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August 20, 2017: TTS Conference – The One Thing

What are you and I about? Are we about the One Thing? Or are we about many things? In this episode, special guest Milt Rodriguez speaks to "The One Thing". Show Notes...

Duration: 01:10:29

August 13, 2017: TTS Conference – The New Humanity

The saints share on this New Humanity and what it means for our life in Christ today. Show Notes...

Duration: 00:43:22

August 6, 2017: TTS Conference – A Passion for Jesus’ Heart

Welcome back to To the Saints! This week we unroll the first of four audios from the To the Saints Conference in Austin, TX. This is the message Jon Zens gave on Friday morning, July 21st. Show Notes...

Duration: 00:58:31

July 16, 2017: The Dones

Who or what are "the Dones"? In a nutshell, they're the people dissatisfied with organized religion. But we don't stop there. We understand that many people have been called out of the institutional church. The question now is, what have they been called unto? Show Notes...

Duration: 01:58:54

July 9, 2017: Reframing Scripture & Seeing Christ in Chocolat

Break out your Bible and turn with us in the Word, while the saints reframe scripture and set it in its proper place. The saints also share on seeing Christ in the movie "Chocolat". Show Notes...

Duration: 01:57:26

July 2, 2017: Reframing the Role of Women

Would God silent half of His imagers? The gang reframes the role of women in the Church in this week's episode. Plus, meet a couple of single brothers. Show Notes...

Duration: 02:19:37

June 25, 2017: What’s in a Name

What does the name of Jesus mean to you? Is it the ending to your prayer, the magic password to get what you want, or a lucky charm? This week, the saints reframe using the name of Jesus and take a non-exhaustive look at what it means to be in Christ. Show Notes...

Duration: 01:57:49

June 18, 2017: Help My Unbelief

Do you believe God is one? Good! The demons also believe and shudder. Unbelief goes so much deeper than just believing in God and Jesus. May the Lord help our unbelief! Show Notes...

Duration: 01:58:19

June 11, 2017: Living By the Spirit/The Tripartite Man

The word of the day is "tripartite". What does it mean for man to have three distinct parts? And which part is designed to be our source? Find out in this intro to living by the Spirit. Also, the saints interview a couple from Terrell, TX. Show Notes...

Duration: 02:06:45

June 4, 2017: Reframing Love

What is love? Who is Love? This week, the saints reframe our concept of love and help us take a look at the source of the love we express. Are we taking love apart from Christ or in Christ? Human love or God's love? The source makes all the difference. Show Notes...

Duration: 01:58:25

May 28, 2017: Reframing the Cross of Jesus Christ

What is the Cross? What did it accomplish? So much more than we can ever imagine. It is the end of the old and the beginning of the New. The saints again take us to before the beginning, this time to see the crucifixion of Christ from God's perspective. Show Notes...

Duration: 01:59:11

May 21, 2017: Reframing the Lord’s Supper & Seeing Christ in Nature

The Lord's Supper is a central aspect of the Church, it's a remembrance of our Bridegroom! He's coming back! Also, the saints take a look at Christ in nature, plus they interview Tim Buss, who sees Christ in everything. :) Show Notes...

Duration: 01:58:21

May 14, 2017: Is Jesus Worth the Cost of Following Him?

God - is He a Burger King or the King of kings? Why is His Headship and expression so rare today? Is He really worth the cost of following Him? Answers and an interview with the Harrigans in today's program!

Duration: 02:13:03

May 7, 2017: The Great Adventure

"I'm looking for someone to share in an adventure..." So begins Bilbo's experience with Gandalf, and the Christian's experience with Jesus. Who will answer the call of the adventure of allowing Him to live His Life through you? Also, another interview!

Duration: 01:58:36

April 30, 2017: The One New Humanity: The Immense Significance of Jesus Christ

What a Christ! Saints, meet your immensely significant Lord, Jesus Christ! In today's episode, the gang unveils more of this New Humanity in Christ. We also get to see Christ in the song "One and Only" by Adele and meet saints Caleb and Karlie.

Duration: 01:58:02

April 23, 2017: The One New Humanity

We've all got problems, and they're all grounded in the old humanity. This week, the saints explore God's satisfaction in the New Humanity - the One Man, Jesus Christ. Also, we hear from Jon and Dotty Zens, special guests at this summer's conference.

Duration: 01:58:06

April 16, 2017: Christ’s Reigning Authority in the Church

What does it look like to have the functional Headship of Christ in His Church? After last week's heavy load, the saints discuss the Reigning Authority of Christ in the Church. Also, the saints interview Milt and Mary Rodriguez, a couple of the special guests at the conference in July.

Duration: 01:58:34

April 9, 2017: Christ’s Waning Authority in the Church

Is Christ Head of His Church or just the Holy Mascot? Is He Lord or a figurehead? The crew discusses how Christ has been robbed of His proper authority in His own Kingdom, the Church. It's a heavy message. Good luck. :) Also, the saints interview a fellow brother in Christ from Oklahoma.

Duration: 01:57:09

April 2, 2017: Who Builds, What’s Lost, and Kon-Tiki

Who builds the Church? Following up to "What is Church?" from the previous week, the saints discuss this question plus other questions largely lost to Christianity today. They also finally get to seeing Christ in the movie Kon-Tiki.

Duration: 01:57:13

March 26, 2017: What is Church?

"Church." You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means. So, what is church? This week, the saints dig into what the church looks like according to the human-centered way and according to the Heavenly Assembly.

Duration: 01:56:58

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