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Welcome to the cult of the curious! ost and comedian Dan Cummins passionately applies sarcasm, silliness, and exhaustive research into fascinating, listener-suggested topics every week on Timesuck. With episodes on flat earth believers, Houdini, Aliens, Charles Manson, ISIS, and more, no topic is too random, controversial, or complex for Timesuck to tackle. So find how much fun it is to be curious and start suckin’!

Welcome to the cult of the curious! ost and comedian Dan Cummins passionately applies sarcasm, silliness, and exhaustive research into fascinating, listener-suggested topics every week on Timesuck. With episodes on flat earth believers, Houdini, Aliens, Charles Manson, ISIS, and more, no topic is too random, controversial, or complex for Timesuck to tackle. So find how much fun it is to be curious and start suckin’!
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Welcome to the cult of the curious! ost and comedian Dan Cummins passionately applies sarcasm, silliness, and exhaustive research into fascinating, listener-suggested topics every week on Timesuck. With episodes on flat earth believers, Houdini, Aliens, Charles Manson, ISIS, and more, no topic is too random, controversial, or complex for Timesuck to tackle. So find how much fun it is to be curious and start suckin’!






75 - Guns and God: David Koresh's Waco Siege

Feb. 28th, 2018 will mark the 25th anniversary of the ATF raiding the Branch Davidian Compound in Waco Texas, setting off a 51 day armed standoff between federal agents and militant Christian fanatics. Over 80 people would die, most in the final day of the siege when a fire would burn the compound to the ground, killing nearly all of the men, women, and children still inside. Tanks versus citizens. Armed agents versus armed zealots. Religious freedom versus gun laws and the age of consent....


BONUS 17 - Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield

When murder investigators entered the rural farm house of loner Ed Gein just outside the tiny town of Plainfield, Wisconsin on November 16th, 1957, they found a scene like nothing any American investigator had ever seen before. A scene of outlandish, unimaginable horror. Body parts stored in bags and boxes. And so much skin. Human skin crafted into the stuff of nightmares. How could all of this horror come from a slight, soft-spoken, middle-aged local loner and farm-hand? Find out today on a...


74 - The IRA: Freedom FIghters or Terrorists?

The Irish Republican Army. Guys and gals who have, since their inception, been viewed as a liberation force by some and a terrorist group by others. They fight for the liberation of Northern Ireland from whom they view as British oppressors. But, as you’ll find out today - their case isn’t so simple. Their cause not obviously just. They’ve been lighting up Northern Ireland and England with bombs and gun fire for damn near 100 years. Why? Does Northern Ireland even need or want liberating? We...


73 - Digital Immortality

I recently watched the new 4th season of Black Mirror on Netflix, and, if this season has a theme, I’d say it’s the concept of digital immortality. Can human consciousness be transferred into digital form? And, if so, is this digital version of ourselves as alive as the old carbon-based model? I keep thinking about this possibility, because, for the first time in human history, it does seem possible. And I’m not the only person who thinks so. We talk a lot about the past here on Timesuck,...


72 - The Colonial Devastation of Africa

Before this week I knew very little about Africa’s history. It’s a continent of many nations, nations whose boundaries and governments are near constantly in some state of transition. It’s a beautiful continent rich in wildlife, natural resources, and culture but suffering under perpetual war, famine, and chaos. There are currently 15 African countries experiencing either war or post war tension. Why? Well, turns out the trouble has a lot to do with good ol’ fashioned European imperialism....


BONUS 16 - Doc Holliday

"I'm your huckleberry." Did the real Doc Holliday actually say that? Or was that some Hollywood dramatization added to Tombstone? Turns out he did tell Johnny Ringo he was a huckleberry when he tried to step in for Wyatt Earp in a showdown. Val Kilmer's performance may have been much more accurate than I ever realized. John Henry Holiday, better known as Doc Holliday, was a Wild Western anomaly. He was a gambler, drunk, a gunslinger, possibly even a thief - BUT - he was also an educated...


71 - Stalin: Russia's Ruthless Man of Steel

Joseph Stalin. Icon of the 20th century. Personification of Soviet might. Catalyst of the Cold War. Hero to some, monster to many. The Man of Steel who brought the Soviet Union to the world stage and helped end WWII while simultaneously terrorizing his own people (including Chikatilo!) and bringing his fellow communists to their knees. What was previously viewed as a backwards country, quickly rose to a world superpower under his determined, sociopathic drive. The numbers vary wildly,...


70 - The Jersey Devil

The Jersey Devil. Is it a kangaroo-like creature with the head of a goat, horse, or dog? Most agree that it has wings, hooves, horns, and a tail. Where does it come from? Many describe a dragon-like creature. Or does it walk on two legs like others have reported? Some say it can fly. Legends say it has killed. It supposedly once survived a cannonball blast. It emits a blood curdling scream. It might be a pterodactyl. It can die and come back. It is almost certainly demonic. It murdered...


69 - Freemasons 2 of 2: Are Freemasons the Illuminati?

Do the Freemasons work hand in hand with the illuminati? Are the Freemasons and the Illuminati one and the same? Is Alex Jones a Freemason? Was Jack the Ripper a Freemason? Did George Washington, definitely a Freemason, build the Washington D.C. monument as a tribute to the Dark Lord Lucifer? Is Alex Jones actually Bill Hicks? Do Jewish Zionists control the Freemason illuminati? Who are the Trilateralists? What is the Bilderberg group? What the fuck do they have to do with the illuminati?...


BONUS 15 - Freemasons 1 of 2: Original Cult of the Curious?

Who are the Freemasons? An ancient, Satanic organization who are part of the illuminati and intent of destroying Christianity and ruling the world? A harmless fraternal organization that gives its members a sense of community and encourages them to become the best versions of themselves? What do they do in their secret meetings? How long have they been around? How do you join? Today, in the first of a two part Freemasonry Timesuck, we dig into their origins, rituals, philosophy and even...


68 - John Wayne Gacy: Chicago's Serial Killing Clown

John Wayne Gacy aka Pogo the clown aka Patches the clown aka the Devil himself. This outgoing member of his Chicago community, this Democratic Party volunteer, high ranking member of the Jaycees, parade organizer, and successful contractor by day was a living monster by night. He abducted, handcuffed, raped, strangled, tortured, and suffocated at least 33 young men and teen boys in the 1970s. Twenty-eight of them ended up buried beneath his home in the crawlspace. Meet the man/monster...


67 - Einstein: A Complicated Genius

Einstein! Theoretical physicist. Nobel Prize winning mathematician. Guy who made his name synonymous with genius. Man who changed the world’s understanding of space and time. Guy who Flat Earthers and Conspiracy nuts think is a fraud. A man who stayed curious and worked on coming to a firmer understanding of the world around him and the universe that contained that world until quite literally the day he died. Also, maybe one of the world’s worst husbands. Also maybe a super shitty dad. His...


66 - Eleanor MF'n Roosevelt

Who was Eleanor Roosevelt? She was the niece of Theodore Roosevelt. The wife of Franklin D. Roosevelt. So much Roosevelt! She was also a bad MF'er. She revolutionized the role of First Lady in American Politics. She didn’t just plan parties for other women of privilege - she gave press conferences with the public and wrote an internationally distributed newspaper column. She served on the United Nations. She stood up for the oppressed in an age when most did not. She was a light in the...


Bonus 14 - Oak Island Mystery!

What is the Oak Island Mystery? Why have been teams of people been digging hundreds of feet into the ground for over 200 years there? Is there buried pirate treasure? Aztec gold? Secrets of the Knights Templar? Bojangles’ missing leg? His missing eye? What is that island hiding? Anything at all? Will anything be found? Has anything been found? So many questions! Lives have been lost trying to solve that island’s mysteries. And I lost a lot of sleep trying to figure them out myself. So many...


65 - Griselda "The Godmother" Blanco: Cocaine Queenpin

Griselda Blanco. The Godmother. La Madrina. The Black Widow. The Columbian drug lord who came BEFORE the Medellin Cartel. Before Pablo Escobar. The woman who helped turn 1980s Miami into one of the world's most dangerous cities. Let’s get into some cocaine. Let’s get into some Columbia, New York, and Miami. Let’s go full Griselda in this coked up, machine gun, gangster edition of Timesuck! Timesuck is also brought to you by by the socially conscious on-line fantastic mattress store LEESA!...


64 - Pizzagate: How to make lies sound like truth

What the Hell is Pizzagate? It’s a detailed conspiracy theory claiming that a pedophile ring - a Satanic pedophile ring was being run out of a Hillary Clinton-linked Washington D.C. pizzeria called Comet Ping Pong. Seriously. Edgar Maddison Welch believed it to be true enough to fire a rifle into Comet Ping Pong on Dec. 4th, 2016, in attempt to rescue kids he believed were being held captive, molested, and raped in the pizza place’s basement (even though Comet Ping Pong has no basement)....


63 - BTK Killer: Bind. Torture. Kill.

BTK. Bind. Torture. Kill. The name Wichita Serial Killer Dennis Rader gave to himself in the 1970s in letters he sent to the Wichita press where he would flaunt his crimes and taunt the police. He bound, tortured, and killed various residents of Wichita for nearly two decades and made residents fear him for three, all while raising two kids, being a devoted husband and becoming President of his church. Is it possible to be a good dad and be a cold-blooded sadistic murdered? Find out in...


BONUS 13 - Unit 731: Japan's Evil Experiments

What is Unit 731? It was one of Japan's WWII era medical research centers where doctors performed horrific experiments on prisoners, gruesomely torturing and killing human lab rats in order to improve biological, gas, chemical, and other weapons. Prisoners were infected with the bubonic plague, syphilis, cholera, and other diseases. Prisoners were raped, beaten, frozen, and even trapped in pressurized chambers where they bled out from their pores. “Those who cannot remember the past are...


62 - Dyatlov Pass Incident

Sometime in the late hours of Feb. 1st, 1959, nine Russian college students died tragically in the Northern Ural mountains of the Soviet Union. When their bodies were finally found, a strange crime scene unfolded. The hikers had cut their way out of their tent in the dead of Winter. They didn’t bother putting on their shoes. Violence broke out that left one hiker with a fractured skull, another with a crushed rib cage, another with internal head injuries. They were burned in various...


61 - Chief Crazy Horse

Chief Crazy Horse. Pride of the Lakota people. Brilliant military tactician who handed the US Military it’s two greatest losses ever delivered at the hands of the Sioux Nation. Who was this fearless warrior and who were his people? Why did he fight? Why was the process of integration between white European settlers and American Indians so terribly complicated? Why am I saying “American Indian” instead of “Native American”? All of this and so much more in today’s enlightening and...


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