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049 It Feels Like The Offseason

I already feels like the offseason. Executively Produced, as always, by Darren Kinnaird.

Duration: 00:54:28

048 Playoffs, Conference Champs and Coaching Carousel

We're re-upping this episode after Sean's mom pointed out of some audio abberations. The TTF panel tackles (get it?) the CFB Playoff Selection Committee's coin-flip on Alabama and Ohio State, Conference Championship winners, and the ongoing coaching carousel. Executively Produced, as always, by Darren Kinnaird.

Duration: 01:28:18

047 Coaching Carousel BONUS Ep!

Those rude, crude football dudes are back with a special BONUS ep detailing the wackiest coaching carousel in recent memory (thanks, Tennessee). Recorded before Jimbo bolted for TAMU and before UT fired and hired their athletic director in a matter of hours. Executively Produced, as always,by Darren Kinnaird.

Duration: 01:15:41

046: Our idols are dead and enemies in power

Auburn handily defeats Alabama to make their way into the playoff picture, as #2 Miami also drops to a dramatically less good team. If you like Bammer tears, listen to this episode. Executively Produced, as always, by Darren Kinnaird.

Duration: 00:55:09

045: Cupcakes for all!

Sean and Matts talk mostly about credit card fraud and the coaching carousel during the slowest weekend of the 2017 season. Executively Produced, as always, by Darren Kinnaird.

Duration: 00:59:09

044: Kirby Your Enthusiasm. Not So Smart. Dawgs Blow It In Auburn. At a Game.

RAPID RESPONSE FROM YOUR THROW THE FLAG FAMILY. Executively Produced, as always, by Darren Kinnaird.

Duration: 00:53:09

043: Playoff Rankings Cometh

Matts and the Sean push forward into the season after the Playoff Rankins are revealed.

Duration: 01:35:13

042: BCS or Bust

TTF tackles breaking news in Gainesville, Sean tries to explain why he agrees so hard with his friends, and so many coaches are going to be coaching in weird places. Executively Produced as hell by Darren Kinnaird.

Duration: 01:35:40

041: They let Butch Jones back on the plane

We're back with more midseason action. The tide rolls over Tennessee, Penn State shoves Michigan out of the playoff picture, and more. Executively Produced, as always, by Darren Kinnaird.

Duration: 01:03:38

040: Midseason Spooktacular!

We are halfway through the season and Friday the 13th brought us the losses of FOUR top 10 teams. Executively Produced, as always, by Darren Kinnaird.

Duration: 01:29:45

039: A Lean Week

Matts and Sean cover Week 6 Action in the College Football Season. Executively Produced, as always, by Darren Kinnaird.

Duration: 01:20:14

038: The SEC is embarrassing.

Matts and Sean run through Week 5 action of the 2017 season, Washington State's historic win at USC, Alabama literally ripping apart Mississippi's resolve, and what could be the next to last game Butch Jones ever coaches. Always and forever executively produced by the one, the only, Darren Kinnaird.

Duration: 01:19:19

037: Stillwater Runs Terrible

Week 4 action included the Tide rolling of Vandy, a hearthbreaker at Kinnick stadium and Kentucky's 31st no-good, terrible, very bad day against Florida in a row. Executively produced, as always, by Darren Kinnaird.

Duration: 01:20:20

Throw The Flag 035: Cunning Use of A Flag

Sean and The Matts Stay on Message And Really Get Into Week 2

Duration: 01:14:54

034: Kevin Sumlin, your number is up

Sean and the Matts cover Sunday's games, which were arguably the most exciting of the weekend. Texas A&M blows a 34-point lead -- the second largest in history -- to UCLA, all but sealing Kevin Sumlin's fate as the HBC in College Station. Also, WVU v. V Tech action and a TAMU Regent freaks out about his school's loss on Facebook. Executive Produced, as always, by Darren Kinnaird.

Duration: 00:22:02

033: Greatest Opener of All Time

Sean and the Matts get into week one and opine, after watching hours upon hours of football, that we know absolutely nothing.

Duration: 01:29:34

032: Week Zero Dark Football

The season is upon us! Sean and the Matts tackle the first 5 games of the season and become way more excited than anyone should about Rice vs. Stanford. Stay tuned in the coming week or two for actual football and a very special guest. Executive Producer: Darren Kinnaird.

Duration: 00:45:34

031: Final 2017 Offseason Episode (Part 2)

Creel joins to provide his takes in a rocky, rocky ep. Join us early next week for the first episode of the 2017 football season! Executive Produced by Darren Kinnaird.

Duration: 00:28:10

030: Final 2017 Offseason Episode (Part 1)

Sean and Hankins slip in an episode while Creel wasn't looking. They talk about more football than they expected, including under- and overrated head coaches as chosen by a VERY small sample of Dennis Dodd enthusiasts. The 2017 College Football season is upon us! On Saturday, there is a slate of 5 games, including Stanford v. Rice down undah in Australia, mate! Throw The Flag is a presentation of the TTF Network. Executive Produced by Darren Kinnaird.

Duration: 01:11:42

029: In the Year Two Thousand (and Seven)

Sean & the Matts run through offseason news where all roads lead to 'Bama, the 2007 season, and how difficult the Wonderlic test truly is. Executive Produced by Darren Kinnaird. Powered by Jugtown. WDE.

Duration: 00:41:25

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