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Episode 158 - A7X, Machine Head, Avatar + More

In this episode we dig into some new albums, and take a look at a couple concerts. We go over Avenged Sevenfold and Breaking Benjamin's performances at the BOK in Tulsa, we go into Machine Head's new album "Catharis", dig into Jared James Nichols album "Black Magic" and then review the King's residue and Avatar's new album "Avatar Country". We play a track from Forsaken Few, one of the many bands on this weekend's HolataFest. We run through the bands playing the Shrine on Friday and...


Episode 157 - BLS, Frank Hannon, Satriani & Anselmo

In this episode we review several new albums. The forthcoming albums from Phillip H Anselmo & The illegals and Frank Hannon both come out Friday Jan 26th, and we have the advance scoop. We also take a look at the new album from Joe Satriani, which features an amazing trio of the guitarist being joined by Glenn Hughes and Chad Smith. Finally, BLS has a new album out, and we give our complete thoughts on this one. We kick off the episode with talk about slayer's final tour announcement, that...


Episode 156 - David Ellefson (Megadeth)

In this episode we are joined by David Ellefson of Megadeth. David talks about the ressurection of Combat Records, Dollskin, working with Thom Hazart, choosing artists, starting EMP Label Group at this point in his career, young bands, what Dirk has brought to Megadeth, Chris Adler, working with different drummers, the next Megadeth album, writing, Dave Mustaine producing, writing for the first 3 Megadeth albums, more projects he has coming, and more! We kick the episode off with a new...


Episode 155 - Saxon, COC, Machine Head & More

In this episode we delve into album reviews of Saxon's 22nd album "Thunderbolt", and Corrosion of Conformity's first album with Pepper Kennan since 2006, "No Cross No Crown." We play the title track from Saxon, as well as a track from Oklahoma's own XIII Minutes. We also talk about the loss of 'Fast' Eddie Clarke (Motorhead / Fastway), Severmind parting ways with their vocalist, we delve into our thoughts on the polarizing new song, "Bastards", from Machine Head, and we look ahead to some...


Episode 154 - Claim Your Enemy

In this episode we are joined by Travesty, Devon and Jade of CYE. The guys talk to us about how they will spend the time during the band’s hiatus, what the plans are once the band is active again, the status of the new “Mirrors” EP, writing, recording, how the name transition went, Travesty talks about his history with Brian, Jade talks about celebrating one year of being in the band, Devon talks about auditioning, Motogrator, Willie Nelson, Flaw, Warrant, video games, parents thoughts on...


Episode 153 - Brent Purgason (U.S. Bastards)

In this episode we are joined by Brent of US Bastards. Brent talks about doing double duty on tour with USB and Gwar, writing, recording, why he won’t self produce again, love for Malcolm Young and ACDC, and more. We also talk about recent shows from Grind and Dryvr, and then we get into talk about the No Legacy compilation put together by Erik Kluiber. We play the tracks from Aboleth and Void Vator, and talk about the entire compilation. The vinyl only release features 9 killer tracks by...


Episode 152 - Best Of 2017

In this episode we cover the best albums of 2017. We go over our favorite releases and count down the top 17 albums of the year: 1 Life of Agony “A Place Where There is No More Pain” 2 Sons of Texas “Forged by Fortitude” 3 Living Colour “Shade” 4 Night Flight Orchestra “Amber Galactic” 5 Iced Earth “Incorruptible” 6 Night Demon “Darkness Remains” 7 Warrant “Louder Harder Faster” 8 Rancid “Troublemaker” 9 Black Country Communion “BCC IV” 10 Danko Jones “Wild Cat” 11 Body Count “Bloodlust”...


Episode 151 - Schuylar Croom (He Is Legend)

In this episode we are joined by Schuylar Croom of He Is Legend. Schuylar returns to the podcast to talk about the album “Few”, writing, opening for Gwar, Heavy Fruit, thoughts on cell phones during concerts, albums in their entirety, KOA camps, Christmas music, passing time on tour, missing family, Home Alone, and a lot more. We kick off the show with talk about the stellar show from Alter Bridge, Sons of Texas and All That Remains, and we play a song from Binding Isaac out of NC. Thank...


Episode 150 - Scott Squires / Janna Squires (Down For Five / Rocket Science)

We’ve reached episode 150, and it is time to bring back the first artists we interviewed on TU. In this episode we are joined by Scott and Janna Squires. Scott and Janna talk about the reformation of Down For Five - what led to the breakup, the return, who is playing drums, and what the future holds. Scott talks about playing bass again, Janna goes into the experience of performing with Dokken and the lead up to that moment. We also talk about their band Rocket Science, what goes into the...


Episode 149 - Porch Talk with Chris & Laura

In this episode we are joined by Chris and Laura of Porch Talk. Chris and Laura drop a HUGE announcement on the podcast, we also get into a conversation about the beginnings of PT, how it has developed, preparing for interviews, Black Jellybean and the Peeps, a new project Chris is working on, HolataFest, Skytown, Sammy Hagar, Slayer, The Plums, Grind, AlterBlood, Christopher Walken, Less Than Human, and Andy Chapman of Fist of Rage makes an appearance as well. We open the show with our...


Episode 148 - Chuck Mosley, Greta Van Fleet, Warrant & More

In this episode we pay tribute to Chuck Mosley, and speak about his new album with Primitive Race. We then get into talk about Our Lady Peace's performance in Dallas, Custom Black returning to Tulsa with Screaming Red Mutiny and Oklahombres, another great show from Warrant, Firehouse and Rocket Science in Tulsa, Metallica's new Master of Puppets remaster box set, Metal Up Your Podcast - an all Metallica themed podcast Jason discovered, Greta Van Fleet's great new release and sound, Stone...


Episode 147 - Royal Republic

In this episode we are joined by all four members of Royal Republic. The band talks to us about touring America, how their sound gives them the ability play with many different acts, developing their sound, the status of a new album, learning to roller skate for the “Baby” video, writing, performing acoustic, music education and musicianship in Sweden, Tom Petty, being the subject of erotic fan fiction, and a lot more. We kick the episode off with talk about RR at Cain's Ballroom, and the...


Episode 146 - Ritchie Randall / Mike Jilge (Gravehuffer)

In this episode we are joined by Ritchie and Mike of Gravehuffer. We talk about their upcoming vinyl release, Bluntface Records, their Celtic Frost cover, their songwriting process, the status of a filling their drummer spot, cassettes, Killer B Guitars, Sinister Guitar Picks, having Carlo Regadas (ex Carcass) play the solo on the track “Your Fault”, Judas Priest, Oil Capital Underground, and a ton more. We kick off the episode with our thoughts on Trivium’s new album, and we play a track...


Episode 145 - Brandon Kellum (American Standards)

In this episode we are joined by Brandon Kellum of American Standards. Brandon talks with us about Anti-Melody, writing the album, losing his father and guitarist during the process, keeping the songs concise, having songs that stand apart from each other, writing lyrics from a personal standpoint, the experience being under the Victory Records umbrella, the advantages to being an independent band, the plans for new music from AM, playing taco shops, Hanson, the Simpsons, and a ton more....


Episode 144 Dryvr

In this episode we are joined by all 5 members of Dryvr. We kick the episode off with talk about the new album from Black Country Communion, BCCIV. The guys in Dryvr then join us to talk about how Brandon Dingler became the vocalist, Brandon’s background with Shyner and beyond, Brandon’s vocal style and writing, the writing process, the chemistry of the new lineup, recording an album, the band’s sponsorships, highlights of their history like opening for Danzig, playing the Axis Stage at...


Episode 143 Kevin Bunch / Tom King (Doxy)

In this episode we are joined by Kevin Bunch and Tom King of Doxy. We kick the episode off with some words about the loss of the mighty Tom Petty, we give a run down of Jackyl at The Sound Room in Fort Smith with Reliance Code, and we play a track from Doxy. Kevin and Tom then talk to us about their new album Freakshow. the writing process, recording at Valcor Sound, what Ryan and Miguel bring to the band. what brought them back together as a band after all these years, Kevin's band Beast...


Episode 142 - Sons of Texas, Through the Stone, Jake Delling Le Bas

In this episode we say a few words about Jake Delling Le Bas, Scattered Hamlet's drummer who has suffered a severe injury, we delve into talk about Sons of Texas' fantastic sophmore album, we talk about Through the Stone's return to Tulsa at Bad Ass Renee's along woith the performances from Sovereign Dame and Claim Your Enemy, we talk about Less Than Humans Battle 4 Kattfest victory and what it says about the band, we discuss the Me and That Man music, and we play some great songs from...


Episode 141 Oil Capital Underground

In this episode we are joined by the filmmaker behind "Oil Capitol Underground," the documentary focusing on the evolution of punk music in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Bryan Crain, Dave Cantrell and Terry Waska join us to talk about the long process to bring this idea to reality. They discuss the interviews, the history, many of the bands involved, their roles and what they learned throughout the process, the venues featured, the preview screening at Circle Cinema, and a lot more. We kick the episode...


Episode 140 - Sprout (Screaming Red Mutiny)

In this episode Sprout returns to the podcast. The Screaming Red Mutiny frontman talks about the band’s new music, forthcoming Ep being recorded at Simpson Studios, a new music video, his and Tony’s transition to the new members, what Nick and Jim Bob bring to the band, touring plans, working with Mugen Music, Sony, and more. Sprout also gets into his upcoming solo adventure, writing songs on acoustic and keys, the style of the music, his audition in LA, how he plans to balance both...


Episode 139 - Sons of Texas, Sons of Apollo + More

Episode 139 - Sons of Texas, Sons of Apollo + More by Podcast from Thunder Underground


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