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Ep. 30 Thot Missile Alert

Welcome to our confusing world, where things are not what they seem. Not missile alerts, not hitchhikers, not even your jolly ranchers. Bad dates, flat earthers, and cumboxes aside, look sharp, we got a thot missile incoming.

Duration: 01:01:02

Ep. 29 Trans-opinions & Harrasment Day

Are we obligated to find transgender people attractive? Do your preferences matter? What happened to having an objective opinion? Our world gets crazier by the day, so stay grounded with us as we attempt to process the burgeoning #metoo movement, introduce harassment day, and discuss the latest weirdest ad to come out from IKEA. For Pete's sake, pornstars are dropping in the streets! Where's Oprah when you need her?

Duration: 01:37:01

Ep. 28 - Fruity Pebble Edibles

It's 2018 bitches! The gang discuss how we spent our New Year's, Netflix's feature film Bright, the first robot given citizenship, and Omar's run-in with a fugitive. Brought to you by Aguardiente.

Duration: 01:55:05

Ep. 27 Sperm Donors & Cali Trips

Put down that phone, we got stuff to talk about! Pollo regales us with West Coast tales, we take a trip to the sperm bank, discuss Keaton Jones, how cryptocurrencies work, and more. ICE got nothing on this!

Duration: 01:38:09

Ep. 26 Something, Something, Prevalages

As America lubes up in preparation to be involuntarily sodomized by the FCC, we revisit Jersey Shore, discuss self-identity, and reveal the newest Bond villain - Matt "Danger Button" Lauer.

Duration: 01:47:39

Ep. 25 Disney - Smash Or Pass

Let's Get Down To Business... to break down the best of Disney movies, so Be Our Guest this week and let us show you the lists of our top 5 Disney Movies, Hottest Disney Characters, the most useless Disney Princesses, and much more. We can't stay on topic so just... let it go... LET IT GO!!!!!

Duration: 01:23:00

Ep. 24 Stabbing Grannies & Blacking Out

Tune in this week as we discuss missing memory blocks from blacking out, attempt to interpret dreams, and what makes pedophiles tick. It gets interesting, so strap in tight, and don't let Grandma stab you tonight.

Duration: 01:22:52

Ep. 23 UFOs and The Power Of The Jew-terus

Get your tights on as this week as the gang tackles some tough questions. How much is a human egg worth? Do you believe in aliens? Just which fast food chain has the best fries? Strap in and find out as we stretch our beliefs to their limits.

Duration: 02:06:33

Ep. 22 Z's On My Chest

This week, join us as we discuss Pervy Weinstein, terrible Asian pilots, and the ever-evolving bots on Tinder. As random as that is, believe us when we say putting Z's in your name is always a bad idea.

Duration: 01:14:38

Ep. 21 You Self Entitled Bitch

This week as we discuss the ease of labeling in today's society, the Weinstein casting couch, why the USMNT should be rebuilt, and is it appropriate to have tattoos of an ex. Jump in.

Duration: 01:10:06

Ep. 20 Whitewashed

This week we bring on our first white man, debate gun control in the wake of Vegas, r/tinder, and send Benghazi emojis to those women whom "frequent corners."

Duration: 01:32:23

Ep. 28 Taking A Knee....For Single Moms

Keeping up to date with current events, we discuss Trump's latest game of smoke and mirrors, why the Cavs are not a superteam, and why you should keep single moms out of your dating pool.

Duration: 01:14:30

Ep. 27 End Of The World & Views From The Back Of Her Head

This week we discuss the end of the world, contemplate getting in line to lose half our stuff aka marriage, and wonder if the back of 'Her' head is really the view it's all cut out to be.

Duration: 01:25:52

Ep. 26 The Return Of Omar!

Omar tells the wildest, sexiest, and gay-men-who-don't-know-I'm-straight stories from a 2 month European trip. Hold your tits, 'cause this is a long ass, but extremely funny, podcast.

Duration: 03:09:16

Ep. 25 Sargento Cheese & The Words Of Shanks

Does it really take a hurricane? Trump pardoned who? What do you mean McGregor didn't lose? Oh I'm not getting dessert, I'll just have a bourbon, thank you.

Duration: 01:21:40

Ep 24. Turkish Tea, & How Hot Is She?

What's in your cup? Join us this week as we drink the wrong tea, read the wrong books, listen to the wrong music, fuck the wrong way, and look for Bassel's ever-elusive car. This is why we can't have nice things.

Duration: 01:14:05

Ep 23. The Return Of Bassel & Some Real Talk On Race

This week we find out why Bassel was a bad friend, how museums could save America, and while napping on vacation can save you moneyyyy!

Duration: 01:29:44

Ep 22. Phantom D*ck & Mangos

This week we have our friend and comedian James Warmington to join us, where we discuss everything from the crazy phenomenon known as coconut f*cking (thanks Reddit) to the current value of vagina in the market today.

Duration: 01:37:14

Ep 21. G.O.T. Sleep?

This week we discuss Bassel and Sean's NY Trip, the importance of going on vacation with the right people, our Game of Thrones theories and more!

Duration: 01:10:32

Ep 20. Mary, Where You Get That Baby From

We started off the podcast with a heated debate on Publix sub line etiquette and picking up food for friends, which then goes to discussions on evolution, the convenience of religion, and fact versus faith and what's more important.

Duration: 01:42:53

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