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Love, sex, and relationship advice from abroad After 30 years together, spanning dozens of countries across four different continents, Sheila Dee and Evo Terra have collected their fair share of funny stories. On season four of This One Time, they're using those stories to answer relationship questions from their global network of fans. Licensed therapists? Nope. Clearly not. But funny, to be sure!








How To Kill A Relationship In One Overseas Vacation

There’s one sure-fire way to see if your girlfriend has what it takes: travel halfway around the world and stick her with your embarrassing parents for two weeks. What could go wrong? This week’s caller is about to get a hard lesson in high-stakes dating that will either make or break his relationship. Funny things you’ll hear in this episode of our comedy-travel-relationship advice podcast: How to survive an international trip with your girlfriend… and your parentsTips on booking a...

Duration: 00:12:05

Irresponsible Travel Tips For First Time Travelers

First time traveler, Adam asks us where he should go on his first trip out of the country. The practical advice we provide should be of value to any traveler who doesn’t give two poops about their responsibilities back home. How to travel the world like you really don’t care about the people you left behind. Funny things you’ll hear in this episode of our comedy-travel-relationship advice podcast: Easy tips for getting rid of responsibilities so you can travelPros and cons of...

Duration: 00:11:52

Travel Tips You Really Shouldn't Follow

Long time listener Angela from AU seeks our advice on travel “gotchas” we’ve encountered traveling the world. One of us brings practical advice. The other? Consider him more a cautionary tale. Funny things you’ll hear in this episode of our comedy-travel-relationship advice podcast: What illicit substances you shouldn’t include in your carry onWhy immigration officers in SE Asia love soiling your passportThe travel privileges of those of us who won the birth lotteryHow to force the airline...

Duration: 00:17:46

Following Your Bliss Leads To Penguins Over Terrorists

Would you move across the world without your significant other? What about a new relationship? And what the heck does any of that have to do with penguins or terrorists? Listen in to learn more. Funny things you’ll hear in this episode of our comedy-travel-relationship advice podcast: Choosing between living in Antarctica or LibyaGATTICA-style gambling when selecting a reproduction partnerIncreasing your chance of coupling with a deity from FinlandWhy you should put your own personal...

Duration: 00:11:03

Bangkok Rites of Passage We Have Known

Instead of talking around our life in Bangkok, we’re going to talk specifically about it, walking through a list of 25 so called “rites of passage” that move you from tourist to expat in Bangkok. Yeah. We’ll see. Funny things you’ll hear in this episode of our comedy-travel-relationship advice podcast: Tittering over Porn (capitalized on purpose)When putting ice in a beer is a good thingEncountering a maître d in a food courtThe extra organ Thai women are born withHow to get even more...

Duration: 00:25:16

One Gift For Sexy Time, Religion, & Dead Babies

Have you ever thought about a romantic backpacking trek across Europe with your lover in an effort to rekindle the romantic spark in your reluctant partner? Jasmine has that in mind… and we’re not convinced. But hey, your mileage may vary. Get your sexy time when you can. Funny things you’ll hear in this episode of our comedy-travel-relationship advice podcast: The secret reason that special backpacker scentWhy Europe should not be on your long-term travel destination listWhy everyone...

Duration: 00:14:37

We Get The Craziest Relationship Advice Questions

In case you missed the memo, we're building this season of This One Time around your questions for us. You (as in you) visit ShEvo.wtf/callus and ask us anything you like. Relationship advice? We've been together for 30 years, so we've got plenty. Embarrassing questions you wouldn't ask your mom? We're not afraid. Travel tips? We've been living abroad for a couple years now, so go for it. We're fresh out of questions -- as in the queue is dry -- so we're putting out this special...

Duration: 00:03:16

The Kind of Love in an RV Your Kids Shouldn’t See

What could be less romantic that shoving a family of six into an RV and traveling the world? Hrm… nothing comes to mind. But we’ll tackle that question on this week’s episode, and reinforce why we never joined the RV traveling set. Funny things you’ll hear in this episode of our comedy-travel-relationship advice podcast: Impractical tips on getting your kids out of the camper when it’s boom-boom timeWhy everyone assumes we have sex all the timeWhy sex on campus is a bad idea almost all...

Duration: 00:12:13

How Technology Can Save A Long Distance Love Affair

It’s no fun being apart from the one you love. Traveling or living abroad without your partner can add incredible stress to any relationship. Even one that’s lasted for 30 years. Technology can help. And not just teledildonics. #didyoubringthecharger Funny things you’ll hear in this episode of our comedy-travel-relationship advice podcast: How we started in a long-distance relationship ...and just might end that wayWhy we still keep the bathroom door closed after 30 years living...

Duration: 00:11:45

No Cuddling On The Train In Vietnam

Cuddling is key to a relationship, especially when traveling the world together. You should do it often. Just don’t plan on “doing it” during your 2000 kilometer train ride through the gorgeous mountains of the Vietnamese countryside. Unless you like performing for an audience. #stagefright #exhibitionism Funny things you’ll hear in this episode of our comedy-travel-advice podcast: Why sleeper cars are for sleeping, not sleepingwithsomeoneWhy it’s always smart to be upfront with your...

Duration: 00:12:12

Visiting Copenhagen’s Marriage-Ending Museum

Visiting Copenhagen’s Marriage-Ending Museum Pro tip for married travelers: You’re not going both like everything along your journey. So when you find yourself with a bad back in a place that bores you to tears, try not to be a total jerk to your partner who’s rather enjoying the experience. Just not with you. #truestory Funny things you’ll hear in this episode of our comedy travel podcast: [Subscribe bar] How one museum in Copenhagen almost ended our marriage.Why marauding Burmese...

Duration: 00:11:15

Good Cambodian Weed Makes Stevo Joslin Suffer

Find out why we left Bangkok for Huntsville Alabama and why you should always take the coconut oil offered by tourists with oozing wounds the next time you’re in on a tropical island in Cambodia. Funny things you’ll hear in this episode of our comedy travel podcast: Teasers for Season Four of This One Time (Podcast) A comparison between Uber Huntsville and Uber Bangkok Vampiric flies, swarms of urchins, sinking kayaks, lighting storms, and a post-zombie apocalypse Cambodian hotel with...

Duration: 00:19:07

Separating Bullshit from Beauty in Siem Reap

Separating Bullshit from Beauty in Siem Reap If Siem Reap Cambodia isn’t on your bucket list - your bucket list sucks. Listen to find out why we were so impressed with the history and not even a little concerned we looked like a couple of tourists. Season 4 is still in development (which means we don’t know what the hell we’re doing), but we still have stories to tell. So until we figure out what Season 4 will actually be, we’ll keep putting out great stories as they happen to us. If...

Duration: 00:23:15

The Worst Job In Bangkok

The Worst Job In Bangkok We finally had that classic Thai experience of partying with the Ricola people and every key influencer in SE Asia on a rooftop bar in Bangkok. And then things got weird. Last week, we were invited to a big, fancy party at the top of the Muse Hotel in Bangkok to celebrate the new packaging of Ricola. Yes, the Swiss company that makes lozenges. Yes, the new packaging is party-worthy. And yes, it was quite the fancy party. All the Bangkok influencers were there,...

Duration: 00:16:20

Sister’s Swinging Jamaica Destination Wedding

Evo still sick. But finally went to the doctor. Now on lots of drugs. Yay, modern medicine and a qualified pro to guide you! Yes, even in Thailand. Sheila’s tired and hungover because her birthday was Friday and celebrated all weekend long. Evo’s tired because he was guesting on #Geo500, which you should watch. Ten years ago, Evo married his sister in Jamaica. As in officiated, not took-hand-in. But because of booking challenges, we had to switch properties for the last week of the long...

Duration: 00:11:53

Why Estonia Is The World’s Dumping Ground

Why Estonia Is The World’s Dumping Ground Estonia’s history is funny, so long as you like dark humor. Dark, as in murderous and depressing. But modern day Estonians seem to laugh it off, with a "well, anything has to be better than that past" attitude. And a lot of beer. For those following along, this is the last of four funny stories told while Evo was traveling near the top of the world in the winter. Previously, he told us why he’s now known as the American ice-hole, how Thai sauna...

Duration: 00:17:18

How Finland Plays Russian Hockey

How Finland Plays Russian Hockey From inappropriate music to inappropriately dressed cheerleaders, NHL fans will be a little surprised when they take in a match in the Kontinental Hockey League (totally not a typo.) Kanchanaburi is where the bridge on the River Kwai is. And while it's a lovely part of Thailand to visit on a motorbike, it's not even a little funny. So we're skipping that as our topic for the show and continuing on our theme of Evo recanting stories from his visit to...

Duration: 00:11:19

An American Ice Hole In Finland

An American Ice Hole In Finland Find out why Evo joined five ladies in a sauna and quickly earned the nickname “American Ice Hole” on the Wild Taiga trip. And yes, that means exactly what you think it means. Long time listeners will recall we’re in the middle of recanting stories Evo collected while he was in Finland and Estonia, thanks to the fine people behind the Nordic Bloggers Experience / Matka 2017 conference where h was the keynote speaker. Last week, we talked about the...

Duration: 00:11:54

Finnish Sauna vs Thai Sauna

Finnish Sauna vs Thai Sauna Find out what makes Finland is the undisputed king of sauna and why Thailand’s version makes for a poor competitor. Oh, and lots of talk about getting beaten off (on?) with sticks. Because Finland. Because Evo was chosen as the keynote speaker for the Nordic Bloggers Experience / Matka 2017 conference, he left Sheila home in Bangkok for the last two weeks. During his stay in Finland and Estonia, he collected several stories he’ll share in coming episodes of...

Duration: 00:21:59

The Puck Stops Here

The Puck Stops Here Of NHL scouts and ancient mapping systems from when the internet was young. Somehow, we pull a funny travel story out of that. In case you missed us, we’ve been off a few weeks, spending the time with friends and family back in soon-to-be-made-great-again America! Naturally, we collected quite a few amusing stories during that trip. We’ll share those with you in coming episodes (probably). But not this one. Instead, this week’s funny travel story is about one hockey...

Duration: 00:11:36

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