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Welcome to our podcast! (I say "our" because it's all of ours. I don't sit here just to talk to myself.) I hope you find it more interesting than I find myself. I like to discuss anything and everything about movies: reviews, analysis, the business, and usually the junk that makes me mad. It's good fun. Join in!




This IS Your Brain on Film Podcast - Episode 9

I’m all over the place on this week’s podcast, which I found to be a generally a fun episode. I lament my horrible luck in fantasy sports while being jubilant for the return of the NFL season, then I chat about my degenerative hip problem, the Toronto International Film Festival, movie trailers for The Jungle Book, Krampus, and Hardcore, video games and movies, and finally about the “Hell’s Club” movie mash-up YouTube video

Duration: 00:39:44

Pod4 - 14

Not a whole lot of movie news took place in the last week so I had to pick and choose a couple things to talk about today. Regardless, I chat about the early screenings on Avengers: Age of Ultron and what we might be in-store for based on the reactions, followed by some Wonder Woman talk to wrap up the superhero news. Then I get into an article on IndieWire that dissects the economic trajectory of It Follows and other independent films in relation to theatrical and VOD service windows....

Duration: 00:39:47