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Episode 9: Right From The Start

Episode 9: Right From The Start by The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Duration: 00:33:00

Student Voices – Getting In, Getting Through and Looking Beyond College

From the 2017 New Media Consortium Summer Conference, Casey Green moderates a conversation with student leaders about their college experience and how they think higher education needs to change. Guests include Alejandra Cervantes, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA); Kernard Jones, Texas Southern University; Cameron Vigil, University of Colorado Denver; Andrea Foster, Winston Salem State University; Alyssa Foley, Houston Community College; and Raamish Saeed, St Louis University.

Duration: 00:57:41

Episode 7: Voices from ASU+GSV – Solutions for Student Success

From the ASU+GSV Summit, this special edition of To A Degree explores solutions for student success with Michele Johnson, chancellor & CEO of Pierce College District; Rick Miranda, provost and executive vice president at Colorado State University; Ellen Wagner, vice president of research at Hobsons; and Gates Bryant, partner at Tyton Partners.

Duration: 01:04:22

Episode 6: Voices from ASU - Getting to Graduation (full episode)

From the ASU+GSV Summit, this special edition of To A Degree explores the challenge of getting all students to graduation. Guests include Michael Sorrell, president of Paul Quinn College; Susana Rivera-Mills; vice provost and dean at Oregon State University; Joel Hartman, vice president and CIO at the University of Central Florida; and Eric Frank, CEO of Acrobatiq.

Duration: 00:55:41

Episode 5: Segment 4 - Matthew Pittinsky

Matthew Pittinsky describes the growth of electronic credentials for college applicants, transfer students, and grads entering the job market, and the emergence of new models of enhanced digital transcripts.

Duration: 00:15:49

Episode 5: Segment 3 - Carolynn Campell Reed

Carolynn Campbell Reed talks about the impact of Austin Community College’s Math ACCelerator, which is located in a former mall and employs tech-enabled, high-touch adaptive learning to teach mathematics.

Duration: 00:11:25

Episode 5: Segment 2 - Phil Regier

Phil Regier describes EdPlus, a central service unit at ASU tasked with accelerating digital teaching and learning at scale, and the innovations that have emerged to support student success.

Duration: 00:14:36

Episode 5: Segment 1 - Eloy Ortiz Oakley

Eloy Ortiz Oakley discusses the role of community colleges as engines of opportunity and how they need to change to ensure student success and to increase capacity in a challenging economy.

Duration: 00:14:35

Episode 5: Voices from ASU + GSV – Expanding Opportunity (full episode)

From the ASU+GSV Summit, this special edition of To A Degree explores expanding opportunity in higher education. Guests include Eloy Ortiz Oakley, chancellor of the California Community Colleges; Phil Regier, university dean for educational initiatives and CEO of EdPlus at Arizona State University; Carolynn Campbell Reed, associate professor of mathematics and department chair at Austin Community College; and Matt Pittinsky, CEO of Parchment.

Duration: 00:53:40

Episode 4: Voices from ASU + GSV – Digital Innovation (full episode)

From the ASU + GSV Summit, this special edition of To A Degree explores innovation, equity, and excellence in higher education with Javier Miyares, president of the University of Maryland University College, Ann Kirschner, University Professor at The City University of New York, Dror Ben-Naim, founder and CEO of Smart Sparrow, a learning analytics company, and Michael Moe, Chairman and CEO of GSV Capital and GSV Asset Management.

Duration: 00:56:42

Episode 2: Leading Innovation (full episode)

To A Degree explores the importance of institutional leadership in fostering innovation for equity and student success. Best-selling author Jeff Selingo discusses his research on presidential leadership, Michigan State University President Lou Anna Simon and Sinclair College President Steve Johnson describe strategies for creating a culture of innovation, and Rick Legon, President of AGB, explains the role of Governing Boards in supporting innovation.

Duration: 01:09:01

Episode 1: Innovation, Equity, and Excellence

Dan Greenstein discusses how the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s postsecondary initiatives have changed, lessons learned, and the challenges of scaling up. Bridget Burns of the University Innovation Alliance and Deborah Santiago of Excelencia in Education compare data-driven interventions and innovative initiatives that promote equity and excellence.

Duration: 00:50:13