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Ep 55 - PRhyming the Boat with Question Marks?

In this episode we discuss PRhyme 2, Lil Boat 2, and ? by XXXTentacion. We also dive into the interesting million dollar deals that are being offered to Lil Pump and Logic, as well the huge student walk out regarding gun control. Listen, like, follow, subscribe!


Ep 54 - Hip Hop March Madness, Elite Eight

We've made some cuts and welcome you to listen to our thought process! Moving from the Sweet 16 to the Elite Eight! Listen, like, follow, subscribe! Tell us what you think on social media or by visiting our website!(


Ep 53 - Bobby's Memories of Royalty are GOOD and Don't Die

In this episode, we talk about a TON of music. There was so much that dropped that we had to split this weeks episode into two! This episode is part 1, where we discuss albums from Tory Lanez, Valee, Logic, and Earthgang. We also discuss a few singles and of course go one some interesting tangents throughout. Listen, like, follow Subscribe


Episode 52 - Hip Hop March Madness, TTC Style

In this episode, we share our process for picking the top rappers under 30. We went live on Instagram when we recorded this episode so we could answer questions from our listeners, as well as their take on our picks for the list. This list is based off of the last 2 years of music from these artists. It is also based on who we listened to the most. This was a fun one to do! Listen, like, follow and subscribe!


Episode 51 - Victory Lap

In this episode, we talk about a myriad of topics, ranging from HOT 97's radio host Peter Rosenberg's conversation with Drake regarding the God's Plan video to G Herbo's recent run in with the law. We also dive into Nipsey Hussle's debut album, Victory Lap. Listen, like, follow, subscribe!


Episode 50 - Black Panther, Cozz it's God's Plan

We're still black, y'all! And we're black y'all! Still blackety black black black y'all! SPOILER: If you haven't seen Black Panther yet, do not listen to this episode. However if you have, enjoy! We dive into the layers of this amazing movie, from the underlying metaphors and themes, to the score (Shout out to Ludwig!) We also review Cozz's debut album, Effected, 2 Chains' The Play Don't Care Who Makes It and give our thoughts on Drake's new video for God's Plan. Listen, like, follow...


Episode 49 - The Blackest Episode

I'm black y'all! And I'm black y'all! And I'm blackety black and I'm black y'all! lol In this episode we talk about all the things black twitter is raving about, from Quincy Jones' interview with to the Black Panther Soundtrack and movement. We also discuss some of the albums we're most anticipating this year, from BlackStar to ASAP Rocky. Come take a deep dive into the blackest episode we've ever recorded. Listen, like, follow, subscribe!


Episode 48 - For the Culture, too?

In this episode, we dive in to the new Migos Album, Culture II. We also discuss Drake's so called 2 track EP and a ton of news ranging from Jemele Hill going to ESPN's Undefeated to the untimely passing of Chicago's own, Fredo Santana. Listen, like, follow and subscribe!


Episode 47 - Delayed but Not Forgotten Vol. 5

We got a slow start his year, but not to worry! We're back in action! In this installment of Delayed but not Forgotten, we discuss a myriad of topics from the end of 2017 to the start of the new year. From Bow Wow still taking L's to Kendrick Lamar and TDE producing the Black Panther soundtrack. Listen, like, follow, subscribe!


Episode 46 - The Live 2017 Recap

In this episode, we review the best of hiphop in 2017. We recorded this episode live at VSOP studios and encouraged the audience to engage int he dialogue with us. We dive into the top themes, emcees, albums, and what we expect for hip hop in 2018. Listen, like, follow, and subscribe!


Episode 45 - The Drunken Legacy Episode

This episode was recorded at VSOP Studios while we were all pretty inebriated, so you should have an awesome time listening to this one. The main topic we dive into are hip hop's best third albums, ranging from Outkast's Aquemini to Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp A Butterfly. However, the discussion takes on some really great tangents throughout that you don't want to miss! Listen, like, follow, subscribe!


Episode 44 - Coolin' out with Ra Cesar

In this episode we interview Chicago's own, Ra Cesar. We talk about his influences, what he hopes to accomplish with his music and his latest project, Piotrowski Park. Listen, like, subscribe and enjoy!


Episode 43 - Getting drunk with Big KRIT

Sorry for the wait! We were getting over our turkey coma! Also, this is the longest episode we've done to date, but its one of the best! In this lengthy episode we're joined by Johnny Garcia of SBX Music Group. We recorded this about 2 weeks ago at VSOP Studios in Chicago. We talk about a bunch of stuff, from Tyrese crying on the internet to more sexual harassment allegations coming to light, to Kanye West's Yeezy Sound. And lastly we dig into the amazing Big KRIT album, 4eva is a Might...


Ep 42 - Lemon-Tang is for the Children

In this episode we marvel over NERD's new single, Lemon and the amazing dancer that's in the video. We also dive into how everyone from Post Malone, Migos, to Chris Brown are expected to "game the system" when it comes to sales now. Lastly, we explore how The Saga Continues with Wu-Tang.


Episode 41 - Sober Tressie tries Mr. Davis

In this episode, we cover the normal bull with the whats happened in the culture, from Harvey Weinstein to Bow Wow catching multiple L's. We also have a heated discussion about Eminem's freestyle in the BET cypher. Lastly, we review the latest project from Gucci, Mr. Davis.


Episode 40 - LA VanGogh

In this episode, we interviewed the very talented rapper/producer/singer L.A. VanGogh. The interview takes place at VSOP studios prior to the album release. We discussed everything from his musical influences, upbringing and finally his debut album, Everything is Subjective. The album is dropping as two episodes, and the first is available today on all streaming platforms! We decided to drop this extra episode today to make sure his fans have some insight to the album as they digest it. If...


Episode 38 - You Can't Put Her in a Box, It's Impossible!

In this episode, we continue discuss the what's been happening int he culture. From the Kevin Hart extortion to the continuous coverage of the national anthem protest and lack of understanding of the real issues. We also talk about two new albums that dropped on very different ends of the hiphop spectrum, Humble Beast by G Herbo and Laila's Wisdom by Rapsody. Listen, like, follow, subscribe!


Episode 37 - Earthgang > Lil Uzi Vert and The NFL is Trash

In this episode we review projects from Lil Uzi Vert, Earthgang, Asap Mob and XXXtentatcion. We also discuss the incident between Michael Bennett and the Las Vegas Police Department, and how hard its been boycotting the NFL.


Episode 36 - Your Frends

In this episode, we had the great pleasure of interviewing Your Frends. They're a new group coming from Chicago, consisting of three members: Tyler, Thee Unique, and Franchika. Throughout the interview, we have some fun and discuss who they are as group, what Chicago means to them and what their future holds.


Episode 35 - Taylor's Appropriation & Ben's Judgment Day

In this episode, we welcome our friend Ben to discuss Dave East and ASAP Ferg. They both dropped EPs recently, making this a heavy east coast episode. Oh! We also can’t forget R Kelly's sex slave house, Cardi B making it to #1 on HipHop charts, and Taylor Swift's appropriation. Lastly, we test Ben's "hiphopness" with his top 5.


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