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Eating Worms With Clint Eastwood

opening song: i'll believe in anything - wolf parade middle song: seventeen - peach pit closing song: dope lemon - marinadebqw wah pedals my bloody valentine kevin shields sampling vacuum cleaners are the beatles actually a good band? the beatles were a boy band who is the best band of all time? what is the best beatles album? the jonas brothers scream queens american horror story is a show for gay people murder house is a pretty cool band name mount eerie the microphones the mountain...


Aziz Ansari / Call Me By Your Name

cold open: a very stable man having a normal reaction to a game opening song: cat fantastic - this town needs guns middle song: old friends - pinegrove luke crying about the steelers ephemeral ecstasy hawaii missile conspiracy theories michael jordan quitting basketball because of a gambling addiction shitholegate we need to import norweigans denmark is the best scandinavian country anarchist community in copenhagen finland is a nordic country tyler can't speak swedish german is a...


Ep. 14: The End of The Fucking Golden Globes

opening song: deceptacon - le tigre middle song: melba - jeff rosenstock closing song: suede - nxworries revenge porn pissing on ikea magazines apps you to trace your farts (thanks silicon valley!) app developers are always sweaty french showers why you should get a bidet smart bidet communal bidet handheld bidet golden globes kirk douglas being 10000 years old carl reiner on twitter bob dylan's voice is slowly detoriating into a gravelly whisper jimmy hoffa movie the disaster artist...


Ep. 13: Fire and Fury / A Gray State

Michael Wolff's book is out - we're here to help you sort through this gigantic TMZ article. In part two we discuss the recent Netflix addition "A Gray State" which is a documentary about a libertarian filmmaker who attempted to crowdfund a shitty movie and then ended up murdering his wife and child. This one is political folks. opening song: ugly cherries - pwr bttm middle song: a more perfect union - titus andronicus closing song: 7:30am - slothrust cold open: arnold schwarzenegger...


Ep. 12: War Movies / Logan Paul / Coachella

This week we talk about war movies, the recent logan paul controversy, and the terrible Coachella 2018 lineup. We also talk about buttchugging cocaine at the end. opening song: cave song - wu lyf break song: nobody speak - run the jewels closing song: drunk driver / killer whales - car seat headrest eating a hard candy weed bear high maintenence netflix wormwood snl fucking sucks peter skarsgaard sars guard drew carey nasubi more black mirror boston dynamics robots speaking through the...


Ep. 11: Screener Season / Black Mirror / New Years Party

Lady Bird, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri, and The Disaster Artist all leaked out. We get very intoxicated and talk about them. We're joined by Joe D. in the second half of the episode for some chaos and reminiscing. opening song: jet fuel cant melt steal beams - camp cope middle song: it g ma - anderson .paak second half background music: steeley dan playlist closing song: the new year - death cab i love you daddy things girls like : horrible bosses, bridesmaids, fleetwood mac,...


Episode 9 - Star Wars: The Last Jedi / Ready Player One (Feat. Tyler C)

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is finally out, and we get into a screaming match about the movie being good/bad. We cover all of the major plot points so beware of spoilers. This week we're joined by special guest Tyler C. to talk about Ready Player One and why it will be terrible. We do a spoken word reading of Ernest Cline's incel poetry, talk about Roy Moore and some political stuff, and we discuss Logan Lucky. We have 3 new episodes coming this week, as we've been crazy late on uploading...


Episode 6: Stranger Things Season 2 / Every Video Game Ever

We debate whether or not the new season of Stranger Things is as good as the first season (it's not). We talk about Kevin Spacey's weird Twitter statement, and we argue for a really long time about DLC and the idea of Season Passes for games. It's a good episode folks.


Episode 5: The Simpsons / The Walking Dead (Ft. @CultPopture)

We talk with Richard, the co-host of Cult Popture Podcast about the state of The Simpsons. We argue about the ending of Lost, and discuss the current state of affairs on The Walking Dead. Why do they have a tiger now? Why is there only one black person on the show? Tune for answers to life's greatest questions. Follow @CultPopture on Twitter / Facebook and subscribe to their (fantastic) podcast on iTunes for biweekly episodes about various movie series ranging from Godzilla to The Land...


Episode 3: Gerald's Game / Cabin In The Woods & Friday The 13th

We review the new Gerald's Game movie directed by Mike Flanagan. We talk about the social issues it takes on and how the movie embraces it's female lead overcoming sexual assault and letting go of her past. We also continue our Halloween series. This week we covered Cabin In The Woods and that really bad Michael Bay produced version of Friday The 13th.


Episode 2 - Sickhouse / Every Found Footage Movie Ever

We talk about a very bad movie and discuss whether or not found footage movies are dead.


Episode One - American Vandal / IT

The first episode of 2 Thumbs Down Podcast. We review and give our thoughts on American Vandal, drawing dicks, and the new adaptation of It.


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