s voices concerns that his therapist is seeing a patient that looks like him. The only fan of the show, Vic calls. David's girlfriend calls and the hashtag #FreeCeleste is born.

Duration: 02:20:27

Episode 27: Katy Karns (2017/04/27)

We are joined by comedian Katy Karns this week. She discusses living on a bus. David's brother calls in and things get confrontational, but Katy asserts David has a supportive family. That went well, I think. Katy refuses to tell us her boyfriend's name. Katy attempts a hand at psychotherapy. The owner of the Suzuki SV650S rings while waiting for Mohammed.

Duration: 01:37:02

Episode 26: Clara Cooper & Sean Kennedy (2017/04/20)

This week David's mother Clara Cooper joins us along with an advocate for necrophiliacs, Sean Kennedy. An odd mix of people at best. The date is April 20. Hitler's birthday. Sean helps Clara get off the hook from some difficult questions. David's brother calls in. David's mother worries the episode wasn't as funny as it could be. That went well, I think.

Duration: 02:40:23

Episode 25: Ian Levy (2017/04/13)

This week comedian Ian Levy joins us. David's ex-wife and brother call in to antagonize him. Ian's charming cackles ease tension about growing up homeschooled. Ian admits to borrowing a creative concept from David at a roast show. God and atheism are yet again discussed. The phrase "ethno-racial politics" is uttered. David calls Ian an anti-Semite over bagels. David's girlfriend calls in and we get follow up last week's double pizza date with Dale and Celeste. The broadcast dies and the...

Duration: 02:31:18

Episode 24: Celeste & Dale (2017/04/06)

Tonight, a window into the lives of the callers of the show, we invite teenage couple Celeste and Dale from Modesto to join us. Guns, libertarianism, and fiat currency discussed. We call the porn-star ex-girlfriend of Dale. That went well, I think. We also call the Jewish exboyfriend of Celeste. It gets weird. The studio is crowded with fans and David loses it. We find out David is a pee dribbler. Catch the kids on twitter!

Duration: 02:25:44

Episode 22: Drew Ritter & Kristine Holst (2017/03/16)

This week brings David’s coworkers, Palestinian-Honduran-American Kristine Holst together with long time listener, long time caller, first time guest Drew Ritter. Being in the studio is the second most exciting Kristine's done. "Our topic tonight: Religion." The three discuss Judaism, Catholicism, Atheism, and hell. David tells us how sharing pictures of his anus almost cost him a friend. The three talk parasites and relate with their IBS, anxiety, hypochondria. Celeste calls in for the...

Duration: 02:07:17

Episode 17: Cole Chapman (2017/02/02)

This week Cole Chapman joins us to promotionally plug Category Five Sluricane E-40 Hurricane, the world's worst alcoholic beverage. David's ex-wife calls to let us know about her new love interest, who went to high school and summer camp with David. Her question for the show is: how long do you wait before you tell someone you were married to David Cooper and is that a deal-breaker? David's friend Jordan calls high as a kite and inception happens when a previous episode is played over the...

Duration: 01:35:18

Episode 16: Annette Mullaney (2017/01/25)

Tonight Annette Mullaney of podcast Ask a Divorcée joins us. At the top, David's childhood friend Jordan calls in and tells us about his new love interest. Jordan speaks to the ongoing plot arc of David's mother's childhood toplessness. Age of consent laws in Canada vs. the US and their various loopholes are debated. Annette tells of us of her new romance and his symmetrical, perfect penis. By collecting pellets, Annette and her man believe life and death are the same which is confusing. A...

Duration: 01:27:20

Episode 15: Ray Connolly, pt. 2 (2017/01/19)

Ray Connolly has been sober for 19 days. What else can be said of the worst episode of the worst radio show broadcast to date? Not a whole lot. Vic called. Listen for yourself. Or don't. That did not go well, I think. The Suzuki SV650S has a problem with its vehicle identification number.

Duration: 01:20:32

Episode 13: Jon Cooper (Canadian Special) (2017/01/05)

A special episode broadcast from an ad-hoc home studio in Toronto. This week, David's brother Jon joins us. At the top, Jon discusses his view of David's childhood woes and verifies claims about their mother's nudist tendencies. After an initial brawl about a guitar theft and Jon's relationship with a friendly neighbourhood pedophile, a friend calls in saying David and Jon are Jewish narcissists. There's a trumpet, there's Tequila! Jon and their brother Dan gang up on David about his...

Duration: 01:30:33

Episode 12: Dan Linley & Vic Dence (Christmas Special) (2016/12/24)

It's Christmas live from a crappy hotel or a decent motel with David finding himself in North County, San Diego for a bizarre impromptu episode. Joining him are childhood friends Dan Linley and Vic Dence. A caller to many but never an in-person guest, it's Vic's first time on a podcast, nay radio show in the flesh. It's a surreal experience for him. Dan refuses to cooperate and plays video games the whole time wearing disgusting socks. Dan's podcast co-host Doug from Fish Burp who's been...

Duration: 01:13:07

Episode 10: Dan Linley, pt. 2 (2016/12/14)

Dan Linley joins us for his second time in the studio and spends the night bickering with David -- his gruff Irish charisma no match for David's manic apathy. Our friend with the Suzuki SV650S ponders what he'll do with the money from selling the... Oh. Yeah. Fecalphobic podcast-calling legend Vic rings in to the live radio show. It's not a podcast. A Latvian or Lithuanian or Latino man grooves to a funky beat. A man with a trumpet takes us on a space wars odyssey. Vic and Dan offer a...

Duration: 01:35:46

Episode 8: David Klein (2016/12/01)

Our guest David Klein "is worth asking questions of since he's a nice, interesting person who has lived many lives" according to David Cooper's ex-wife. Jews David and David reminisce about their stomach problems. Cooper's ex-wife pauses watching Westworld to call in and critique the show. Cooper assures us and his mother -- if she's listening -- that he's really getting things together. This might actually be going well, I think. Klein has strong opinions on sex with robots. We carefully...

Duration: 01:42:52

Episode 7: Allison Hooker (2016/11/23)

Choker necklaces are back in! Distractible and wine drunk comedians Allison Hooker and David sit down for a confusing evening together. The Jewess from last week calls in and updates us, but her future with face-blind David seems precarious. David has a special coming out announcement and it's hard on his brother who calls in taking issue. Allison's friend Phoebe join us in studio to talk about ketamine. Brazil is discussed. Allison's boyfriend "Young Muscles" has his gentiles discussed,...

Duration: 01:34:21

Episode 5: David Roth & Krista Fatka (2016/11/15)

What's better than David not listening to one comedian? Not listening to two. Comedy partners David Roth and Krista Fatka of Destiny's Mom strap on for the confusion. ("That's slash Destiny's Mom Comedy. That's Destiny with a 'ys', not 'ies'.") An older, less jaded David Roth confronts what might have been if he were Canadian and unlikeable. Stress diarrhea and zinc oxide cream are discussed. Tone deaf, your host monologues about his problems and reverse gender violence....

Duration: 01:21:20

Episode 4: Ginny Hogan (2016/11/03)

David wonders why comedically talented and charming Ginny Hogan is willing to do the show. An obvious answer emerges: unfettered Judeophelia. Her recent experience hallucinating on sleeping pills sparks talking shop about medication. Comedian Jeff Dean rings but ends the call with better things to do. The show suffers from caller overload. The keen listener may note the show continues to generally just suffer. This is going well, I think. A woman calls insisting she's slept with David...

Duration: 01:41:51

Episode 3: Erika Kettleson (2016/10/27)

The show turns into a reverse suicide hotline, callers seem concerned David doesn't kill himself. Guest Erika Kettleson joins along for the ride of support. Her boyfriend calls. Prior guest Ray Connolly relays that his mom is worried. David's brother and his entourage call repeatedly. David's ex-wife begs for the show to have questions or a format or anything. That went well, I think? There's talk of sh*t. There's a penny story. We're left wondering that if people think you have worth, can...

Duration: 01:33:34

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