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Soccer Mom Scorn - Tim and Tom Episode 18

Tim and Tom have no guest this week, which leaves them more time to talk about the Winter Olympics, Valentine's Day, the newest 50 shades movies, award-winning coffee mugs, the Chiefs, the Royals, yelling at soccer moms, and SO MUCH MORE!


Wayside Waifs - Tim and Tom Episode 17

Tim and Tom talk to Casey Waugh, Communications Manager at Wayside Waifs about all the wonderful stuff they do for the local area, and local area animals. Also, Tim and Tom talk about the Super Bowl, Elon Musk's mannequin, going to WWE Smackdown and so much more


KC Auction and Appraisal - Tim and Tom Episode 16

Jason Roske of KC Auction & Appraisal joins Tim and Tom to talk about the unique world of auctions, appraisals, and so much more. Also Tim and Tom talk about the State of the Union, the Super Bowl, and many more topics on this fun episode.


The Spanish Announce Table Episode 219 - The Royal Rumble

THIS PODCAST EPISODE IS INTENDED FOR ADULT LISTENERS. 18 YEARS AND OLDER. Captain Awesome and T-Mac have reemerged to bring you the much-anticipated Spanish Announce Table Royal Rumble Special! The fellas talk about Enzo Amore, Vince McMahon, The XFL, The Royal Rumble, Raw 25, and so much more.


RECAP - Tim and Tom Episode 15

Tim and Tom discuss home repairs, college basketball, the NFL Playoffs, the education system, The Post, and the Hawaii Missle Alert. They also play you a recap of some their interview highlights from the past.


The Roasterie - Tim and Tom Episode 14

Tim and Tom interview Danny O'Neill of The Roasterie about his amazing passion for coffee and how it helped him create a successful brand that is synonymous with Kansas City. Tim and Tom also talk about the Chiefs, Oprah 2020, The College Football National Championship Game, disgraced local politicians, and so much more in this fun episode.


Kyle Palmer KCUR -Tim and Tom Episode 13

Tim and Tom talk to Kyle Palmer of KCUR about all kinds of Kansas City news and about his job in morning radio and his podcast about Kansas City area school teachers. Also, Tim and Tom talk about New Year's Resolutions, old television reboots, and so much more in their first episode of 2018; the Year of the New Idea!


2017: A Year of Transition - Tim and Tom Episode 12

Join Tim and Tom on a trip down memory lane as they discuss some of the biggest stories of 2017.


The National Wrasslin League - Tim and Tom Episode 11

Tim and Tom talk to Michael Strider of the National Wrasslin' League, Kansas City's newest and hottest professional wrestling organization that is taking over towns and TVs. They also talk about Christmas, Jehovah's Witnesses, holiday parties, a man named Stovepipe Stephens, hospital Santas, UFC fighters, Disney's purchase of Fox, job interviews, Blockbuster Video, Star Wars, Matty Matheson, Chris Farley, and a whole lot more.


Joel The Bandit - Tim and Tom Episode 10

Tim and Tom talk to local music connoisseur Joel The Bandit about the local Kansas City music scene, Up-Down's weekly local music event Local Tuesdays, and lots of other stuff. Tim and Tom also talk about Keaton the bullied kid with racist parents, Roy Moore, net nuetrality, mid-life crises, the Snow Bowl, Jake Tapper and more in this fun episode.


KC Sports Update with Ryan Witkowski - Tim and Tom Episode 9

Tim and Tom talk to Ryan Witkowski of 610 Sports to discuss some big picture stuff about the Chiefs and Royals. Tim even makes another bold prediction for the reaminder of the season. Tim and Tom also get serious and talk about the Supreme Court cake case and the controversial tax bill.


Anthony Sharkbait Gutierrez - Tim and Tom Episode 8

Tim and Tom talk to Anthony Sharkbait Gutierrez, local MMA fighter and professional wrestler, about his upcoming fight for the Kansas City Fighting Alliance, and his new career in professional wrestling for local company the National Wrasslin' Alliance. Tim and Tom also talk about what they did for Thanksgiving, one-year-olds drinking Sprite, running marathons, Post Malone, and prison podcasts. They also talk about how bad the Chiefs suck, and Tom gives you a movie review!


Atomic Fizz Soda Pop - Tim and Tom Episode 7

Tim and Tom interview Tanner Masters, President of Atomic Fizz Soda Pop about Kansas City's hottest new soda and their unique flavor. Learn about how a group of local teenagers used a group chat and entrepeneurial spirit to create something you've never tasted before! Also Tim and Tom talk about Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, chainsaws, Bobcats, field burning, gravel driveways, Charlie Rose, Louis C.K., sexual assault scandals, Tom Hanks, Mount Rushmore, Kid Rock, Marcus Peters, Donald...


The Spanish Announce Table episode 218 - Fireball

Tim and Tom love pro wrestling! So, for the four biggest WWE events each year they'll revive their former podcast: The Spanish Announce Table! This Sunday is WWE Survivor Series and Tim and Tom are pumped! This show is intended for listeners 18 years and older.


The Royal Chief - Tim and Tom Episode 6

Tim and Tom try to brush up on their knowledge of the local rap and hip hop scene by talking to The Royal Chief, a local rap artist, to talk about his career, his love of Kansas City, and so much more. Also, Tim and Tom talk about Twitter, Facebook asking for your nude photos, Kansas City detectives complaining of flatulence, and so much more in this fun episode.


Donutology - Tim and Tom Episode 5

Tim and Tom talk donuts with Andrew Cameron, owner and founder of Donutology. Learn about how a donut wound up in space, how a donut shop started selling thousands of t-shirts, why cops love donuts and so much more in this fun interview. Also, the guys talk about their weeks, the World Series, and many other fun topics


American Public Square - Tim and Tom Episode 4

Tim and Tom talk about some October staples; the World Series and Halloween! They also talk to Dr. Allan Katz about American Public Square, an organization dedicated to changing the tone and quality of public discourse through fact-based, cordial communication


KC Sports Update with Nick Jacobs - Tim and Tom Episode 3

Tim and Tom talk to Nick Jacobs of 41 Action News for an update on the Chiefs and The Royals. They also talk about Lamonte McIntyre being released from prison, Tom's shoulder surgery, Harvey Weinstein, and much more


The National WW1 Museum - Tim and Tom Episode 2

Tim and Tom have a super fun and informative interview with Lora Vogt, Curator of Education at the National WWI Museum and Memorial. They discuss the museum's history in Kansas City, how they cycle artifcacts and displays, the beautiful park surrounding the museum, WWI's impact on our culture today, and so much more. Tim and Tom also have some fun in the first segment talking about Chick-fil-A's ridiculous decision to open a store in an NFL Stadium, the Miami Dolphin's coach drug selfie,...


Up-Down Kansas City - Tim and Tom Episode 1

Tim and Tom finally return with a full episode! This week the guys discuss the tragedy in Las Vegas, the death of Tom Petty, and how amazing the Chiefs are playing. They also take a trip down to the Crossroads to talk to David Hayden, Marketing Manager of UpDown, a super cool arcade bar, to talk about it's origins and how it's become a part of the Kansas City nightlife!


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