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90 - Thirty Day Candy Binge or Live in a Haunted House


Duration: 00:21:03

89 - Room with Juggalos or Board with Pennywise

It's week two of your favorite month: the This or That Halloween Spooktacular! This October, look forward to creepy crawly #wouldyourather #pocasts all month long. What's a scary movie without a scary clown? 🤡 Pennywise is one of our favorites, and he sure is frightening. But would he make a good roommate despite his penchant for violence? How about some Juggalos? Would you rather live with them? Is Pennywise really a dependable roommate? Can the This or That crew tolerate 24/7 ICP? What...

Duration: 00:20:46

88 - 24/7 Costume Wearing or 365 Pumpkin Head

It's finally October, and it's time for what you've all been waiting for: our second annual Halloween Spooktacular! All month long enjoy #Halloween themed This Or Thats! Let's have some fun this week with a special #wouldyourather #podcast that's perfect for the season. Some of us put a lot of time and effort into carving pumpkins to decorate our homes in festive fashion for Halloween. Some are big, some are small, but this week is all about being able to put it on your head. So you can...

Duration: 00:17:29

87 - One TV Show or One Musical Artist

It's time for another episode of your favorite #wouldyourather #podcast! This week Joshua picks an "easy" topic...but does he? In this world of interwebs, streaming music services, cable, subscriptions to channels and more channels and other streaming video services and other services that when added together cost as much as cable anyway, we have access to all of the media we could ever want or need. But is variety really the spice of life? Could we live without these things? This week we...

Duration: 00:20:19

86 - Robot Voice or Power Gloves


Duration: 00:16:27

85 - Cheater or Cheatee


Duration: 00:15:48

84 - Feed 'em Like a Bird or Clean 'em Like a Kitten

It's another week of your favorite #wouldyourather #podcast, and this one's a doozy. We here at the This or That podcast have no children of our own, so we have no idea of the effort and costs, emotional, physical, financial, or otherwise. So why not have an episode where not only do we have children, but we are forced to care for them in non-traditional ways? Remember those videos you watched about birds in biology class, where baby birds get fed through regurgitation? Well, you've gotta...

Duration: 00:14:55

83 - Gory Goring or Cruel Constriction

It’s back to the realm of absurdity on this week’s episode of This or That, the #wouldyourather #podcast you’ve been waiting for! There are so many ways to die. Here at This or That, we like to explore the ridiculous and unlikely. All the better if animals that you won’t encounter are involved. Are you from South America? Probably not (at least according to our hosting company). So you may not ever encounter an anaconda. If you’ve wanted to, now is your chance! Unfortunately, it’s going to...

Duration: 00:22:23

82 - SJW or MRA

It’s a new week and a new episode of This or That! This week we wander into the fraught and perilous world of online politics in your favorite #wouldyourather #podcast. SJW: Social Justice Warrior. MRA: Men’s Rights Activist. When given a choice between these two, when defined by their Urban Dictionary definitions, which would you choose? Regardless of your politics, expect a lose-lose situation. Which member of the Crew gets caught up in hat nomenclature? Who teaches us all “a lesson”?...

Duration: 00:19:00

81 - Donald Trump Doppelganger or Most Wanted Lookalike

This week it’s all about lookin’ good on your favorite #wouldyourather #podcast! You may not know what we look like here at the This or That podcast, but rest assured, we’re pretty average. That being said, we’ve all grown accustomed to looking like: white guy with glasses (Chris); half-Asian half-white guy with glasses (Joshua); and white girl with contacts (Danielle). Wow, we all have bad eyesight! Despite our inability to see without corrective lenses, we all know what we look like. So...

Duration: 00:18:44

80 - Sexy Spit Up or Erotic Excrement

Hooray! It's a brand new week, and here at your favorite #wouldyourather #podcast, we're getting ready for some hot action just the way you like it. Picture this: you're getting frisky and things are getting heated. As you ride on the waves of sweet passion, you're overcome with nausea. You could hurl at any time. You think it may be a one-off, maybe your dinner just didn't settle. But everything time you try to have sex, an overwhelming urge to vomit overtakes you. Picture that: you're...

Duration: 00:19:12

79 - Cat-astrophic Claw or Murderous Mouth


Duration: 00:21:06

78 - I Love You or You Love Me

It's back to business this week on This or That, your favorite source for #wouldyourather entertainment. Unrequited love. We've all been there. The pain of caring for someone so much to find out that they don't really feel the same way. Or having someone love you, and then having to let them know you're just not into it. Both situations are less than ideal, but which is worse? And does the answer change if you're together till death do you part? This week we're discussing unrequited love!...

Duration: 00:21:29

77 - Lick the Toilet or Lick the Floor


Duration: 00:18:15

76 - Risk Death or Monopolize Living


Duration: 00:17:29

75 - Drug Addicted Santa or Sexy Santa


Duration: 00:18:18

74 - High Skill, High Doubt or Low Skill, Low Doubt

Welcome back to Chris's sister Alicia, our special guest host on this week's #wouldyourather #podcast! This week we explore the realms of self doubt with a real thinker. Imagine a world where you were skilled at everything, where no matter what you put your mind to, you could accomplish it. But despite those accomplishments, you just never feel self confident. On the flipsy, you could be just so so, mediocre, unskilled, sometimes failing. But you always feel good about yourself and your...

Duration: 00:16:27

68 - Slippy Socks or Wobbly Tables


Duration: 00:14:57

67 - The New Hotness or Retro Chic


Duration: 00:15:56

64 - Poop in an Elevator or Vomit on TV


Duration: 00:13:54

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