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16. Andy Polaine & Simon McIntyre 'Service Designing Education' (Part 2 of 2)

This episode is the second part in a two-part series with Andy Polaine, the regional APAC design director for Fjord and Simon McIntyre who is the Associate Dean of Education in UNSW, formally COFA, the College of Fine Art and Design. In the first part, we spoke about the problems faced in education and spoke about some of the origins of these problems. This episode builds on that but goes deeper into the work that UNSW is undertaking about redesigning the university with a focus on...


15. Chirryl-Lee Ryan 'Are we making things better with Design'

Chirryl-Lee Ryan and I were recently together on a design-panel, Designing for Social Impact, for Academy XI in Sydney and had a whale of a time. We caught up in Melbourne a few days later to extend that conversation, and go deeper into areas that we touched on at the Designing for Social Impact design panel. In this episode, we discuss; Links mentioned in this episode Journey of a Coke CanKa-Ching MovieChirryl-Lee Ryan on LinkedInJoin the This is HCD Newsletterreviewing it on iTunes


12. Elizabeth Pek - 'What makes a good designer?'

Hello! In this episode, we spoke with Elizabeth Pek, Director of Experience Design at BT Financial Group, about what she believes makes a good designer. This episode is jam-packed with information for both Designers and Design Managers alike.


11. Eduardo Kranz - 'The intersect of Service Design and User Experience Design'

In this episode, we caught up with Eduardo Kranz who is a design director at Fjord Canberra. We discussed where the service design and UX professions intersect in respects to the skills and activities that are done on a day to day basis.


10. Gerry Gaffney (Live from FutureYou Sydney) 'How forms reveal the true nature of an organisation'

This was a show of firsts! Our very first live podcast in front of an audience, and also the first time we had the wonderful Gerry Gaffney on the show. The show was recorded at the incredible offices of FutureYou, a boutique recruitment consultancy based in downtown Sydney. Gerry Gaffney is a globally respected UX thought leader and co-author of the highly respected form design book (with Caroline Jarrett) 'Forms that Work'. (Link in the show notes). In this episode, we discuss how forms...


9. Cyril Secourgeon 'The secrets of successful stakeholder engagement in large organisations'

In this episode, we caught up with Cyril Secourgeon, the Principal Human Centered Designer practitioner at Westpac group, one of Australia’s big four banks. We discussed the methods that the wider HCD team in Westpac use to help keep stakeholders engaged. Cyril explains the signs to look out for with engaged and disengaged stakeholders and how to work with them to build trust. He takes us through the project process right from the start of projects, and the engagement dos and don’ts when...


2: Adrienne Tan - 'How Service Design and Product Management Co-Exist'

In this episode, we speak with Adrienne Tan, Co-Founder of leading Australian product management consultancy Brainmates. We discuss how the roles of service design and product management work together within organisations. Also joining us on this podcast is Martin Dowson, Head of Design Futures for Lloyds Bank in the UK and Mark Catanzariti a service designer for Telstra in Australia.


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