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38th Thoughts – It’s a moral imperative that you try all the vegetables - Thoughts for your Thoughts Podcast

The 38th episode of Thoughts For Your Thoughts is here! And today, back by popular demand, Josiah features Taylor Mustion as his cohost. On this fine broadcast they spend some time talking about the happenings at "Free Speech Week" at Berkeley, and how police are finally allowed to pepper spray violent protesters. After talking about Confirmation Bias, they open up a few items from the bag of mail. Stevie Wonder's lack of blindness rears it's ugly head as a topic once again. If you'd like to...

Duration: 04:04:45

37th Thoughts – Stevie Wonder isn’t blind! - Thoughts for your Thoughts Podcast

Finally, the 37th episode of Thoughts For Your Thoughts! And today Josiah is accompanied by the magnificent Taylor Mustion. Together they pontificate on the problems of the day. Principally, they begin with the NFL and why it's getting more and more difficult to watch. Afterwards they complain about the blood-sucking media and their desire to pimp out our misery. Josiah always reads from the bag of mail, and today he reads about the theory that Stevie Wonder is faking being blind. If you'd...

Duration: 01:50:18

36th Thoughts – Can a casket be reused? - Thoughts for your Thoughts Podcast

The 36th episode! Today Josiah is accompanied by his special cohost Aryn Vaughan! Together they discuss the issues of the day such as North Korea's new threats to Guam and Trump's handling of the situation. After reading from the old bag of mail, Josiah discusses his catfishing attempts on Tinder. Should caskets be reused? Is that acceptable? They answer this pivotal question. Later they discuss Trump's new immigration policy, sanctuary cities, and Jim Acosta's confrontation with Stephen...

Duration: 02:00:20

35th Thoughts – Nevada hates feminism - Thoughts for your Thoughts Podcast

This is the 35th episode of Thoughts for Thots/Thoughts for your Thoughts. On this wonderful episode Josiah is joined by cohosts Natalie Brown and Aidan Lowman. They discuss Trump's "ban" on transgenders in the military and follow it up with a few thoughts on Tinder. After a few missed connections, with a special first hand one from Aidan, they talk about things that single people hate in every state. Josiah, Natalie, and Aidan then discuss the three inmates who escaped from a maximum...

Duration: 02:11:56

34th Thoughts – A flaming pile of skulls - Thoughts for your Thoughts Podcast

This is the 34th episode! Today Josiah has special wonder-couple cohosts Josh Free and Eva Venegas in the house and they talk about many incredible topics including why everyone should hate Chris Christie! Also, they discuss grade inflation that's occurring across the good ol' US of A. This episode, as always, includes the bag o' mail and missed connections. Back again is the segment of TINDER DATES in which Josiah reveals discussions he has been having while he catfishes men on Tinder....

Duration: 01:33:50

33rd Thoughts – Catfishing Men - Thoughts for your Thoughts Podcast

This is the 33rd episode! Today Josiah has special cohost Jake Carroll in the house and we talk about his problem with driving under the influence of electronics. They discuss Washington's new strict driving laws before reading a few letters from the bag of mail. Feel free to email with any of your inquiries or concerns or rants. Josiah and Jake then talk Missed Connections. Of course, the news of the day follows. Josiah discusses Walmart's...

Duration: 01:32:47

32nd Thoughts - Thoughts for your Thoughts Podcast

Why not to tase a man doused in gasoline, Le fregaron a Black Chyna, Scientific innovations that should scare you, and Missed Connections. Featuring Cohosts Shelby and Marley!

Duration: 01:17:52

31st Thoughts - Thoughts for your Thoughts Podcast

George Shea is a god, missed connections, abortions for illegals, and fairy tales gone horribly wrong.

Duration: 01:33:50

30th Thoughts - Thoughts for your Thoughts Podcast

Missed Connections, A cocktail that contains a human toe, the Supreme Court, and a 7 year old urinates on his neighbor's steaks!

Duration: 00:58:35

29th Thoughts - Thoughts for your Thoughts Podcast

With cohosts Shelby Ott and Evan Ransom we discuss Dennis Rodman's visit to North Korea, college choices, serial killer's choice of employment, guns, and an 8 year old drag queen.

Duration: 01:16:07

6-7-17 – 28th Thoughts - Thoughts for your Thoughts Podcast

With cohost Adam Coughran 1. Tennis beef 2. Bag o’ mail 3. Missed connections 4. Shawn King gets trolled on twitter 5. Portland and hate crimes 6. Soccer girl is a boy or something 7. Seattle soda tax 8. Summer lunch program for “hungry” kids

Duration: 01:05:55

5-31-17 – 27th Thoughts - Thoughts for your Thoughts Podcast

Cohosted by Thomas Kockritz and Abby Blair 1. Kathy Griffin and Covfete 2. Missed Connections 3. 10 services you can buy online 4. General Mattis 5. Lawmakers call ICE 6. Most misspelled words per state 7. Professor accosted for not leaving campus 8. college stuff

Duration: 01:20:49

5-25-17 – 26th Thoughts - Thoughts for your Thoughts Podcast

With Cohosts Nayte Chandler, Roger Dahl, and Aidan Lowman! 1. Congressman body slams reporter 2. Cash me ouside tour demands 3. freedom of speech on college campus 4. Trump calls terrorists "losers" 5. Tucker Carlson on Islam 6. Conspiracy theories

Duration: 01:10:50

5-23-17 – 25th Thoughts - Thoughts for your Thoughts Podcast

With Adam Coughran as cohost 1. Drag queen story hour 2. bag of mail 3. costco hamburgers 4. In Seattle they're "community members", not "suspects" 5. Grandma's wisdom 6. swiss cake rolls are clearly better than hostess cupcakes

Duration: 00:54:12

5-16-17 – 24th Thoughts - Thoughts for your Thoughts Podcast

With cohosts Josh Free and Jake Carroll 1. Sharks in Cali 2. Bag of Mail 3. Sologomy 4. miss USA health care or something 5. sasquatch rape 6. oregon drivers license with 3rd gender 7. helmet laws

Duration: 01:26:21

5-4-17 – 23rd Thoughts - Thoughts for your Thoughts Podcast

Trump snake poem 2. Bag o' mail 3. Missed Connections 4. You can hire guys to fight you on a date 5. Chop and Steel and Zim Zam the Yo Yo Man 6. No Human is illegal 7. Girls in Boy Scouts 8. More Bill Nye Garbage

Duration: 03:23:42

4-22-17 – 21st Thoughts - Thoughts for your Thoughts Podcast

Cohosts: Trent Hadler, Josh Free, Eva Venegas, Marley Blissard 1. Earth day 2. North Korea solved obesity 3. Bag of mail 4. Missed Connections 5. Bristol stool chart 6. Songs over north korea 7. Judas actor accidentally hangs himself 8. 10 ways to kill yourself

Duration: 01:47:20

4-17-17 – 20th Thoughts - Thoughts for your Thoughts Podcast

Bag of mail 2. Missed Connections 3. Fake deportation notices 4. Survivor transgender "outed" 5. Conspiracy theories 6. North Korea is nuts

Duration: 01:11:39

4-12-17 – 19th Thoughts - Thoughts for your Thoughts Podcast

This Book Will Trigger You 2. Missed Connections 3. Waxing your nose hair is a bad idea 4. Crazy lady yells at couple at a restaurant 5. Lesbian couple to raise "feminist" twin boys 6. "transgender" student is racing against girls in track and is whooping them. Join the review competition for my book! By the book and leave a review. Best review gets a free Thoughts For Your Thoughts T-shirt!...

Duration: 01:06:43

4-6-17 – 18th Thoughts - Thoughts for your Thoughts Podcast

BROTHERS COHOST 1. woman falls from bridge taking selfie 2. bag of mail 3. missed connections 4. the sex offender shuffle 5. fake news 6. school takes down mirrors and replaces them with cute signs 7. a bad batch of spice

Duration: 01:11:25

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