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Episode 325: Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

The second part in the saga of half-man, half-wraith Talion (and the elf Celebrimbor) sees the series kick it up a notch. Bigger battles, more of the excellent Nemesis system...and more abilities to slaughter orcs it the most artistic fashion.

Duration: 02:37:43

Episode 324: Cuphead

Dan, Corey and Eric all played some Cuphead for this week's episode....aesthetically pleasing and punishingly difficult as it is. During "What We Played" Dan played a bit more Golf Story and gave his thoughts on the SNES Classic so far.

Duration: 02:06:00

Episode 323: Steamworld Dig 2

Dan and Eric played some Steamworld Dig for this week's episode...having not played the first game they offered up the perspective of newcomers to the series. During "What We Played" Eric played FIFA 18 and Dan and Corey talk a little more Divinity Original Sin 2.

Duration: 02:24:14

Episode 322: Divinity: Original Sin 2

Returning vet Corey and newcomer to the series Dan talk about the sequel to one of Corey's Game of the Year picks from a few years ago....Divinity: Original Sin 2. A classic isometric RPG with some modern flair creates a wonderful gaming experience.

Duration: 01:53:47

Episode 321: Everybody's Golf

For this week's episode we cover a golf game for the second time in our show's history. And one from a good pedigree too, the developers of show favorite Hot Shots Golf. We also cover the Nintendo Direct from September 13th during nibblebits and Project Octopath Traveller during "What We Played."

Duration: 01:44:50

Episode 320: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Dan covers the newest Nintendo Switch exclusive SRPG Mario + Rabbids this week. It's an interesting choice for a crossover, but ends up being surprisingly solid. During "What We Played" Corey played some Ringworld, which is currently in Early Access on Steam.

Duration: 01:55:34

Episode 319: 2017 Fall Games Preview Part 2

We continue our fall games preview this week by selecting a few random titles to cover. During "What We Played" Eric Played some Madden 18, Dan played the Destiny 2 Beta on PC and a few hours of Mario and Rabbids Kingdom Battle. After the episode, Dan and Corey continue their Game of Thrones recap with the season finale, The Dragon and the Wolf.

Duration: 02:20:07

Episode 318: 2017 Fall Games Preview Part 1

An annual staple for the Thumbstick Athletes podcast, where we cover some of heavy hitters coming out in the fall. It's shaping up to be a great Fall for games, and October is really going to empty the wallet. After the episode, Dan and Corey recap Season 7, Episode 6 of Game of Thrones, called Beyond the Wall.

Duration: 03:13:29

Episode 317: Budget PC Build

This week we talk about PC gaming hardware and give some examples of PC builds that can be used for gaming. During "What We Played" Corey started The Long Dark now that it's finally out of early access. After the episode Dan and Corey have their usual Game of Thrones recap, discussing Season 7 Episode 5: Eastwatch. As a bonus though even after the GoT recap, Dan Corey and Will have a spoiler filled discussion about Pyre.

Duration: 02:57:34

Episode 316: Pyre

Dan and Corey cover the newest game from Supergiant, a hybrid sports-rpg game called Pyre. It's kind of a different offering from Supergiant, but retains their typically fabulous artwork and soundtrack. After the episode we continue our Game of Thrones recaps, this time talking about season 7 episode 4: The Spoils of War.

Duration: 02:21:24

Episode 315: Unsung Story: The Long Saga

It was recently that Unsung Story, after months of no updates, was passed along to a whole new developer who was going to build the game from the ground up. Corey and Will backed Unsung Story on Kickstarter years ago and give their thoughts on it to this point. During "What We Played" Will played Nier: Automata, Corey played more Rocket League and Dan prepared for this weekend's Splatfest on Splatoon 2. After the episode Dan and Corey cover last week's Game of Thrones episode, The Queen's...

Duration: 02:08:06

Episode 314: Splatoon 2

Dan spent quite a few hours playing Splatoon 2 this week. During "What We Played" Corey tried Player Unknown's Battlegrounds and briefly tried Pyre. After the episode's outro, Dan and Corey recap Game of Thrones Season 7, episode 2 Stormborn.

Duration: 02:01:08

Episode 313: We Tried the JUMP Beta

On this week's Thumbstick Athletes podcast, Dan and Corey try the JUMP beta...which is a new Netflix like indie game service with an interesting client. After the episode Dan and Corey get back to their Game of Thrones recaps, covering Season 7, Episode 1: Dragonstone.

Duration: 02:36:25

Episode 312: We Tried VR!

While on vacation Corey and Will tried some VR and relate their experience. During "What We Played" Dan finally played Horizon: Zero Dawn and the new Breath of the Wild DLC pack.

Duration: 02:00:55

Episode 311: 2017 Mid Year Recap

I gave everyone the week off for 'Merica day this week, which was convenient since Corey and Will are out of town and we just passed the mid year point. Like last year I played a brief clip of the episodes we recorded on some of the bigger game releases from this year like Resident Evil 7, Mass Effect Andromeda, Horizon Zero Dawn and Breath of the Wild.

Duration: 00:47:39

Episode 310: Steam Summer Sale Recommendations

We give our top picks for this year's Steam Summer Sale, so can continue to pad your digital pile of shame.

Duration: 02:34:29

Episode 309: Xbox One X vs. PS4 Pro

With all the details finally released for the upcoming Xbox One X we can finally have a comparison between the two higher end versions of Microsoft and Sony's consoles.

Duration: 02:35:48

Episode 308: E3 2017 Recap

As per usual we recap all the announcements for the major E3 press conferences along with some miscellaneous announcements. It seems like we're not as negative on this year's E3 as some other outlets, so yay for some positivity!

Duration: 02:46:11

Episode 307: Games that Passed Us By

Everyone has games, even extremely popular games, that for one reason or another you just never play. In this week's episode, the Thumbstick Athletes offer up their games they didn't play for the world to see.

Duration: 01:51:46

Episode 306: E3 2017 Preview/Predictions

Gamer Christmas time again, where our hope and hype levels can vault into the stars, or be unceremoniously dashed. In typical fashion, we do a rundown of the expected announcements, some rumors and offer up some things we can only hope for.

Duration: 02:03:06

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