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The Laptop Has Been Replaced But Our SiLLY Hasn’t

No more hardware issues…but no STLFC news either. Luckily, the rest of the league, USSF, NASL, and the courts have been busy so we’ve got plenty to talk about. It seems like every week there’s more news about the NASL’s slow demise, new teams coming into USL, and just who will be the next USSF […]

Duration: 01:03:33

The Season is Over, But the Off Season Is Kicking Off

No changes at STLFC yet, but plenty going around the league. The D2/D3 story heats up, MLS 2 teams reported to be folding, and US soccer is a giant mess of epic proportions. We rapid fire down the line of news, so stop reading and get to listening!

Duration: 01:36:33

The New Norm is Expected Disappointment

…so we’re not going to talk about the results saturday on the field. Especially since Matthew Bird is not here tonight. We will talk about how great the Charity Du Jour has done, the potential moves in the offseason, and we discuss your 140 character statements after the last home game this season. We promise […]

Duration: 01:00:19

Mathematically Eliminated, The Hope Killed Us.

We took a week off because we were so pissed at the results against Cincy. It didn’t get any better against Harrisburg. With two games to go, the season is over…so we start looking at what will happen during the offseason. This will be a recurring theme over the next few months. The primary question: […]

Duration: 01:24:29

When We Win, Does NASL Lose?

That’s silly. The two are not related at all. But they are topics this week. We discuss the game against Orlando City B, the workman-like efforts, and the rise of Ryan Howe as a prominent force on the squad. It’s all for naught if we don’t turn it around this weekend against Cincy. We HAVE […]

Duration: 01:49:08

Disappoint. Vent. Repeat.

Mitch and Brad fly without Matthew Bird on this episode, as Matt’s back in Jolly Old England. Where he made the mistake of staying up to watch saturday’s game until 4am his time. While we’d like to say the topics and questions are new and exciting, let’s be honest: it’s been the same podcast after […]

Duration: 01:04:35

We’ve Got a Live Show From the Social With the Players

With the clock running down on a playoff push, the players know that every game matters. And when you listen to our guests, they reinforce that a supportive crowd makes all the difference to the players. Guests? We have guests! Captain Ivan Mirkovic, Dragan Stojkov, Milan Petosevic (well, he was there but wouldn’t talk on […]

Duration: 01:14:03

That’s the Way She Goes, Boys.

You can play your heart out, but being a man down, it’s a hard mountain to climb. We recorded this podcast immediately after the game; I don’t know if that was the best idea, but it sure was cathartic for us. Every game gets to be a must win at this point, and dropping points […]

Duration: 00:54:51

A Rollercoaster Victory Doesn’t Mean It’s Back On

Every game is three points that we need. Can we get it going? Next game is a major decider if we’re players or pretenders. We talk about how unsettling the game was Sunday: Winning, then losing, then coming back…how it felt all too familiar but was an unexpected ending. This game was an encapsulation of […]

Duration: 01:16:22

Your WPSL 2017 Champions! Fire and Ice SC Is here!

We are joined by Lindsay Kennedy Eversmeyer and Kailey Utley from the Fire and Ice. Lindsay’s been a long time friend of the Louligans, and she led her team to the Championship! She brought superstar striker Kailey with her…scoring in EVERY SINGLE regular season game gets you the superstar tag. We talk about the path […]

Duration: 01:17:16

It’s Not Back On, But a Win is a Win

Was a good workhorse win Saturday night. We talk about how this was a game we SHOULD have won, and now we need to go compete against teams we SHOULD compete against. It’s worth mentioning how the new guys have been an instant infusion of offense; is this one offs or is there something at […]

Duration: 01:29:02

We Aren’t the Only Ones Frustrated

We were surprised when our two guests asked to be on tonight to address the team’s woes… So Pat Barry and Tom Strunk join us on the pod. Tom and Pat voice their concerns as well…they see the same things we see. They’re angry at the play, at the results, and frustrated on how we […]

Duration: 01:19:07

Returning For His Third Pod Cap…PATRICK DOODY!!!!!!!!!

Yes, we have the fan favorite, one of our favorites, and a welcome addition to the team on the show this week! Patrick has come to STLFC on loan from the Chicago Fire, and definitely made an impact saturday in the win against Charleston. He shares the ups and downs of being loaned out, the […]

Duration: 01:14:43

A Trilogy of S**t

It’s actually a quote from Mitch during the show, but some are saying it’s a reflection on the past three years. How do we know? We have a rant segment. We took your tweets and read them out during the show. Call it expressive therapy. We also talk about Jose Angulo’s move to OKC and […]

Duration: 01:23:03

GM Jeremy Alumbaugh Is Our Man of Crisis

He always steps up and brings the answers to the hard questions. He won’t accept a hug though. 🙂 We’ve heard your concerns and questions, and pose them to Jeremy along with our thoughts. He always handles it well, tells us what he can, flat out says what he can’t talk about, and will back […]

Duration: 01:47:09

We Ran With the Fire. Is This An Upswing?

It’s a very good question. We’re going to find out in a few days. But in the meantime, we’re going to recap the game as well as we can. It’s hard to put into words how great the environment was, and how the team stepped up the play. Now we find out what this team […]

Duration: 01:19:45

We Are Not Happy.

Nor should we be. And neither are a lot of you, from your questions. But that’s ok. That’s our right. And we on the podcast believe in Preki, the staff and players to get it right. We’re going to vent. And we’re going to talk about how when the team is losing, all the little […]

Duration: 01:45:10

Score Some Goals, Join Us on the Pod

It’s Christian Volesky’s turn to sit on the couch this week! He’s been on a tear lately, so we want to see what makes him tick. Besides a specific sandwich from Panera Bread. We talk with him about the game against Torontwo, the Open Cup, and his time in Rochester vs here. Let’s just say […]

Duration: 01:10:35

We Are Live From iTap Watching STLFC at Michigan in the US Open Cup!

Matthew Bird is in Michigan watching it in person, so Mitch and Brad have Pat Barry and Tom Strunk join us to comment on the game! Pat is on at half time to discuss the previous half and the park renewal, and Tom talks post game, and how we’ll prepare for Chicago. This is a […]

Duration: 00:41:46

Frustration With the Form is Setting In

The past four games have not been pretty. We’re not scoring goals in league play, and the win in Wichita was ugly. So, yeah, the three of us are venting tonight. Hoping that we look like fools and the team gets back on track. Cause we’re good at looking like fools. The Park rehab is […]

Duration: 01:19:39

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