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Ep. 249 Mark Goes Fanboy on Christopher Williams Drummer from ACCEPT

ACCEPT Drummer Christoper Williams Shares His Feelings Playing Live Shows After the Many Attacks at Live Concerts Episode 249, October 17, 2017. Christopher Williams the drummer from ACCEPT joins us this week. We dig into just how BIG of a KISS fan Christopher is… you won’t believe what KISS collectible he owns! Even more interesting […]

Duration: 02:23:45

Ep. 248 This Week’s Show Really Sucks!

Episode 248, October 10, 2017. This week really SUCKS! We apologize in advance. Mark does finally open something on the show, but otherwise this episode blows. Press requests please contact Michael Brandvold at Three Sides of the Coin Monthly Option 1 : $1.99 USD – monthlyOption 2 : $5.00 USD – monthlyOption 3 : […]

Duration: 01:20:08

Ep. 247 Inside Gene Simmons Vault Plus Sneak Peak at Lynn Goldsmith’s Book

How did the Gene Simmons Vault get created? Episode 247, October 3, 2017. Lots of topics this week! Our special guest Keith Valcourt from Rhino Records join us to discuss the history of the Gene Simmons box set The Vault. Keith answers many questions the fans have been asking, including will there be a less […]

Duration: 02:16:38

Ep. 246 Exclusive Report from Gene Simmons and Ace Frehley Reunion

Gene Simmons and Ace Frehley reunite for the first time in 16 years, we are there! Episode 246, September 26, 2017. Tommy Sommers gives us a full, exclusive recap of his 48 hours as official photographer for the Gene Simmons and Ace Frehley reunion at the Matter charity event. This was the first time in […]

Duration: 02:30:00

Ep. 245 The Gene Simmons Vault, Our Thoughts

Is the Gene Simmons Vault Box Set too Expensive? Episode 245, September 19, 2017. Gene Simmons announced his box set, The Vault! In typical Gene fashion it is bigger and better than any box set. But what has some of the fans screaming is the price… $2000, $25,000 and $50,000! We haven’t seen the box […]

Duration: 01:29:25

Ep. 244 Vinnie Vincent & the Atlanta KISS Expo, We Get the Answers

How Did the Atlanta KISS Expo Find Vinnie Vincent? Episode 244, September 5, 2017. Derek Christopher joins us to answer our questions about Vinnie Vincent and his appearance at the 2018 Atlanta KISS Expo. We get things started with asking how did he track down Vinnie Vincent? Who is going to interview Vinnie Vincent at […]

Duration: 01:17:08

Ep. 243 Inside the Creatures of the Night Tank

What came first? The Creatures of the Night tourbook cover or the tank stage? Episode 243, August 29, 2017. This week we are joined by Kirk Reinert who is the artist who created the tank on the Creatures of the Night tour book. Kirk actually shares with us the original artwork. He talks about who […]

Duration: 02:08:52

Ep. 242 Inside the World of a KISS Tribute Band, Mr. Speed

Are there too many KISS tribute bands? Do some bands take themselves too seriously? Episode 242, August 22, 2017. Rich Kosak from the KISS tribute band Mr. Speed joins us this week. Rich talks about the life and times of a KISS tribute band. Are there too many KISS tribute bands? Do some bands take […]

Duration: 01:55:23

Ep. 241 What We Love About Ace Frehley, Peter Criss & Vinnie Vincent

What We Love About Ace Frehley, Peter Criss & Vinnie Vincent Episode 241, August 15, 2017. For years we have been accused of hating Ace Frehley, Peter Criss and Vinnie Vincent. This week we show nothing but our love to all three. We each discuss what we love about each one of them. No jokes, […]

Duration: 01:38:03

Ep. 240 Do the Diehard KISS Fans Matter?

Do the diehard fans matter any longer to KISS? Episode 240, August 8, 2017. Do we matter to KISS? Do the diehards matter any longer to KISS? Are we important to the future of KISS? The times have changed and so has the role and importance of the diehard fans. Remember this is just our […]

Duration: 01:48:27

Ep. 239 Would Ace Frehley reuniting with KISS impact ticket sales? Can You Handle the Truth?

Who is a bigger draw original KISS or KISS 2017? Episode 239, August 1, 2017. Jeff Suhs returns to talk about the ebook release of the amazing book KISS Alive Forever. The discussion leads into so slap in the face, factual discussions about KISS’ concert draw over the years. We get right down to it […]

Duration: 02:19:58

Ep. 238 It’s A Great Time to Be a KISS Fan!

The Birth of a Brand New KISS Fan! Episode 238, July 25, 2017. Nothing but our personal KISS stories this week! Mark saw KISS in Chicago and Michael and Tommy saw them in Hinckley, MN. We all concluded that this is a great time to be a KISS fan! Michael says his story about taking […]

Duration: 01:43:29

Ep. 237 Ace Frehley Is Not KISS

Ace Frehley Is Not KISS! Episode 237, July 18, 2017. No guest this week, just a grab bag of topics… Ace Frehley is releasing a deluxe edition of Anomaly. What do we think and who isn’t going to support Ace Frehley? We also spend time discussing the similarities of Creatures of the Night and Revenge, […]

Duration: 01:58:07

Ep. 236 What Happened at the NYC KISS Expo, We Get All The Answers

We Get the REAL STORY About What Happened at the 2017 NYC KISS Expo. Episode 236, July 11, 2017. We promised you we would find what happened at the NYC KISS Expo. This week we are joined by the promoter Derek Christopher. Derek opens up and addresses everything that happened. He doesn’t avoid a single […]

Duration: 02:05:53

Ep. 235 The REAL STORY Behind the Rock and Roll Over Demo Tape

How Did the Rock and Roll Over Demo Tape Get Released? Episode 235, July 4, 2017. This week we talk about the Rock and Roll Over demo tape that was recently released. Who actually owns it. How it was acquired. How items such as this demo tape are discovered and how they are purchased. What […]

Duration: 01:36:01

Ep. 234 Jason Gallinger from the Facebook Group KISS Chikara! Joins Us!

KISS Chikara the BEST KISS Facebook Group! Episode 233, June 20, 2017. Larry Harris Co-founder of Casablanca Records with Neil Bogart Joins Us to Talk About KISS and Casablanca! Larry Harris began working for Buddah/Kama Sutra Records in the summer of 1971 as the local New York promotions man, and in 1973 joined his cousin […]

Duration: 01:43:56

Ep. 233 Larry Harris Co-founder of Casablanca Records with Neil Bogart Joins Us!

Larry Harris the Co-founder of Casablanca Records Talks About the History of Signing KISS. Episode 233, June 20, 2017. Larry Harris Co-founder of Casablanca Records with Neil Bogart Joins Us to Talk About KISS and Casablanca! Larry Harris began working for Buddah/Kama Sutra Records in the summer of 1971 as the local New York promotions […]

Duration: 02:26:07

Ep. 232 Howard Johnson from KERRANG! & Rock Candy Magazine Share KISS Stories

The History of KERRANG! Magazine and How They Felt About KISS! Episode 232, June 13, 2017. Howard Johnson Editor of Rock Candy Magazine and in the past KERRANG! joins us this week to talk about the early days of KERRANG!, why Rock Candy Magazine is bringing back the attitude of KERRANG! and stories about KISS […]

Duration: 02:25:20

Ep. 231 Gilda Caserta Talks about Running KISS CENTRAL From 1988 to 1992

KISS Launches KISS Central in 1988 and We Speak with Gilda Caserta Who Ran It. Episode 231, May 30, 2017. Who remembers when KISS started KISS Central in 1988? It was a way to sort of organize and support the many fan clubs and fanzines at the time. Gilda Caserta was hired by KISS to […]

Duration: 02:30:42

Ep. 230 We Don’t Care About Paul Stanley’s Vocal Problems and We Weren’t Paid to Say That.

Stop Complaining To Us About Paul Stanley’s Vocals, We Don’t Care! Episode 230, May 24, 2017. We don’t care about Paul Stanley’s vocal problems, really we don’t. And nobody paid us to say that. If you have a problem, fine, but don’t try and convince us we are wrong in how we feel. It’s not […]

Duration: 02:00:43

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