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Toe on the Trigger is a podcast dedicated to giving you the permission to laugh at anyone for any reason. We know that no matter how bad the situation, you can laugh at it, just don't let anyone know you laughed . .




TotTP Episode xxx –

On this 100th episode. we have a special returning guest. Courtney wraps up the Bum Wine Challenge, and there's a small exchange of pleasantries. Daniel announces a small break from the show. please remember to take the audience survey to make your opinion heard on the show. If you like what you hear on Toe on the Trigger, don't forget to hit the Subscribe button. Questions, comments, concerns? Maybe even complaints? Leave a comment below, or shoot us an email or even a voicemail. We'd love...

Duration: 01:20:50

TotTP Episode 099 -Braille Your Way Through Life

This week Niquole is back with Daniel and Courtney3000. Courtney gets a fair bit tipsy on Wild Irish Rose. The discussion starts with a psycho girlfriend with way too many rules, and ends with a know-nothing male feminist writer who can't spell sex. If you like what you hear on Toe on the Trigger, don't forget to hit the Subscribe button. Questions, comments, concerns? Maybe even complaints? Leave a comment below, or shoot us an email or even a voicemail. We'd love to hear from you! Wanna...

Duration: 01:16:39

TotTP Episode 098 – Three and a Halfsome

This week Daniel is joined again by the lovely Courtney3000, and returning guest Trini-T. It's part two of the bum wine challenge, and this week the drink of choice is Cisco. It may be a little more infamous than advertised, but that may be because the girls shared it. But, it did make for some loopy conversation about drinking, three and a halfsomes, and some great relationship wisdom. If you like what you hear on Toe on the Trigger, don't forget to hit the Subscribe button. Questions,...

Duration: 01:08:05

TotTP Episode 097 – I Swallowed the Dead

It has begun! The bum wine challenge. Part one of the challenge features the infamous Mad Dog 20/20. Courtney takes the challenge like a champ and manages to finish the whole bottle through the course of the episode. But, not before throwing Daniel under the bus and voicing her opinions on various topics.Tune in for the continuation of the challenge in weeks ahead. If you like what you hear on Toe on the Trigger, don't forget to hit the Subscribe button. Questions, comments, concerns? Maybe...

Duration: 00:52:39

TotTP Episode 096 – The Other Side of the Microphone

This week Daniel took over Everyone has a Podcast with host Adam. They discuss polarization in American politics and the division in the nation. Daniel schools Adam on San Diego living, and the hardships of hating young adults. Finally, they wrap up the show with some thoughts on the 2017 dating scene. If you like what you hear on Toe on the Trigger, don't forget to hit the Subscribe button. Questions, comments, concerns? Maybe even complaints? Leave a comment below, or shoot us an email or...

Duration: 01:02:53

TotTP Episode 095 – Suck Dick to Stay White

Courtney3000 and Niquole join Daniel in studio. Niquole shares about her butt hungry doctor. They delve into their inner prejudices and ask whether or not they're racist; only to discover that Daniel may be the racist. After the break, Courtney shares some of her feelings on being single, and Daniel turns into a Mopy Marvin about the direction of the show. If you like what you hear on Toe on the Trigger, don't forget to hit the Subscribe button. Questions, comments, concerns? Maybe even...

Duration: 01:14:06

TotTP Episode 094 – The Dykiest Man I’ve Ever Seen

Courtney3000 is back this week, and it is a new chapter for both Daniel and Courtney. Courtney is now single after a breakup with her boyfriend of 4 years, and she's handling it fairly well. Meanwhile, Daniel is embarking on a new career journey . . . . A voyage through the skies. Courtney has also been delving into new career paths. Some of which include, cuddling and nude modeling. One gig even entailed that she let the Dykiest Man she'd ever seen to lowkey fuck her. This segues into a...

Duration: 01:00:13

TotTP Episode 093 – Princesses Need to Learn to Suck Too

This week on Toe on the Trigger, Daniel is joined again by the lovely Niquole and new guest Trin-I-T. They discuss whether or not you have to inform someone that you are transgender before you hook up with them. Is it a form of rape if you don't tell someone due to informed consent. The discussion turned to parental rights on the sexuality of their children. The first half closes with a discussion on accepted norms in societies and how it's getting to be out of control. Pedophiles want...

Duration: 01:08:34

TotTP Episode 092 – Shit Blood and Cum

This week, Daniel is joined again by Courtney3000 and brand new guest: Niquole. The trio discusses Niquole’s current relationship with past TotT veteran Eriq “Shaft” Johnson. Apparently, Eriq is an ass man, and Niquole being the wonderful girlfriend that she is, gave Eriq her ass for the first time. She goes into - probably too much - detail about how her first two experiences went. Before the break, the crew discusses a topic written by a feminist taking the stance that people who sleep...

Duration: 01:22:16

TotTP Episode 091 – Courtney, You Rascal

After a small hiatus from the show, we learn that Daniel had an episode in the bag; but through a rookie mistake had deleted it. What he did manage to produce was decently prepared piece that Courtney had provided him. Her phone number had previously belonged to an online escort, and she had been getting weird voicemails for quite some time. Of these voicemails were one from a man named Jerry. We decided to give Jerry a call. Out of all the porn on the internet, fidget spinner porn is now...

Duration: 00:55:05

TotTP Episode 090 – Shit and Suicide

Daniel is joined again by the Courtney3000, and the first order of business is about fan thoughts on Courtney. Love her or hate her; she isn’t going very far for very long. But, if you do want to tell her how you feel about her, feel free to call the hotline or email the show. She is open to all of your opinions. The feminists are attacking again. This time the enemy is the beard. A hair stylist is dying her husband’s beard to reflect the colors of a unicorn. Of course, sometimes the pussy...

Duration: 01:05:15

TotTP Episode 089 -Is Herpes a Demon?

Daniel is joined once again by the Courtney3000. The show starts off with a bad omen when Daniel has a problem with the local coffee machine. After airing their coffee grievances, the show begins. Courtney's newest venture of selling panties has broadened her career path into making pornettes with her boyfriend. It will take her some time to get her vagina to look just right. Courtney decides to be good to the listeners. If you want some videos of the one and only Courtney3000, inquire by...

Duration: 00:59:58

TotTP Episode 088 – Blowjob . . . No Rice, No Beans

Daniel is joined by previous cohost, Courtney3000. Courtney discusses the reason why she left the show for so long, and Daniel tried to boost her morale to keep her coming back so that is job of finding cohosts can be minimized. Right out of the gate, Daniel figures he'll stir the pot by sharing an article done by some feminist at Cosmopolitan arguing against ever giving blowjobs. Cosmopolitan writer Hannah Smothers does her best to convince Courtney how blowjobs are terrible, and that she...

Duration: 01:02:20

TotTP Episode 087 – Gareth’s Toe on the Trigger

This week, Daniel flipped the roles and became the guest. He joined his friend's from down under: Gareth and Bex from Gareth's Random Ramblings. Right out of the gate, Daniel asks Bex the question he is dying to know: What is a blowjob? After some pussyfooting around terminology and modesty, Bex finally reveals what her idea of a blowjob is. We get a sneak peak into the more intimate aspects of Gareth and Bex's relationship. They talk about podcasting and speaking freely, as well as...

Duration: 00:43:15

TotTP Episode 086 – Let Me Know When You’re Menstruating

Returning guest Gareth of Gareth's Random Ramblings joins Daniel yet again. This time around, Gareth decides to actually lets Daniel talk this time. Gareth and Daniel compare the various weather patterns of their respective countries, and go into talk of Fast and the Furious and Paul Walker's demise. Of course, Paul Walker jokes are in poor taste, but Daniel and Gareth are no strangers to bad jokes in public. Daniel enjoys saying weird things when his stories are interrupted by other...

Duration: 01:07:29

TotTP Episode 085 – Racism Didn’t Used to Be That Bad

This week, Daniel is all the way in Ohio, in Scrish Bar with the crew from Afterburn739 (Midgey, Fez, Cobra. Leo, and Kitty) Daniel has been swipin' on Tinder since he's been on his little break. What he's learned is that he is a California 4 and Michigan 7. Looks like it may be time for him to pack his stuff and move. The show immediately tailspins between black chicken slingers and the way Amish treat their animals. There is actually a nice lesson on the Amish culture in there somewhere....

Duration: 01:04:02

TotTP Episode 084 -Falling Down the Porn Hole

On this week's show, Daniel is joined by Fear Innes, the host of FYFCast and FearCast. They discuss the origins of Fear and his co-hosts, and how their show got its start. In Boston, Pornhub of all places has stepped in to plow all the snow from the recent storm. Pornhub is actually a great company that gives back to the community in big ways. According to some fucking article, eating pussy can help a women's health. Whether or not that's not true, is a case by case basis. But for the...

Duration: 01:19:21

TotTP Episode 083 – Cum on Your Decolletage

This week, Daniel is joined by Emily from The Story Behind Podcast. After a short discussion about the end times and Christian fear mongering, Daniel goes right into it with a very compelling question from Jerry from the Bad Cop Bad Cop Show. Jerry wants to know what Emily has done to compete with the outgoing Kinky Cassie. Emily does hint that her college years were a little outrageous. But, alas, she has nothing for Jerry to beat off to in the wee hours of the morning. Daniel fawns over...

Duration: 01:36:45

TotTP Episode 082 – Adam and Bryon (EHAP)

Daniel is joined by Bryon and Adam of "Everyone has a Podcast". The conversation takes off at full speed as they touch on parenting, and Bryon's autism. All his life, Bryon wondered what was wrong with him. Turns out - Autism! Go figure. The big question: What did YOU do for Women's Day? This is a topic that ramps Adam up. He feels as though the real day should be "Wage Gap Day". And, that he believes is the problem. He sees the wage gap as being a mostly reasonable gap. A gap that exists...

Duration: 01:32:00

TotTP Episode 081 – Where Da Hobos At?

Daniel is joined this week from Lorne from "The Bold and Belligerent" podcast. Lorne is from Las Vegas, and Daniel is very familiar with the sin and self-destruction that the city brings. After Lorne discusses sexual coffee joints, Daniel reminds everyone of his trip to a very sketchy strip club, where the day shift girl was sporting a botched boob job. The internet has taken its toll on society. It is clear that civilization is not ready for all that it has to offer. This is of course...

Duration: 01:19:39

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