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A weekly show bringing you three excellent podsafe artists, by your host in Leith, Edinburgh




Show 296 – Last One Before Armageddon

Listen here, though I'd love you to subscribe ! Make the most of this new episode of Three From Leith - it may be your last experience of the best in independent & unsigned music before the men with the two worst hairstyles in the world decide to drop a nuke on each other! [tag]Bedroom Eyes[/tag] - After I Was A Kid But Before I Grew Up [tag]Vigilantes[/tag] - What A Shame [tag]Echo Arcadia[/tag] - Ghosts / Into The Shadows The soundbed was 'Fun Sound (Original Mix)' by...

Duration: 00:34:37

Show 295 – AudioBox

Listen here, though I'd love you to subscribe ! It's 2017, and Three From Leith is back with a new studio set-up and a new selection of the best tracks from some of the best independent artists there are. Happy New Year, and here's hoping your ready to slap on your headphones to appreciate what's coming your way in Show 295! [tag]Kyros[/tag] - Cloudburst [tag]Akiva[/tag] - Chemical Eyes [tag]Abel Raise The Cain[/tag] - Every Rise [tag]Kyros[/tag] - Dilate The soundbed was 'Love...

Duration: 00:44:39

Show 294 – Am I Seeing Things?

Listen here, though I'd love you to subscribe ! Pick your jaw back up off the floor - you're not hallucinating, it IS another TFL podcast at long last. I have excuses, but who wants to hear all about them when there's lots of great music to listen yo instead? OK, I do blether a bit about what's been happening, but who can blame me?! [tag]Rayne[/tag] - Chemicals [tag]Heksagons[/tag] - Temper Tantrums / Dance Macabre [tag]Two Skies[/tag] - When The Storm Hits [tag]Honeymilk[/tag] - Time...

Duration: 00:40:25

Show 293 – A Quarter Of The Way In

Listen here, though I'd love you to subscribe ! Here we go with the first show of 2016, as we reach the end of the 1st quarter. Where did the first part of the year go? Life's been busy and dealt the family a fairly awful knock, so things have all been in a bit of a tizzy. But I finally found the time to get some more great music down, interspersed with the usual waffle, to see you through until the next episode. Enjoy - and do let me know if you find any great new music yourself which you...

Duration: 00:29:33

Show 292 – The 2015 Christmas Show

Listen here, though I'd love you to subscribe ! Welcome to the first Christmas show in many years - with the key difference this year being that there are no festive tunes featured (other than the festive intro and outros). Sit back with a hot mug of mulled wine and a mince pie or two and fire up the hifi or the mp3 player to enjoy an end-of-year selection of some of the best music sent to me over 2015. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year - see you all in 2016!...

Duration: 00:43:08

Show 288 – What Did I Do Again?

Listen here, though I'd love you to subscribe ! This week's podcast is one of those shows which really benefits from being played through a really good pair of headphones. A great selection, which I'm now encoding at a higher than normal bitrate, for you to crank up and jump around to - whether it be in the privacy of your own home or in full public view on the street or in the bus. Immerse yourself in the sheer joy of the music. [tag]Faerground Accidents[/tag] - She Makes Me Want To Die...

Duration: 00:33:29

Show 287 – It’s That 80s Show!

Listen here, though I'd love you to subscribe ! Flu defeated, it's time for a trip back to the 80s with some eighties-influenced synth-pop from the current day. Hard to conceive that the 80s were 30 years ago, and even stranger to think back to what you were doing back then! So, put on those rose-tinted specs and come with me back to those carefree days of my teens... [tag]Filter Distortion[/tag] - Black and White [tag]Smoking Ghosts[/tag] - Dance The Disillusionment Away [tag]I, Us &...

Duration: 00:30:30

Show 286 – He’s Alive!

Listen here, though I'd love you to subscribe ! New year? Check. New kit for recording on? Check. New tunes? Check. Same old blethering? Hell, yeah! It's true - I'm finally back with a laptop (thanks, Glen!) and a new external soundcard to create the new TFL recording studio. As I found during the recording though, I need to rearrange my studio workspace to avoid having to lean in to reach the mic & knackering my back... I also have to apologise to The Persian Leaps, as my rustiness meant...

Duration: 00:24:48

Show 285 – Resurfacing

Listen here, though I'd love you to subscribe ! Well, lack of time, holidays and major computer issues have kept me away again for quite some time, but here I am resurfacing as summer ends with another wee selection of great independent tuneage to satisfying your cravings. Enjoy until the next time :-) [tag]Sparrow Falls[/tag] - Thus Perishes The World's Glory / Spewing Bile [tag]Perma F[/tag] - Burning Angel [tag]The Y-Axes[/tag] - Dotted Lines / Sunglasses The soundbed was 'Endless Blue'...

Duration: 00:28:27

Show 284 – Will It Get There?

Listen here, though I'd love you to subscribe ! Jings! Where did the time go? A combination of time & frustration with the PC thwarting a couple of attempts to record (three hours wasted when the wifi card software corrupted, anyone?) has kept me away longer than planned. I've also noticed that the comments validation plugin was broken, as was the 'Donate' button, so they've now been fixed too. So, let's get on and fix the bumper selection of music right now [tag]Vukovi[/tag] - So Long...

Duration: 00:42:29

Show 283 – Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

Listen here, though I'd love you to subscribe ! In the blink of an eye it's the end of February and this show will reach your ears on the 4th March. It can't be though – Christmas was only last week! (Or at least it feels that way). Fear not though, for here's a Spring selection of the finest tunes from across the globe which should get you ready for the run up to summer.... ;-) Hillman Lighthouse - Change Your Mind The Aviators - What Do You Want From Me Yuri's Accident - Lights (On Her...

Duration: 00:25:29

Show 272 – Leaner, Not Meaner

Listen here, though I'd love you to subscribe ! I'm a few pounds lighter and there are a few old names making a reappearance on the podcast. Lots of alt indie folk vibes abound this week, but thankfully there's not a woolly Fisherman's jumper in sight (and no-one's sticking a finger in one ear and starting every song with a drawn-out “Oooooooooohhhhhhh....”). TFL – a lean, mean and modern scene! The Ramisko Maki Maki Rocking Horse - Danger Danger Ardentjohn - In The Morning Bruise -...

Show 271- Bye AMP!

Listen here, though I'd love you to subscribe ! After 8 years of podcasting as a member of AMP, I've decided to call time on my membership of the Association. It's been fun, but it doesn't feel relevant to me any more so it's time to go it alone as a privateer podcaster! Fear not though - I don't think you'll notice any difference. The music will be just as amazing, and the blethering as bad as ever... Daystar - Paralysing GUMS! - New Year Alaska Campus - Mon Reve / You, Me and The Sun The...

Show 270 – Happy 2013!

Listen here or use the player on the right, though I'd love you to subscribe ! Happy New Year! Time to get back to it after a break, just as the snow arrives just a little too late for a White Christmas... Critical Cirkus - Deceiver Rendezvous - C Sharp Nine Times Blue - Falling Slowly / New Beginnings The soundbed was 'End Of The World' by Rendezvous Three From Leith theme-tune by Alex Aitken

Show 269 – Counting Down The Days

p>Listen here, though I'd love you to subscribe ! Well, by the time you listen to this it'll be 8 more working days until I'm off work on holiday until 2013 - as the title says, I'm counting down the days. It'll also be my 3rd last day working for my current employer, exactly 20 years and 6 months since I started. How time flies! There were no such things as iPods or podcasts back then, but there was - and still is - an abundance of fine, independent music. Enjoy, then, another fine...

Show 268 – Mellow Mixtape

Listen here, though I'd love you to subscribe ! Time to slow the pace down a little, and mellow down as the show goes on. Of course, this would be spoiled by my blethering, so this week is a special laid-back mixtape. Enjoy! Bus Stop Dreams - No Summer Without You Previously featured on TFL as one half of Strangers in Wonderland, this track comes from Lasse Thomasson's new project with Par Beglund, Bus Stop Dreams. Their debut album, 'Don't Forget To Breathe' was release on 6th Nov 2012....

Show 264 – What Do I Call This One?

Listen here, though I'd love you to subscribe ! With the nights starting to draw in, but the mugginess not retreating, thoughts turn to the festive season and beyond. I'm already talking about booking a holiday to Slovenia again next year... Until then, there's a grand selection of some of the best independent music that's out there – even if it has taken me a loooong time to play some of it! Burning Shapes - Someone Else's Word The Griswolds - Mississippi Rose Red - Divine / Outside Burning...

Show 263 – Where Was I?

Listen here, though I'd love you to subscribe ! First full show since before I went on holiday – my apologies for the delay! I forgot about the Festival being on and the fact that I had booked into a Friday show, and also how tired I'd be at the end of the working week after not having been at work for a while! Hopefully the music will make up for the gap :-) Amethyst - When Will You Be Around? Theo Berndt - It's Complicated Eric Unseen - Missing / Hello Hello The soundbed was 'September...

Show 262 and a half – Still Breathing

Listen here, though I'd love you to subscribe ! A wee short show – just to let you know I am still breathing and will be back next week. Fully intended to do a full show this week but was just utterly shattered on Friday & couldn't manage one. [tag]Burning Shapes[/tag] - Bad Karma See the band performing many of the songs on their YouTube channel. Three From Leith theme-tune by Alex Aitken

Show 262 – Paper Trails

Listen here or use the player on the right, though I'd love you to subscribe ! A special show this week to celebrate the release of the new Dropkick album, Paper Trails. I had hoped to bring you the tracks pre-release, but life conspired to get in the way (as always!). So kick back & enjoy a fantastic selection from Scotland's finest alt-country-power-popsters and all-round top blokes. Dropkick - Paper Trails / Words Best Left / Annabelle / Until I Fall Away / Another Day / In Your Past See...
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