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"Every day is a new opportunity to build a bold, beautiful and brilliant life”™ This is one of my life philosophies and the drive behind the Tiffany Nicole Forever website, blog and podcast. I talk candidly about how to change your mind-set for success; why you’re closer to success than you think; and how to create the life of your dreams. I also provide tips on personal branding, embracing your purpose in life, and eliminating the limitations that are holding you back. With special interest in entrepreneurship, financial freedom and intentional living, I, a seasoned life coach, show you how to expose your excuses and the source of what’s holding you back, in order to empower you to a better life. Don’t worry this is no boring, dull, monologue podcast. My approach is fun, spunky and from the heart… with the ultimate goal of empowering you to a more full and successful life. XOXO – Tiffany Nicole





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