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Irish comedian Tom O'Mahony's weekly show where there is little or no structure. Some week's it'll be just Tom flappin his gums and others it'll be Tom with some guests that he finds interesting.

Irish comedian Tom O'Mahony's weekly show where there is little or no structure. Some week's it'll be just Tom flappin his gums and others it'll be Tom with some guests that he finds interesting.
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Irish comedian Tom O'Mahony's weekly show where there is little or no structure. Some week's it'll be just Tom flappin his gums and others it'll be Tom with some guests that he finds interesting.






Episode 50 - Damian Clark

We made it to FIFTY gang! And who better to have on than the man that inspired me to dump the real world and go full time into comedy. Damian Clark is Australian by birth and Irish by the grace of God. He is genuinely one of the most talented comedians on the circuit. We sit down in The International Comedy Club in Dublin and discuss cheeky Dublin children/seagulls and the currency value of a d**k-pic. Damo's deets:


Episode 49 - Tom Solo

That dastardly snow scuppered this weeks interviewee (and my first attempt at loading this it would seem) so Tom takes the reins himself and does some seriously rudderless chatting about everything from old age stunt-driving to cult creating to clueless youtubing. My first vlog: Patreon link:


Episode 48 - Aidan O'Mahony

From the idyllic surrounds of a Killarney hotel I get to chat with the Kerry man who can't stop winning things. Aidan O'Mahony has conquered every level of Gaelic football a person can. Last year he not only competed in Ireland's first Dancing With The Stars, he went and won the bloody thing. We chat about the comradery of sport, the importance of pushing yourself to failure and questionable law enforcement uniforms. The Patreon Page: Follow Aidan on:...


Episode 47 - Colin Geddis (swapcast)

A later pod than usual, but a deadly episode all the same. This is a swapcast with Colin Geddis' General Banter podcast where I sit down for the giggley-shits with Colin and Maureen an hour before I headline their comedy club at Lavery's Belfast. I've finally joined Patreon lads. See I do need to purchase snazzier equipment, purely so it's better quality stuff I'm piping into your ear-holes. So if you have a few quid and you think it's worth it, please get on board or maybe tell some...


Episode 46 - Eric Lalor

I landed him. After weeks of stalking and hunting I finally bagged Eric Lalor for an episode. Eric has been a ray of happiness throughout my comedy career and finally getting him on didn't disappoint. To keep it authentically Irish we recorded in Eric's kitchen over some tea. We rambled about everything from turning his back on the high-flying world of Roman holidays courtesy of IBM to Cork people queuing up for a photograph with 'Cathal'


Episode 45 - Thomas 'Crossy' Crosse

From the plush surroundings of FM104's VW Beetle I hang out with my old pal Thomas Crosse aka Crossy. Crossy is an FM104 DJ and a man not shy of a going the extra mile for the company (he gets more free stuff than Jay-Z). In this episode we get into calling bullshit on the bullshitters, the merits of a genuine meritocracy, the divil that is the drink and driving naked, Keep'r lit!!


Episode 44 - Edwin Sammon

On this episode I'm joined by my long term comedy comrade Edwin Sammon. Being one of the funniest people you'll meet comes easy to Ed as he displays in this episode with gusto. The Birr-oninan and myself swing by the worlds of sausage-passion, questioning the validity of his birth cert at aged 5 and the prospect of the late great Giant Haystacks fighting a chimp. Edwin also has his own weekly podcast, "Reviewables". Which he hosts with fellow comedian Cian McGargle


Episode 43 - Andy McCarroll

This week I'm joined by Spin 1038's 'We Love Movies' presenter and movie aficionado Andy McCarroll. Any is a features writer for where he airs his annoyances with funny gusto. On this episode we rattle over everything from Mark Wahlberg's dickishness on the red carpet to the Dublin venture of an MMA walking/bus tour. Twitter: Andymc1983 Website:


Episode 42 - Gordon Rochford

This week's episode is with my old friend, comedian and podcaster Gordon Rochford. Gordon's podcast, 'Those Conspiracy Guys' is one of the most in-depth, funny and successful conspiracy podcasts in the world. In our chat we discuss everything from the sneaky world of social media to being ok with admitting if you're a bit thick sometimes. Gordon will be embarking on year long trip to America to uncover and film the stories surrounding his podcast episode's subject matter, with a view to...


Episode 41 - Leanne Moore

This week I'm joined by my panto stablemate Leanne Moore. Aside from being an unreal theatrical talent, Leanne is an inspiring entrepreneur, with her charity-work, starring in large scale theatre productions, public speaking (oh and) she owns a seriously impressive gym. In her inaugural podcast appearance we chat about our mutual love for the TV show Homeland, laughing at farts and secret handshakes.


Episode 40 - Samantha Mumba

This episode could have gone on for another 5 hours (the craic was at a serious level throughout). The Irish treasure that is Samantha Mumba joins me this week. From her dressing room at our temporary "home" in the University Concert Hall Limerick we get into an eclectic bunch of subjects, including our mutual love of fighting, motherhood, her meteoric rise to fame and our possible (and very questionable) fighter names. Enjoy


Episode 39 - Richie Hayes

On this week's episode I have a great sit down with one of the best known faces of theatre in Ireland, Richie Hayes. We chat Mrs Brown's Boys, Irish people's awkwardness at acting big-shot and Domhall Gleeson. Tweet: @richiehayes2012 Insta: @richiehayes77 Web:


Episode 38 - Hayley Jo Murphy

The heiress to the Murphy throne of entertainment, Hayley Jo joins me this week for a proper natter. The princess Cinderella herself and my co-star at the UCH panto discusses life in the show-biz world, possible country music collaborations and her interesting take on Starbucks' Asian policy. (Richie Hayes and Dayl Cronin make cameos)


Episode 37 - Dayl Cronin

This week I sit down with fellow Tipperarian, former Hometown member, star of TV's Dancing With The Stars, dance school owner and my co-star of this year's UCH panto Dayl "Backflip" Cronin (I made up the nickname). In this short episode we get into the roller-coaster of the past 5 years for Dayl, our panto rehearsals and our pretty decent Arnie Schwarzenegger impressions


Episode 36 - UCH Panto Cast

This week is a taster episode of the the coming week's guests. I'm in panto-land for the next 3 weeks so I got my cast-mates together for an intro pow-wow to them all. *this one's a bit mental


Episode 35 - Tom's Back

After 2 weeks in the wilderness of comedy gigs (here and abroad), old Tom is back on track and slingin another episode into your ear-holes. This episode has Tom giving the exact reason (excuse) as to why he missed an episode last week and all the high-end gallivanting he's been doing. Tweet: @buckshotpod or @tom_omahony Insta: Tomomahonycomedy Snap: tombearomahony


Episode 34 - Will Fleury

Recorded in a Starbucks in a galaxy far away, I sat down with fellow Tipperary man and pro MMA fighter Will "Fuckin" Fleury. We chat about his life as a fighter and him turning down the opportunity to be an antiques dealer. Paradoxically Will is a thoughtful, intellectual, kind bloke who possesses the ability to be a pure an unadulterated savage "raw-bastard". You'll be seeing a lot more of this man very soon as he just got back from filming a reality fight-contender show in S. Africa...


Episode 33 - Dara Quilty

We dragged the arse out of this one lads, it went on for ages!! Just dickin about, (he didn't want it to be a long podcast) this episode flew by with the mighty Dara Quilty. Dara is a 98FM DJ and garners a huge listenership with his show, The Big Ride Home. Everything from his mysterious country accent to the bastard that of an emotion that is anxiety. Dara also gives a bit of a peak into the the dark wizardry that is radio'in insta: daraquilty Tweet: @daraquilty


Bonus Swapcast - Colin Geddis & Micky Bartlett

This swap-cast was from last Wednesday, just before all three of us performed at Lavery's Comedy Club. There's a lot of foul obscenities and obnoxious laughter (from me mostly). Nov 25th London Show:


Episode 32 - Tom Rambles

Tom flies solo this week and chats about his embarrassingly bad fitness levels, panto and turkey rearing. Some rough-shod reviews of Stranger Things and The Walking Dead proceeds some very welcome followers questions. Enjoy, and keep spreading the good word of "Tomism" Snapchat: tombearomahony Insta & FB: Tomomahonycomedy Tweet: @TOM_OMAHONY or @buckshotpod Nov 25th London Show:


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