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A sports podcast for the rest of us! Vanda and Ali learn about sports and have a lot of laughs.




Ep. 30 - Playing Hide and Zeke

Ugh! Tech difficulties this week. Apologies for the echo…you get to hear Vanda twice! This week the Tight Ends play Hide and Zeke! The ladies give you some supplemental fantasy football resources (obviously come to Tight Ends first) and help you find a workout during our Halftime Show. Also updates from Sid and Stan visit Halifax and Coupe de Roger in Montreal! Don’cha love the episode title. Zeke should do a little more hiding and a little less seeking...

Duration: 00:52:49

Overtime With Fanda & Pali #4 - FUNtasy Football Launch Party!

Fanda - def. (noun) A Fan of Vanda Pali - def. (noun) A Pal of Ali On a very special episode of Tight Ends Podcast…Fanda and Pali throw a party! The Tight Ends are ready to launch their FUNtasy Football League! Join us here! Tight Ends Podcast on ESPN

Duration: 00:34:38

Ep. 29 - Be Our Guest

Be Our Guest and join the fun! This week Vanda and Ali discuss What’s Up With Gronk? We also find out what is up with another famous NFL Player turned outlaw! Our 2nd Half helps you find out which QB will give you fantasy points and good social media this season! We love Beauty and the Beast and we like an excuse to sing! Be Our Guest, put our podcast to the test!

Duration: 00:54:45

REPOST - Ep. 6 - MY Super Bowl is Filled With Vodka

Hey Tight Enders! A repost of our Super Bowl episode because we love it! And we had recording issues this week. Boo! Let’s all vote for Ali to come home!#bringALIback Enjoy this or another classic Tight Ends episode! Vanda and Ali’s super Super Bowl Episode! Join them as they defend their teams in a dramatic courtroom scrimmage, mix a special Super Bowl LI cocktail, and give you some Super Bowl party ideas sure to score a touchdown with your guests. http://tightendspodcast.com/

Duration: 00:34:32

Ep. 28 - Draft Me Baby One More Time

The ladies start planning and plotting for Fantasy Football! Join Vanda and Ali as they talk Running Backs, Tight Ends (obvs), and tips and tricks for drafting your team! The Halftime Show is all about fantasy vacations. Grab a mai tai and get your tight end in a chair and enjoy the show! The episode title is for our girl, Britney Spears. Maybe next week will be Oops, I Drafted Again, or I’m a Safety for You. https://tightendspodcast.com

Duration: 00:53:55

Ep. 27 - Not Our 1st Rodeo

This week our city hosts a HUGE rodeo event! But are rodeo events sports? Vanda and Ali weigh in. Tamara Robertson, contestant on Mythbusters the Search, joins us to talk women in STEM, comic books, and being on TV! We also find out what Gronk has been up to and travel the wide world of sports for some headlines from the sports world! The episode title refers to the rodeo. In honesty, even though Vanda and Ali live in Western Canada, they don’t usually attend rodeos. Though it is nice...

Duration: 00:50:36

Ep. 26 - See If I’ll Watch CFL

This week we get our listeners, and other podcasts, to convince us why we should watch the CFL! Another installment of “Ali reacts to headlines!” For the halftime show, Vanda and Ali discuss their favourite movie genres. Grab the popcorn because this week it is all about entertainment! Movies and CFL! The episode title is a play on words…say it out loud…there you go! Funny, right? website - http://tightendspodcast.com twitter - @thetightends instagram - thetightends email -...

Duration: 00:32:56

Ep. 25 - All Your Balls In One Basket

In this episode we start a new segment, Ali Reacts to Headlines! Ali updates us all on The Bachelorette and Vanda shares news from the NBA Draft. As usual we find out What’s Up With Gronk? and we drop some CFL knowledge in our Impress Conference. The title of this episode refers to the NBA Draft and Lonzo Ball going to the Lakers! They get stuck with his dad, Lavar Ball too. Ugh! twitter - @thetightends instagram - thetightends email - tightendspodcastATgmailDOTcom

Duration: 00:33:53

Ep. 24 - Jolene Writes the Wrong

This week brings us to the conclusion of the NBA and NHL Playoffs! But Vanda and Ali talk about the players’ moms and what everyone was wearing. Also joining the podcast is Jolene Latimer @jojolats who is a sports/entertainment journalist who appeared on the Late Late Show and one horrible date (at least one, we didn’t ask if there were others). The Halftime Show is all about snacks. Vanda and Ali are the hard-hitting snack journalists that you didn’t even know you needed. The episode...

Duration: 00:44:34

Ep. 23 - I’ve got the Power

On this episode Vanda and Ali talk about ‘what’s up with Gronk?!’ They then give an update on the NBA & NHL playoffs. The halftime show features model AJ Power with his great hair and defined bone structure. Finally they end the episode with a look at the coming CFL league.

Duration: 00:35:26

Ep. 22 - Tiger Should Have Used a Driver

This week Vanda and Ali graph the rise and fall of Tiger Woods, chat Bachelorette in the halftime show, and give you visitor tips for the remaining cities left in the NBA and NHL Playoffs…even to the cities they have never visited! Find out what tattoos Vanda and Ali want to get after Vanda changes her name! The episode title was supposed to be DUI of the Tiger. Vanda thought of it at around 3:30 pm on Memorial Day. By 9:30 that evening the New York Post decided on it for a headline. Who...

Duration: 00:42:52

He’s a Happy Mini Camper

On this episode Vanda and Ali talk CFL Draft picks, NFL Rookie mini-campers and also let you know… What’s up with Gronk! The halftime show features Jonathan Bates, a sports journalist from Chicago who discusses baseball, hockey, and deep dish Chicago pizza. Twitter: @thetightends Instagram: @thetightends Email: tightendspodcast@gmail.com

Duration: 00:39:18

Ep. 19 - I Want to Rock and Roller Derby All Night

On this episode Vanda and Ali talk about what is up with Rob Gronkowski. They provide an update on NHL and NBA playoffs, and most importantly they talk roller derby with Gina and Abby from the Calgary Roller Derby Association. Twitter @thetightends Instagram @thetightends Email tightendspodcast@gmail.com

Duration: 00:39:36

Overtime #3 - Full Interview with Astronaut Abby from The Mars Generation

We decided to upload our entire interview with Abigail Harrison @AstronautAbby founder of The Mars Generation. A Netflix Documentary has been released highlighting the work her non-profit is doing. Congratulations to Abby on all her success. Please share this episode with the children in your life. Abby will be sure to inspire them! @TheMarsGeneration www.theMarsGeneration.org

Duration: 00:35:36

Ep. 18 - Welcome to the Tight End Zone

Vanda and Ali are joined by Shelby Weaver @shelbyweaver who is with Raptors 905 Operations which is part of the NBA Toronto Raptors organization. Vanda fills Ali in on all the 2017 NFL Draft drama and trauma. The ladies cover NBA and NHL playoffs. It is a big one this week! The title was a last minute decision. Vanda can’t decide if it is a Kenny Loggins or a Mad Max reference. Ali doesn’t know what either of those things are. But Ali does know that Ja Rule doesn’t really rule. twitter...

Duration: 00:48:11

Ep. 17 - Hoops, there it is!

This week Vanda and Ali give you all you need to know about NBA Basketball Playoffs! Sondra Baker @TheBeerMaven join them for the halftime show to taste some local craft beer. Plus an update on Vanda’s Hockey Pool which we know you are dying to hear about! We reference a lot of 80’s and 90’s hip hop in this episode but neither of us can name a Drake song. twitter - @thetightends instagram - thetightends email - tightendspodcast@gmail.com

Duration: 00:51:32

Ep. 15 - It’s a Little Drafty In Here

CFL combine participant and CFL hopeful Matt Singleton @MattSingleton12 joins the Tight Ends to tell us which is more exciting; a touchdown or a sack! Vanda and Ali pick their fave #herpod podcasts by women and it’s drafty in here because the NFL draft is right around the corner. Brr it’s cold in here, there must be some Tight Ends in the atmosphere. Shoutout to @SarahSpain, Sarah Koenig’s Serial, Avoid Being Hated podcast, @RebeccaJarvis, and Large Marge Sent Us. twitter -...

Duration: 00:42:29

Ep. 14 - Bee Aggressive, Bee Bee Aggressive

You can’t travel in basketball! But in this episode we talk travel with The Thought Card creator Danielle Desir @thethoughtcard. We also review Gronklemania and give a touching tribute to our March Madness bracket group. One of our sponsors for our bracket was YYC Beeswax and as her biggest cheerleaders we decided on the title, Bee Aggressive, Bee Bee Aggressive. twitter - @thetightends instagram - thetightends email - tightendspodcast@gmail.com

Duration: 00:43:41

Ep. 13 - The Last Best Starfighter

Houston, we have a podcast! In this episode we are joined by Abigail Harrison, @AstronautAbby, who tells us about her goal to reach Mars! We also update our ESPN March Madness bracket group and Ali schools Vanda on hockey. Join us because we had a blast! Last Best Brewing is a sponsor of our March Madness bracket group. Abby is a Starfighter. Hence the title. twitter - @thetightends instagram - thetightends email - tightendspodcast@gmail.com

Duration: 00:43:45

Ep. 12 - Cold Garden of Lies

In this episode Vanda puts Ali on trial! She is accused of March Madness bracketeering! The ladies discuss funny wedding stories and highlight some players from the March Madness Sweet 16. Shout out to @astrosvente and Hearthstone Brewing in Vancouver, BC. twitter - @thetightends @alicatpodcaster instagram - thetightends email - tightendspodcast@gmail.com

Duration: 00:38:33

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