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International comedian Tom Rhodes travels the world in search of love and laughter. Join him as he meets up with his favorite people around the world to reflect, share, and laugh about life and comedy.

International comedian Tom Rhodes travels the world in search of love and laughter. Join him as he meets up with his favorite people around the world to reflect, share, and laugh about life and comedy.
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International comedian Tom Rhodes travels the world in search of love and laughter. Join him as he meets up with his favorite people around the world to reflect, share, and laugh about life and comedy.






238 Status Anxiety

This episode is a roller coaster of emotions for me because I just received bad news an hour before recording that I am still processing. Not every podcast episode can be happy and cheerful but thankfully, Ashna pulls me back from the brink and helps me to see the bright side of life. It all comes down to status anxiety and that is what we discuss at length in this episode from every angle. We also talk about Allan du Botton, the entertainment juggernaut that is Netflix, the poet Pablo...

Duration: 01:14:30

237 Steve Hughes

Steve Hughes is a comedy legend. He has sliced and diced up some of the best stages that the world comedy circuit has to offer. I've worked with Steve many times, I was even working with him on the night that I met Ashna. Several years ago he had a meltdown that led to him moving back home to Australia. Finally after much worry I got to come back to Sydney and see him. He is as feisty as ever even if he has turned to the right on some issues. Steve is one of my all time favorite...

Duration: 02:12:18

Mickey D

Mickey D is the only comedian I know of who has climbed Mount Everest. I met Mickey while doing the Edinburgh festival several years ago and he personifies everything that I love about Australians. He is brash, ballsy, and good humored about even life's toughest circumstances. I sat down with him while I was in Sydney to delight the world with his perspective on life and capture his unconquerable Australian spirit. He is a comedian and a human being that I love and did I mention that he...

Duration: 01:39:39

235 Wil Anderson

Hello from the other side of the planet! This episode of Smart Camp comes to you from Sydney where I talk with charming Australian comedy superstar Wil Anderson. I first met Wil at the Melbourne Comedy Festival in 2000. Since then we have worked with each other in London, New York, Montreal and Los Angeles. His effervescent charm and comedic intelligence always delights me when we get to spend time together and this episode is packed with important knowledge that should be living in...

Duration: 01:22:50

234 Playboy Laughs with Patty Farmer

Patty Farmer is an entertainment historian who has authored the new book 'Playboy Laughs' chronicling the history involving Playboy magazine and stand up comedy. The recently deceased Dick Gregory got his big break performing at the Playboy club in Chicago and used to have to take the bus to get there because he was so broke when he started. For all the criticism that has fallen on Hugh Hefner for being sexist he doesn't get enough credit for breaking the color barrier in terms of hiring...

Duration: 01:11:35

233 War & Peace

Ashna and I are fresh back from Europe and we are full of stories to share! Last week we were in Oslo, Norway and we have advice for all travelers who go there.In this episode we answer these pertinent questions: What are the most fascinating facts about the Nobel Peace Prize? Who gives out the Nobel prize? Where does the money come from that funds it? And why was Alfred Nobel so fond of dynamite? Why do people love blowing each other up so much? What are Norwegians like at hotel...

Duration: 02:16:39

232 Rembrandt with Nina Siegel

I kick off this visit to Amsterdam by celebrating my obsession with the artist Rembrandt! In this episode I talk with noted Rembrandt author Nina Siegel about all things Rembrandt. Why did Rembrandt paint so many self portraits? Why did he own so many turtle shells? What were the poor choices he made that led to his downfall? Why did he fall out of favor with the religious society of Amsterdam? Why was Rembrandts body dug up and where is he buried now? You will learn many details about the...

Duration: 01:43:00

231 Paris, C'est La Vie

Bonjour mon amis! In this episode Ashna and I come to Paris for me to do a show and we stretch it out into a week long visit with summer in full swing. We start the episode with the update on the crazy downstairs neighbors we have who got in Ashna's face and challenged me to a fight right before we left for Europe. If you arrive in Paris we are jet lagged and walking the streets until sunrise. Learn why the apartment we are staying in Ashna describes as the Horror Toilet. We have books...

Duration: 01:56:34

230 Kliph Nesteroff

For the comedy nerd in all of us I am proud to present to you this lengthy chat I had with Kliph Nesteroff about the history of stand up comedy. Last year Kliph published the excellent book 'The Comedians.' I loved this book tremendously and highly recommend it to anyone who loves comedy and is interested in all of its exciting and sordid history. From the earliest comedians in vaudeville to the mafia's grip on the development of stand up comedy as an art form there is fascinating facts...

Duration: 02:22:08

229 Woman Is The New Church

How should you act when a neighbor is harassing and trying to intimidate you? Learn the outcome of the ongoing saga we have had with our downstairs neighbors who keep making noise complaints against us. Listeners sent us legal advice, we were acting like civilized adults when everything came to a head when they came to our door accusing Ashna of stomping. I flew home the next day in a fury of anger and had to go talk to these people. This week's movie talk is about Wonder Woman, Gal...

Duration: 01:20:20

228 Cheer up!

What are the limits of freedom of speech? Who went to far with freedom of speech Kathy or Bill Maher? Take a ride out of the doldrums and depression by letting us show you how to look on the bright side. In this episode Ashna and I talk about out trip to New York where we hung out with Dave Attell and Michael Che. Learn how I dealt with following Amy Schumer and her story about paying someone to masturbate her father. Learn how to deal with your buzz kill neighbors the Seneca way and...

Duration: 01:36:34

T. Sean Shannon

Emmy winner T. Sean Shannon has written for Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show & In Living Color. He is one of my oldest & best friends in comedy since the day I met him at Yankee stadium when we smoked a joint together in the upper deck. He is the pride of Houston, Texas and will enrich your life with wisdom & laughter! Become a member and support us on Use our Amazon link (banner on when you shop! Please fill in the shortest survey...

Duration: 01:27:28

226 Viva Las Vegas

Our lives are are collection of stories and memories. I tell the story of smoking pot with Jack Nicholson at a Rolling Stones concert and how people watching in Las Vegas says more about you than the people you are watching. This episode is all about my own personal history with Las Vegas. The city I used to hate and avoid like the plague is now a place I come to several times a year full of entertainment friends, culinary delights and audiences of people from all around the globe. Shalom...

Duration: 01:33:13

225 Wanna Buy A Puppy?

In this episode we talk about how I surprised the squirrel on my balcony. Trump firing Comey, late night shows and if American satire works. How the 1937 book 'Invertebrate Spain' applies to what is happening in America today. How CNN is responsible for the puppy we just lost. How the Paul Newman movie 'Nobody's Fool' will teach you to make brave choices in your life. And I read you my thoughts on the Spanish conquest of Peru while standing in the main square of Cuzco. Big fresh slices...

Duration: 01:45:50

224 Yosemite Mom

My mom is visiting me this week and I took her to Yosemite National Park to recreate one of the best mother and son memories we have together. In this episode my mom Sara Rhodes sits in with us and tells the story of watching Bugs Bunny cartoons right before I was born. The best advice she has ever given me and how we were once chased by a bear. We review the Netflix original Cable Girls and for book time I talk about one of my all time favorites: Hagakure - The book of the Samurai and...

Duration: 01:43:56

223 Stylish Seneca

How should you react when hate is shot in your direction? In this episode we talk how Ashna received a hate filled Facebook from an old white coward telling her to move back to the Netherlands. My reaction was to start searching flights to Houston so that I could go punch this old fooling the face but Ashna reminds me that it is always best to remain stylish like Seneca. We talk about our wedding anniversary date that included popping into an open mic night in our neighborhood where an...

Duration: 02:17:07

222 Cosmic Vinyl

What kind of music does Tom like? On this episode a selection of his vinyl > My amazing wife Ashna has booked an acting job portraying the historic powerhouse and badass woman Sojourner Truth. She is in the next room running her lines and I am left alone with my vinyl record collection to play some of my favorite cosmic slices. Ashna is kind enough to share her speech in front of the microphone at one point for the scene she will film tomorrow. For anyone keeping track of what I played on...

Duration: 01:54:22


What's the most annoying sound to wake up to?

Duration: 01:21:54

220 Pepsi Will Kill You

Will hate and violence be the new marketing trend?

Duration: 00:48:49

219 A Better Drug

What drug can make you genuinely happy? Why does Tom have an unhealthy relation with AA? How does Ashna overcome her biggest fears? This episode is all about addiction. Learn how Tom gets a big insight not yet revealed to him. We end with a happy plane story with an interesting family from Australia. Exclusive photos and videos on

Duration: 01:20:35

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