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Hella Good Feat. Young Yancy

The first season finale of "Insecure" left walking around aimlessly with no purpose for a whole year, but thanks to sweet baby Issa Rae, we were revived with a phenomenal second season that proved that that awkward black girl is the queen of insecurity and we are simply her followers. The Three Dope Chicks welcomed their resident male perspective Young Yancy to join in on a healthy recap of the most recent season. We touched on all of the emotions, comedy, shade and questioned what the...


Boomerang: MoM I'm Home! Feat. Lucy Dalizma

Since the recession, many families have adopted the concept of multi-generational housing to aid in paying off debts and saving money. This week, the Three Dope Chicks welcomes author, blogger, social media maven, creator of, and all around Dope Chick ,Lucy. Lucy shared with us her decision to move home with her parents and adult siblings in order to decrease her expenses and pay off her debts, including her dreaded student loans. The Chicks also talk about the tragedy of...


Hurricane Heaux

Hurricane Irma came has shown here ass and left many countries quite distraught in her rage. In this week's episode, the Three Dope Chicks chat about the aftermath of one of the most violent hurricanes the world has ever experienced. On a lighter note, the Chicks also discuss the beloved Gucci Mane's impending wedding and a fantastic small black business that's creating school supplies that celebrate people of color.


Living Single

On today's episode, the Three Dope Chicks discuss the idea of being consistently single and what factors may contribute to this notion. The Chicks share stories and advice on how to navigate this world as a single person while society is breathing down your neck to find a bae. The Chicks also cover hot topics including Kim Kardashian and her continued ignorance on race relations and updates on the continuous wildin' on "Power."


The Love For Football

Rape, Murder, Abuse But Don't Sit... Like many before him, Colin Kaepernick chose to sit down for his beliefs and because of that, he's been blackballed from the NFL. This week, the Three Dope Chicks take a look at why this specific stance has become such placed in such high scrutiny. The Chicks also recap "Insecure" to determine whether Lawrence is the ultimate f-boy, we hear a creepy ass story about a comic book writer's haunted NY crib and celebrate friend of the Chicks @SirGarde for...


Jalapeño Penis

For some reason, we tend to give some celebrities a pass when they engage in certain activities. We still chose to support them and even defend them to those around us, regardless of how heinous their actions may have been. In their newest episode, the Three Dope Chicks discuss 3 of the top alleged offenders; Bill Cosby, R Kelly and Usher and the alleged stories that have many deciding whether or not they deserve any defense. The Chicks also review the second episode of "Insecure" and...


Hella Growth

Fresh off of a brief hiatus, the Three Dope Chicks are back and they're talking personal growth and maturity. This week, the Chicks discuss the internal changes that Jay-Z eloquently described in "4:44" and how people deserve to transition on their own schedule. Of course, the box office smash "Girl's Trip" and the highly anticipated second season of HBO's "Insecure" are among the hot topics because Black Girl Magic is alive and well. Listen along as your favs provide their insight and...


HennyThing Is Possible

Tupac back! Well, not really, but the long anticipated "All Eyez on Me" has debuted and issa hit. Dope Chick Neeks provides her commentary on the film and the Chicks collectively discuss the recent Breakfast Club interview with the film's producer L.T. Hutton and director Benny Boom. The Three Dope Chicks also chat about the future Mike Brown movie, Sean Corey Carter's new album "4:44," the hypocrisy of Otto Warmbier's death and much more!a


Daddies, Bushes, & Shade... OH MY!!

Recently, Amber Rose posted a photo of her self exposing her perfectly manicured carpentry (aka, public hairs) and when Instagram removed the photo, she labeled it as her expression of feminism. But, was it? On this week's episode, the Three Dope Chicks chat about Amber puss in boots photo and it's connections to feminism. We also shout out a few famous fathers post Father's Day and discuss some of the week's hottest topics.


If It Wasn't For Gucci

The N word has been a topic of controversy since it's inception and recently it was again brought to the forefront by comedian and host Bill Maher after he used it on his widely popular show "Real Time with Bill Maher." This week, the Three Dope Chicks air their views on what Maher said and their overall thoughts on non-blacks using this word. They also discuss the uproar that Kendrick Lamar's younger sister unintentionally caused by posting a gift from her big brother on social media and...


HBCUs vs. PWIs Feat. Candace Sapp

A topic that is often recycled online bringing more division to the black community is Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) vs Prodomenently White Institutions (PWI). On today's episode, the Three Dope Chicks welcome Dope Chick Kali's friend Candace Sapp to the trap house to discuss her undergraduate and graduate experiences at Savannah State University (HBCU) and Kennesaw State University, respectably. The Chicks also chat about T.I. and his hoe-isms and Laura Govan's rocky...


Skool Daze

Many of us were told that after high school, we had to go straight to college, graduate in 4 years, get a good job and we would live a good life. Well, what if there were other options? What if our lives didn't have to follow the same model? In today's episode, The Three Dope Chicks discuss the idea if taking a year off after high school to understand who you are and what you want out of life, aka gapping for a year.


Dear Mama

Mother's day is upon and it's time to show our mamas some love! In today's episode, the Three Dope Chicks share a few pieces of advice that our mothers have taught us. We also chat about the cost of living in California, how some interns earn more than degreed adults and how it feels when cops are finally charged with murder.


Suns Out, Buns Out

Another week means another opportunity to discuss the hottest topics. On this week's episode, the Three Dope Chicks discuss the SheaMoisture commercial controversy, how a young girl believes that her GoFundMe can help end racism, the background behind the hashtag #EbonyOwes, a yoga teacher with sticky fingers and more. Summer 17 will be here before we know it, so we are slowly preparing our bodies for full ab, ass and thigh meat exposure. The Three Dope Chicks offer a couple of their...


Trap Soul Feat. Teonnykia Starr

Music is universal and it definitely makes the world go round. For any mood that you could imagine, there's a perfectly matching voice and song. On today's episode, we welcomed Dope Chick Kali's college friend and amazing songstress Teonnykia Starr into the trap house to share her story of grinding in the Atlanta music scene. She shares the ups and downs of getting her voice out to the masses. Also, during our random celebrity chat, we gush over the gorgeousness that is Gabrielle Union,...


Moment Of Clarity: Religion VS. Relationship Feat. YoungYancy

Honestly, truly, it was a great week in salacious mess and of course your favorite Chicks dive into all of the ridiculous hot topics. Along with their resident male voice, Young Yancy, the Three Dope Chicks offer their opinions on everything from Janet Jackson and TI and Tiny's divorce to the PR nightmare that is United Airlines. Also, the group shares their thoughts on millenials and their take on spirituality, church and religion.


Happy Birthday Bitches

IT'S OUR BIRTHDAY!!! So go buy us something nice and sparkly. On today's episode, we chat it up about our favorite episodes from our podcast arsenal and why they are so special to us. We also discuss our favorite hot topics, including Pepsi's idea of race relations, Whoopi Goldberg's irritations with the cultural appropriation label and the closing of the notorious Riker's Island Prison. Also, we throw in another black owned business that you should be supporting!


Too Much Traffic(K)

Recently, a photo went viral claiming that within a 24 hour period 14 black girls had gone missing from the Washington, DC area and supposedly the authorities weren't doing anything to find these young women. The photo sparked outrage and anger in the black community and soon the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls was being used on every social media platform. In this week's episode, the Three Dope Chicks dive into the missing girls story and open up a conversation about sex trafficking, which is...


What's Yours Is Mine

Over a year after filing for divorce, it has been revealed that comedian Mike Epps' estranged wife Mechelle is requesting over $100,000 in monthly payments to support herself, their two daughters and her mother. She claims that Epps did not allow her to work during their nearly 10 years of marriage and now at 36, she is finding it very difficult to find work. On this week's episode, the Three Dope Chicks are joined by their favorite male perspectives Taylor and VP the General to discuss...


Would You Date You?

Of course it's their fault that the relationship ended. They are the problem. They're always the problem. It's definitely not you. I can't be you. It's never you. But what if you took the time to analyze yourself and your actions. Do you think that some of the blame will shift to you? In this week's episode, the Three Dope Chicks explore the concept of "it's not them, it's you" and discuss how self exploration and realization is the best tool for finding and maintaining meaningful...


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