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The Token Talk Podcast is a cross-cultural podcast with three cross-cultural guys who just so happen to be black. Despite coming from different backgrounds and a slight age gap, these men have a lot of commonalities evident in their weekly discussions as they attempt to bridge a gap of cultural understanding with a dash of humor. With roots in the South, follow their unique perspective and journey as they encourage feedback, questions, and comments. This is Token Talk- Social Commentary from a Minority Perspective






Celebrating Old School? S2 E16

Celebrating Old School? S2 E16 by Token Talk

Duration: 01:02:53

Hey Mom, Have you heard my Podcast? - S2 E15

In honor of Mother's Day, The hosts take a moment to thank mom. Darius' mom stops by the Token Talk studio to talk about motherhood in Mississippi and raising children as a single parent after divorce. She gives her opinion on raising black boys into black men in lieu of trending racial profiling and the hilarious misadventures of Darius as a young boy.

Duration: 01:02:31

Token Talk Goes Live! - S2.E14

This LIVE show is a first for Token Talk Podcast, Jackson, MS, and Podastery Studios. What a great feat for the token hosts since the event sold out but was not short of laughs. You won’t catch the side eyes or the knowing glances but listen in as the hosts talk about their podcast journey and take topics from the audience about dating, the Shea Moisture and United Airlines controversy, and the Jackson mayoral election. Sponsored by Satchel Podcast Player, Token Talk is the first in a...

Duration: 01:23:41

Back to Basics: Anniversary Episode - S2 E13

During this special commercial-free anniversary episode, the guys reflect on their first year on the airwaves, their chats on Alton Sterling, chatting with the Mayor of Jackson, MS, passing out complementary KoolAid, and all the misadventures along the way. The token hosts also chat about losing Charlie Murphy, whitewashing, United Airlines, and toxic masculinity, all this just in time for tax day.

Duration: 00:42:01

F**k the Scripts feat. Comedian Nardo Blackmon - S2 E12

The most Black-tastic episode you will hear on Token Talk Podcast featuring Jackson comedian and radio personality, Nardo Blackmon. This isn’t the episode for your mom or the timid. Laugh till it hurts or til it just gets weird. Get a first hand idea of what it’s like growing up in Jackson, MS and the importance of hustle in this comedy free-for-all.

Duration: 01:01:24

Son of the City feat. Chokwe Antar Lumumba - S2.E11

Chokwe Antar Lumumba, son to the attorney that represented Tupac Shakur and former mayor of Jackson, joins Token Talk Podcast to discuss his plans if elected the next mayor of Jackson MS. Antar, named after his civil rights activist father, Chokwe Lumumba, recounts his family life, the events that followed his father's untimely death in office ,and his efforts to tackle crime and community in the capital city.

Duration: 01:27:54

Man Behind the Mayor feat. Tony Yarber - S2.E10

Crime, infrastructure, water lines and paving roads, are hot issues we cover with the Mayor of Jackson Tony Yarber in the Token Talk Studio. We try to uncover the man behind the bow ties, suits and... lawsuits as he heads into possible re-election during the capital city’s upcoming mayoral election. Join us for a more candid side of Jackson, MS city politics.

Duration: 01:21:54

Mandate discussion on Masculinity - Live at Liquid Light Jackson - S2E9

The pressure for black men to be hyper-masculine is evident in today's society and showing otherwise instantly deems us weak. How do we cope? Are broken and single-parent homes to blame? We made it a mandate to discuss this topic and others live at black-owned business Liquid Light Vegan Cafe in downtown Jackson, MS. And while you're listening, enjoy the R&B sounds of Best of Jackson Musician Kerry Thomas.

Duration: 01:07:59

Bad, Boujee, & Funny W/ Rita B - S2.E8

Class clown turned local comedian, Rita Brent, sits down with the Token Talk hosts making this a hilarious episode to make you laugh out loud. All topics are up for grabs such as what it’s like to be the token female comedian in a city where stand-up is striving to grasp it’s footing, the speeches at the Golden Globes, Tomi Lahren, Tinder… and Quiche?

Duration: 00:54:17

A Toast to 2017 with Shampagne

2016 is gone… leaving us shocked, angry, frustrated, and not all that sure about 2017. Either way, the Token Talk team needed a little “Shampagne” to lift their spirits. Jackson, MS native, actress, and producer, Melissa Mickens started her own web series called Shampagne after auditions continuously cast her as the typical token black girl. She joins the hosts in the guest seat to reflect on 2016’s political and social ups and downs and share their hopes for 2017.

Duration: 00:51:07

#YouGoodMan: Black Men and Mental Health - S2.E6

Depression, Anxiety, and Mental Health can ruin your Christmas plans with friends and family. Why aren't African Americans talking more about mental health? The Token Talk team discuss Kid Cudi opening up about mental health and share their personal experiences with depression.

Duration: 01:04:47

Tokens Under Trump: The Wake Up Call - S2.E5

Our Post Election show tackles three questions following the election of the next president of the United States: How are black people responding in the aftermath? Who do we blame? Where do we go from here as token black people? We also discuss the Alt Right movement and their threat to People of Color.

Duration: 00:38:35

Black Privilege with a Hard "R" - S2.E3

The guys share 10 moments when being a black guy is kinda awesome while also explaining Donald Trump's real role in the presidential election based on the recent debate. They also give an exclusive handy guide for when to use the N-word if you're not African American. You might want to have your headphones in for this one.

Duration: 00:55:31

Token Talk - Se 2 Ep2 - "Who's Black Enough? The Paper Bag Complex"

The crew go in on the Presidential Debate and colorism within the black community. Colorism can create privilege for public figures like President Obama, Colin Kapernick, and Jesse Williams, figures who pass the Brown Paper Bag test and can be heard on acts of racial discrimination, but it also makes them easy targets for the Uncle Tom theory.

Duration: 00:46:00

Token Talk - Sea 2 Ep 1 - Pressure Points

Your favorite token black guys are back catching up on recent news and pop culture. They cover why Ryan Lochte has put people at odds and how recent police shootings can lead to possible revolution. The guys also discuss traveling and using a Airbnb while black, frustrations with the new iPhone, and … clowns in Tchula, Mississippi?

Duration: 00:43:49

Token Talk - Episode 11 - "Public Education Options - Too Cruel for Schools"

For this back to school episode we chat with a passionate public school teacher and a seasoned charter school principal to discuss why Public Schools in Jackson, Mississippi are under-funded and often racially divided by a community who would choose (and fund) to send their kids to private schools elsewhere. The token guys cover what it's like teaching in a predominantly black school in Mississippi with limited resources and whether our MS kids, regardless of public or charter school, are...

Duration: 00:51:54

Token Talk - Episode 10 - Same Fight, Different Tools feat. Othor Cain

Jackson’s Media Mogul Othor Cain joins the Token Talk hosts as he explains the NAACP’s role in the Black Lives Matter Movement and the recent incidents of police brutality. Also in this episode they tackle the top issues in the city of Jackson, MS and how addressing its leaders may be the key to moving forward. #mississippi #jackson #talk #blackmen #naacp #blacklivesmatter

Duration: 00:43:24

Token Talk - Episode 9 - "Alton Sterling & Broken Promises"

Your favorite token black guys from Mississippi speak out about police brutality and their initial emotions about Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and the Dallas shootings.The friends discuss how to push forward in the wake of these tragedies and how to open dialogue with their Caucasian counterparts in a world where it seems like the African American Community can't win. #talk #naacp #martinlutherking #whiteprivilege #AltonSterling #PhilandoCastile #Dallas #police and #blacklivesmatter...

Duration: 00:44:23

Special Episode: The Co Op presents FFT LIVE

A few weeks ago the amazing Token Talk Podcast teamed up with The Rougish Gent (@Thecajones), the Comprehensive Beatdown (CompBeatDown), Local Elsewhere (@LocalElsewhere) ,and Woak Sports for the first ever live joint-podcast during the June Edition of Fondren First Thursday in Jackson, MS. The creative firm, Land Vs Ocean (@LandVsOcean) hosted this historical event which gave birth to the JXN Co-Op, a network of local podcasters. Interviews include: Jeff E Good (@JeffGoodBravo) Savvy...

Duration: 01:31:13

Token Talk - Episode 4 - "African African American"

On Episode 4 we welcome our African brother, Joe Buza. Joe grew up in Tanzania. He came to the United States in 2003 when he was only 14 years old. Joe received his high school diploma from MSMS (Mississippi School for Math and Science) and his Bachelor's in Computer Science from MSU (Mississippi State University). After graduation, he moved to Jackson, MS working as a Software Developer. Join Joe and the Token Talk squad as we discuss Tanzania, stereotypes, and race relations from our...

Duration: 00:42:15

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