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D-A-L Interview

Hazzlee Podcast #28 I had another rapper from Sweden on the show today. He goes by D-A-L which is his initials. He has an album coming out soon and is currently making some money on Spotify and reinvesting that money into the production of the album he's working on, and he hopes to have it out sometime this spring. Check out our interview. Very nice guy and seems to have a positive message with his music and I can always appreciate that. \ \ D-A-L's soundcloud account:...


Nani Interview

Hazzlee Podcast #27 Longest episode so far. Had a chat with Nani, an up and coming rapper from Sweden. The song he has out right now is actually in Swedish so I don't actually know what he's saying but I knew it sounded legit as shit so I knew I had to get him on the show. Plus I wanted to find out what it's like being a Swedish rapper and learn more about the hip hop scene out there. We actually ended up talking more about things other than music but it was still awesome and fun...


Solesky Interview

Hazzlee Podcast #26 Solesky and I had a pretty cool conversation. He talks about selling beats and about a show he has coming up. Seems like a pretty chill and funny fella. Looking forward to seeing his growth as an artist and just as a human being ya dig. Be sure to check out some of his music if you enjoyed this interview. \ \ Solesky' soundcloud: Instagram: Twittter: \ \ Follow me on my Social Medias:...


Swami Mags Interview

Hazzlee Podcast #25 Swami wit da Cloud sword. Had a good chat with Swami Mags. Really digging his music, y'all should check it out. The podcast episode with Swami will be out later today. Go subscribe to Hazzlee Podcast on iTunes or Stitcher to get notifications when I upload episodes. \ \ Swami Mags' soundcloud: Instagram: Twittter: \ \ Follow me on my Social Medias: Snapchat: ahazzlee...


Ajay Gonzales Interview

Hazzlee Podcast #24 Today I'll be having A-Jay on the show. Actually my first legit interview for this podcast was with his friend and business partner Casey Reynolds These guys are doing awesome things. They have started a filming business in LA called Mogel Minded Productions and made it their full time job. This is one of my favorite conversations so far. I love seeing people prosper doing what they love. Ajay has been releasing a song a week for over a year now and he produces and does...


Woody Pond Interview

Hazzlee Podcast #22 Had a chat with Woody Pond today. This conversation is a long one but definitely interesting! Woody Pond has opened for Lil Dicky before and he has a new song coming out on Monday called Magazine featuing Jon Wolf. Go check out some of Woody's music. | Woody Pond's soundcloud: Instagram: woodypond Twittter: gatsbypond FaceBook: | | Follow me on my Social Medias: Snapchat: ahazzlee Youtube:...


Jett Bailey Interview

Hazzlee Podcast #22 "Follow your Passions and not your distractions" is one the positive messages that Jett Bailey is spreading. Jett talks about how he basically became his own manager and explains how he started booking shows for himself. We go over so much more and I learned what wabi sabi means. | Jett Bailey's soundcloud: Instagram: jettbailey301 Twittter: JettBailey301 FaceBook: | | Follow me on my Social...


SolomonDaGod Interview

Hazzlee Podcast #21 Today we get to know Solomondagod a little better. He's dropping a new EP on March 5th. Peep some of his music he has out currently. He's done songs with Wifisfuneral and Corbin and is just an overall chill cool dude. Excited to see what Solomondagod has in store for us. | SolomonDaGod's soundcloud: Instagram: 444simba Twittter: solomondagod FaceBook: solomondagod SnapChat: solomondagod | | Follow me on my Social Medias: Snapchat:...


Benji Interview

Hazzlee Podcast #20 It's Benji time y'all. Get to know rapper Benji a little better. Check out his music and if you find you like it get ready for his album that's gonna be coming out soon. Follow Benji on his social media to keep up with his music. | Benji's soundcloud: Instagram: uknowbenji Twittter: youknowbenji | | Follow me on my Social Medias: Snapchat: ahazzlee Youtube: Instagram: Twitter:...


Freddy Interview

Hazzlee Podcast #19 In this episode I had the chance to get to know Freddy a little better. An artist from the UK who has made some music I enjoy. Today we just talk about his music and his journey with it so far. If you would like to hear more of his music look at these links right here. | Freddy's soundcloud: Instagram: freadyornot YouTube: | | Follow me on my Social Medias: Snapchat: ahazzlee Youtube:...


D.Higgs Interview

Hazzlee Podcast #18 If you know my journey with rapping you know I used to go by D-Giggs and when I seen D.Higgs I was like dude I gotta talk to this fellow. D.Higgs has been making beats for a year now and he has some awesome stuff going on for him. Check out this interview if you want to get to know who D.Higgs aka Dan Higgins is. Also if you're an artist would like work with him on some music then hit him up! You can find some music by D.Higgs on soundcloud here:...


Past Life Kenny Interview

Hazzlee Podcast #17 I've known of Past Life Kenny's music for about a month now but as soon as I heard it I was like "damn this shit is good, more people have to hear it." I found out that he is actually friends with one of my past guest on the show who's music I also enjoy thoroughly. Past Life Kenny aka Kenton Walker is working on some newer music that will be released exclusively to spotify so you already known ya boy is going to be checking it out and you should too. Check out my...


Aidan Murphy Interview

Hazzlee Podcast #16 Aidan Murphy has opened up for Tech N9ne, Hopsin, and Rich Brain before. He's about to be dropping a new project soon so be sure to check it out if you enjoy his music. Check out Aidan's spotify so hear some of his jams Follow him on Twitter @TheAidanMurphy Follow him on Instagram @7.aid.0 Follow me on my Social Medias: Snapchat: ahazzlee Youtube: Instagram: Twitter:...


Jake Chrisman Interview

Hazzlee Podcast #15 Jake and I have basically been working on music together since both us have began making music about 7 years ago. We have come together today to talk about what he's been doing with music and his struggles stay motivated and not be a lazy son of b*tch. Check out Jake's youtube channel and soundcloud Follow me on my Social Medias: Snapchat: ahazzlee Youtube:...


Jpaulished Interview

I hit up Jpaulished because I had seen his music was being played on Gary Vaynerchuks daily vlog and loved his song and had to get an interview with him. Follow me on my Social Medias: Snapchat: ahazzlee Youtube: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:


Promoting Your Music To Blogs (feat. $toney) - #13

Hazzlee Podcast #13 In this episode I go over the basics of promoting your music to blogs and have an awesome conversation with @stoneysworldd Welcome to the Hazzlee Podcast. The show for Hip Hop & Rap artist. Each week I will discuss different aspects of the rap game. Providing tips and insights as well as conversations with artist who have experience making rap music. You will also find 4-6 awesome songs on each episode by artist who I think deserve more exposure. So make sure you...


Making Money With Spotify

Hazzlee Podcast #12 In this episode I talk music and about what it takes to make a living on your music. I have a conversation with an artist that goes by Sherm and play some more awesome music as well. Welcome to the Hazzlee Podcast. The show for Hip Hop & Rap artist or anyone who has a genuine interest in the genre. Each week I will discuss different aspects of the rap game. Providing tips and insights as well as conversations I have with different guest who have experience in the rap...