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A weekly rehashing of 'sues - gay rights, women's issues, pop culture and politics - with your hosts homosensual Erin Gibson and feminasty Bryan Safi. Can you handle it?

A weekly rehashing of 'sues - gay rights, women's issues, pop culture and politics - with your hosts homosensual Erin Gibson and feminasty Bryan Safi. Can you handle it?
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Beverly Hills, CA




A weekly rehashing of 'sues - gay rights, women's issues, pop culture and politics - with your hosts homosensual Erin Gibson and feminasty Bryan Safi. Can you handle it?






8205 Santa Monica Blvd. #1-116 West Hollywood, CA 90046 323-929-7890


TS321: Golden Globes, Daphne Merkin, Pose, Guest Alison Rosen

This week, Bryan and Erin start off with a recap of Oprah’s incredible speech and the unfortunate lack of male voices in support of Time’s Up at the Golden Globes. Then, Erin talks about Daphne Merkin’s insulting opinion piece about #MeToo and how she gets it so wrong. Bryan shares the development of the new trans inclusive show “Pose” and how creator Ryan Murphy is using his power to change the system for the better, and guest Alison Rosen (Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend) talks...

Duration: 01:22:35

TS320: HIV/AIDS Advisory Council Firings, Female Candidates for Government, Guest Negin Farsad

Bryan and Erin welcome 2018 with open arms as they catch up after their new year festivities! Bryan discusses a new development in the HIV/AIDS Presidential Advisory Council situation: everyone got fired! They try to wrap their heads around the travesty that is this administration’s backtracking on LGBTQ issues before Erin shares more positive news in the way of all of the amazing female candidates currently running for government positions. Then, host of Fake the Nation Negin Farsad joins...

Duration: 01:06:48

TS319: Sophia the Robot, Faith Grace, Guest Arden Myrin

Erin and Bryan close out 2017 by focusing on the good things that came out of the year: their favorite books and movies! Then, Erin brings a story about Sophia the Robot, asking the question: why do robots need to look so much like people? Bryan discusses a pregnant mom who fired a gay photographer via text message, and actress/comedian Arden Myrin (Will You Accept This Rose?) joins to talk about seeing Anita Hill at a #MeToo event, her Bachelor obsession, acting training techniques, and...

Duration: 01:11:44

TS318: Christmas Extravaganza! Guests Jessica Chaffin, Orlando Soria, Julie Goldman, Brandy Howard, Trixie Mattel, Ira Madison III, Dave Holmes, Charles Rogers, Nina Parker, and Paul F. Tompkins

Bryan and Erin get warm and cozy by the fire in the newly constructed Chateau Shade as they await the guests to their holiday party extravaganza! Jessica Chaffin and Orlando Soria drop by share low-budget gift advice and hot Christmas Tree Tips. Then, Julie Goldman and Brandy Howard stop in to chat about their fav presents growing up, and Ira Madison III gives his take on the best entertainment and pop culture 2017 had to offer. The party continues as Dave Holmes and Charles Rogers make...

Duration: 01:43:25

TS317: World AIDS Day, Obstetric Bias, Guest Emily Heller

Erin returns from Ireland…with gifts! Bryan discusses Trump’s remarks during his World AIDS Day address and why his tendency to specifically fail to mention the affected parties of tragedies time and time again can have far reaching consequences. Then, Erin exposes the discriminatory practices of medical professionals when it comes to surgical sterilization for men and women, and guest Emily Heller talks about Frasier fandom, the importance of distinguishing between pervert and predator,...

Duration: 01:12:08

TS316: Drag Queen Story Time, Travis Alabanza, Guest Adam MacLean

This week, Bryan brings forth a report from the British tabloid The Sun about drag queens giving LGBTQ-friendly story time and the Anglican Church’s admirable response. Then Erin talks about the shifty treatment of trans shopper Travis Alabanza by Topshop changing facilities, and guest Adam MacLean joins to discuss finding leadership in past transgressions with his new project before giving his take on everything from Justin Timberlake to the dangers of palm oil during a game...

Duration: 01:16:51

TS315: Sex Predator Commonalities, Nicola Sturgeon, Guest Calpernia Addams

This week, Erin talks about the findings of long-overdue studies on the shared behaviors of sexual predators and why it’s so important to focus on their commonalities instead of those of the victims. Then Bryan brings a story about Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s apology for laws that criminalized homosexual behavior in the past, and performer and advocate Calpernia Addams discusses her mixed feelings about being portrayed by Jared Leto, how she went from growing up in a...

Duration: 01:15:53

TS314: Wes Goodman, Blake Shelton, Guest Trixie Mattel

This week Bryan talks about Ohio congressman Wes Goodman’s campaign against gay rights and subsequent resignation after getting caught having gay sex in his office. Erin brings up Blake Shelton’s questionable distinction as People’s “Sexiest Man Alive,” especially given his history of hateful views, and guest Trixie Mattel returns to talk about The Trixie & Katya Show, the pleasures of the ballcuzzi, and importance of underselling on Grindr. This episode is sponsored by EverlyWell (code:...

Duration: 01:14:16

TS313: Roy Moore, LGBTQ History Books, Guest John Hodgman

This week, Erin discusses the vile behavior of Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore and his supporters and Bryan lightens things up a bit by shining light on the strides being made with LGBTQ educational materials in schools. Then, Guest John Hodgman joins to share details from his book Vacationland: True Stories from Painful Beaches. John traces Maine’s historical whiteness, relates why it can be so easy to ignore social problems in certain parts of the country, and reveals just how much he...

Duration: 01:24:51

TS312: The Gay-Hating Judge, Notre Dame Birth Control Mandate, Guests Elise Bauman and Natasha Negovanlis

Bryan and Erin celebrate the wave of progressive candidates swept into office in the latest elections before getting into this week’s stories about a judge’s secretly recorded homophobic insults and Notre Dame’s rollback of birth control coverage for students and faculty alike. Guests Elise Bauman and Natasha Negovanlis of webseries-turned-movie “Carmilla” join to explain how they ended up providing a voice for a rainbow of fans, the history behind the titular character, and the unlikely...

Duration: 01:10:44

TS311: Heartbeat Protection Act, Egypt Anti-Gay Bill, Guest Jessica Chaffin

This week, Erin takes down Rep. Steve King’s objectionably-named “Heartbeat Protection Act” and Bryan explains how one rainbow flag led to the worst Egyptian crackdown on homosexuality in recent memory. Guest Jessica Chaffin joins to talk about which of her friends she embarrassed in front of Joan Rivers, why the Kevin Spacey allegations aren’t entirely surprising, and what Kim Jong Un really wants out of life.This episode is sponsored by Casper (code: SHADE), Away (code: SHADE), and...

Duration: 01:16:21

TS310: Rep. Betty Price’s HIV Quarantine, Legal Obstacle Course, Guest Kay Cannon

This week, Bryan brings to the table GA Rep. Betty Price’s reprehensible suggestion as to how to legally respond to HIV and Erin discusses the legal battles of a pregnant teenage immigrant stuck in Texas. Guest Kay Cannon joins to talk about actively seeking out work alongside other women, writing on 30 Rock and New Girl, and coming in from outside the acapella world to pen Pitch Perfect.This episode is sponsored by BaubleBar (code: SHADE), JustFab, and Sun Basket.

Duration: 01:53:38

TS309: Female Inmate Firefighters, Value Voter Summit, Guest Kathryn Burns

This week, Bryan and Erin discuss the #MeToo movement as well as stories about California’s female inmate firefighting program and the Family Research Council’s Value Voter Summit. Guest Kathryn Burns (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) gives the scoop on being a Texas transplant in LA, forging a career in choreography, and the theory behind line dancing.This episode is sponsored by BaubleBar (code: SHADE), JustFab, HBO's Tracy Ullman's Show, and Casper Mattresses (code: SHADE)

Duration: 01:37:32

TS308: UN Death Penalty Vote, EEOC Wage Gap Initiative, Guest Timothy Simons

This week, Bryan discusses the failure of the US to vote for a UN Human Rights Council measure condemning the death penalty for homosexuality and Erin brings a story about an Obama-era wage gap initiative under siege by the current administration. Plus, guest Timothy Simons talks about transferring from Chicago to LA, working Frances Bean Cobain’s sixteenth birthday party, and the behind-the-scenes of his Pennywise audition process.This episode is sponsored by Mack Weldon (code: SHADE) and...

Duration: 01:33:01

TS307: Teen Epidural Parental Permissions, Australian Gay Marriage Vote, Guest Sam Kieffer

This week, Bryan and Erin discuss the terrible laws on the books allowing for parents to refuse epidurals for their pregnant teenage children as well as the Australian plebiscite on gay marriage and Louisa Wall’s Catholic Church criticism. Then, sound engineer Sam Kieffer joins to share stories of his native Milwaukee including the origin of the Bronze Fonz statue and working at Jeffrey Dahmer’s old haunt.This episode is sponsored by Mack Weldon (code: SHADE), Casper Mattresses (code:...

Duration: 01:32:01

TS306: Portrait of George Villiers, WNBA Protests, Guests Julie Goldman and Brandy Howard

This week, Bryan brings a story about a long-lost Flemish portrait of the “handsomest bodied” English courtier and Erin recounts the recent protests sweeping not just the NFL but also the WNBA. Later, guests Julie Goldman and Brandy Howard join to discuss the origin of their camaraderie, the first female Globetrotter, and the duality of comedy and politics.This episode is sponsored by Audible ( and NatureBox (

Duration: 01:33:03

TS305: Independent Women’s Forum, UK LGBTQ Hate Crimes, Guest Nikki Glaser

This week Erin talks about the policies and stances of the conservative Independent Women’s Forum and Bryan brings a story from the charity Stonewall about rising violence against LGBTQ people in the UK. Then guest Nikki Glaser joins in to talk about her trip to the DMZ, what everyone should know about anal sex, and the joys of cosmetic enhancements.This episode is sponsored by ThirdLove ( and Care/of ( code: SHADE).

Duration: 01:20:15

TS304: How Natural Disasters Affect Women, Fireworld Spyware, Guests Dave Holmes and Matt McConkey

This week Erin brings a story about how hurricanes and other natural disasters affect women and Bryan talks about a French gay-detecting spyware. Then they welcome on Dave Holmes and Matt McConkey of the podcast Homophilia to discuss pubic hair removal, coming out experiences, and the life-changing moment of witnessing their parents getting it on.This episode is sponsored by ThirdLove ( and Casper Mattresses ( code: SHADE).

Duration: 01:22:57

TS303: Modeling Industry, Munroe Bergdorf, Guest Zack Ford

This week, Bryan recounts a dispensary adventure and Erin shares a story about the viciousness of the modeling industry. Then, they address Trump’s decision to end DACA as well as L’Oreal’s firing of Munroe Bergdorf, and LGBTQ Editor at Zack Ford joins in to talk about life in DC, discovering his sexuality, and what got him politically motivated. This episode is sponsored by Empire Labs ( code: SHADE), RXBAR ( code: SHADE), and...

Duration: 01:45:10

TS302: Hurricane Harvey, Transgender Military Ban Pt. 2, Heavy Flow Dispatcher, Guest Louis Peitzman

This week, Bryan and Erin recap the disaster in Texas and Taylor Swift’s big new song. Then, they discuss Trump’s pardon of America’s most racist sheriff, the new developments in the transgender military ban, and a 911 dispatcher who was fired for her heavy flow. Buzzfeed entertainment editor Louis Peitzman joins in to talk about his biggest article, inadvertent body shaming, and the Edward Albee casting controversy. This episode is sponsored by ModCloth ( code: SHADE),...

Duration: 01:32:35

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