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This Thing We Call Jamcast #11: “Freddie Don’t Drink The Truth Serum!”

After escaping Brazil by the skin of their teeth, the rock n’ roll banditos of TTWCJ find shelter in a desolate saloon up north, where by sheer coincidence they stumble across two intriguing ladies who may be the very key to unlocking the mysteries of the Red Bridge cult

Duration: 01:16:31

This Thing We Call Jamcast #09: “Winterbusum and Retrofuturism – A Frank Discussion”

This extra smooth episode of the Jamcast sees a panel of esteemed jazz experts discuss the life and work of big band legend Frank Winterbusum. This tormented visionary and medieval enthusiast broke all the codes of the Big Band before falling into a rabbit hole of madness and the occult. Does a rare recording of his “RECIPE FOR GINGER” hold any clues about what happened to poor Frank?

Duration: 01:23:05

This Thing We Call Jamcast #08: “Justice For Klaus & Associates”

This courtroom drama special of the Jamcast sees the Honourable Judge Tiago mediating a dispute between Greg, District Attorney for the day, and close associates of the shape-shifting electronic music maverick formerly known as Klaus MD. Is her second single on Red Bridge, “LEGAL CASE #22: CODENAME CAT” proof of her guilt or innocence…?

Duration: 00:52:38

This Thing We Call Jamcast #06: “The Plain Ol’Go-Go Fjords”

Protect your logs as the Internet's foremost music conspiracy show is whisked away by arctic winds to the 1992 World Sauna Championship in Finland, where a bunch of Nordic Hooligans crossed paths with a swing busking group to become the Go-Go Fjords and record their only remaining record, "PLAIN OLD VIKING”.

Duration: 01:00:24

This Thing We Call Jamcast #02: “The Legend of Poséidon”

The Internet’s foremost music conspiracy show takes a dive down the deep end to explore the legacy of the band Poséidon, who rose from lowly French fishermen to kings of the Sea Disco scene in just a few years. Featuring local legend Tom and Mark the record collector, as well as Poséidon's lost single "THE BOX AT THE BOTTOM OF THE OCEAN".

Duration: 01:15:20