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Thought Leader Retreat is a podcast created for authors, speakers, executives, service firms who are ready to get their name out, grow their fan base, and increase their clients and sales. This is NOT about short-term advertising tactics and fads. If you're committed to long-term, ethical, & sustainable business growth, then this podcast will share tips on creating and implementing a consistent and effective content marketing strategy and thought leadership marketing. Each episode ends with the Brain Picks, where Alan extracts thought leadership examples, definitions, and quotes for aspiring thought leaders just like you. AND...subscribers get a free PDF to implement what you learn each week.






14: The Power Connector Technique, with Brad Spencer

In this episode, you'll get to meet Brad Spencer and how he has come to earn the pseudonym "The Power Connector" by helping match businesses (local or online) who stand to create a win/win relationship together. Brad also discusses at length the "Power Connector Technique" and how this has helped him - as it can help anyone - connect in the online marketing space. The post 14: The Power Connector Technique, with Brad Spencer appeared first on Thought Leader Retreat | Content Marketing &...

Duration: 00:28:05

13: Mister Metric on Online Conversion Optimization

In this episode, I interview Stuart Morrison, a web conversion specialist at We get deeper into marketing and the concept of "conversion optimization" and how it works. It's also worth taking the time to know why Stuart says there's no such thing as "free traffic". Other tips and tricks relating to SEO, ecommerce and marketing, are all covered here. Stuart offers his website and its valuable list of resources as a gift to entrepreneurs who will register on...

Duration: 00:41:59

12: Conscious Leadership & Your Business

In this episode, Diana Chapman, co-founder of the Conscious Leadership Group, shares her perspective on conscious leadership and how it can help in creating a sustainable business. You’ll also get to learn why the book “The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership” is essential to every business or organization.Diana offers their website’s guides and meditationsto entrepreneurs […] The post 12: Conscious Leadership & Your Business appeared first on Thought Leader Retreat | Content Marketing...

Duration: 00:28:12

11: Grow Your Business By Teaching & Connecting

In one of our funner episodes, Peter Rubin shares how to find your authentic voice as a speaker, and why you may want to market yourself as a generalist vs a specialist. You'll also learn practical tips for making new clients through teaching groups, including what to do before, during, and after your presentation. He has also made his post-presentation Feedback Form available to our subscribers. Using it, 80-90% of attendees would subscribe by to Peter by email after a presentation,and...

Duration: 00:39:17

10: Marketing Lessons From a Power Lifting Coach

In this episode, I interview Brandon Chien, a coach who uses a mindful approach to help clients with general fitness, goal-specific movement, or Olympic-style weightlifting. You'll learn how being vulnerable, sharing your story, and creating an experience for your clients will help you connect with them deeper than just sharing information and tips. And, some of the techniques used by power lifters can also be used to be more productive at work...getting in the right emotional state,...

Duration: 00:38:05

09: Conscious Leadership for Entrepreneurs, with Paul Zelizer

In this episode, Paul Zelizer and I discuss conscious leadership for entrepreneurs.We cover how leaders in the corporate and technology worlds are coming together to share wisdom and inspire others to become socially conscious business. You’ll even learn how mindfulness practices recently saved the Ford Motor Company! And, Paul shares his guided experience, “The Three […] The post 09: Conscious Leadership for Entrepreneurs, with Paul Zelizer appeared first on Thought Leader Retreat |...

Duration: 00:45:53

08: “Super” Facebook Group Marketing, with Mike Hill

In this episode, Mike Hill, founder of Media Buyer Association and the Internet Marketing Super Friends Facebook group, shares some of the principles that guided his own Facebook group marketing efforts. And, if you're interested in getting more prospects to contact you, Mike has shared his Traffic Checklist with our subscribers. The post 08: “Super” Facebook Group Marketing, with Mike Hill appeared first on Thought Leader Retreat | Content Marketing & Strategy for Thought Leadership.

Duration: 00:24:38

07: How Creating a Culture of Fun at Work Led to a $970,000 Increase in Sal

In this episode, you'll learn how creating a culture of fun at work not only led to a re-energized workplace but a $970,000 increase in profits for one of Kevin Madison's clients and their 300 employees. We also discuss how your company's internal content and communication is as important to your growth as your outbound, marketing content, as both are your chance to share your values and personality. Kevin has shared his free report with our subscribers entitled “The Sacrosanct Six: The...

Duration: 00:40:22

06: How to Promote Your Blog and Improve Your Search Engine Ranking, with D

In this episode of Thought Leader Retreat, Duncan Wierman shares how he generates most of his customers from following a clear and organized blog and social media publishing schedule. You'll learn how being ruthlessly honest and loyal to your followers will create trust and influence--plus tips for promoting your blog posts by email, getting your posts ranked in search engines, and how to use several social media networks without getting overwhelmed. And, Duncan has shared a free bonus to...

Duration: 00:47:32

05: Old-School Marketing in a Digital World, with Patrick Allmond

"In this episode of Thought Leader Retreat, I interview Patrick Allmond of Focus Digital Marketing about creating and promoting content via social media, how marketing is both an art and a science, and how old school marketing still works in today's online world. Patrick has made numerous TV appearances, started and grew a Facebook group for speakers interested in online marketing, and runs a personal productivity blog with hundreds of posts. In this episode, he shares a great tip on...

Duration: 00:41:08

04: How InvestorCarrot Quietly Grew Their Brand into a 7-Figure Business

In this episode, I interview Trevor Mauch of Investor Carrot, whose content marketing efforts have paid off in a major way for his software-as-a-service, which grew to the 7-figure mark last year without excessive promotion or noise. We cover how to position yourself as a thought leader on a local scale, how to choose a company name and branding that set you apart, and his story of quietly growing his business over several years by focusing on delivering consistent value to their...

Duration: 01:03:47

03: From Selling a Startup to Writing for Forbes, with Ryan Westwood

In this episode, we discuss Ryan's entrepreneurial journey--from his first venture with vending machines to growing and selling PC support business. Through it all, relationships and focused, continual, organic growth have been keys to his success. The post 03: From Selling a Startup to Writing for Forbes, with Ryan Westwood appeared first on Thought Leader Retreat | Content Marketing & Strategy for Thought Leadership.

Duration: 00:34:19

02: How Susan’s Contrarian Blog Helped Her Grow a 7-Figure Business

In this episode of Thought Leader Retreat, Alan interviews Susan Lassiter-Lyons of Lassiter Marketing about she grew a 7-figure business, thanks to a contrarian thought leadership strategy and clearly-defined content marketing plan. This was a fun interview. We talked about how being a thought leader sometimes means ignoring what everyone else in your industry is doing, and going with your intuition instead of the same tired old mantras. We discuss how she grew her business to 7 figures,...

Duration: 01:00:03

01: Triple Your Thought Leadership by Getting Clear and Slowing Down

In this first episode of Thought Leader Retreat, Alan interviews Justin Christianson of about how you can more than triple your thought leadership the next 12 months by improving your marketing just 1% per day. Every business or organization who seeks to create awareness and generate leads needs a sales funnel that is optimized at every stage. In this episode, we cover how Justin tracks results and works on clients' traffic generation, content marketing, email...

Duration: 00:53:38